5 ʍ૯Ƭ૯૨ઽ ρ૯૨ ઽ૯૮ѳทđ

I wanted to tell her that,
The rain falling reminds me of you, because its falling hard and I am too!


2. ʍy ԲαષℓƬ, yѳષ૨ ℓѳઽઽ

          ( Ferriya POV !! )

                        "Ferriya!!", I heard the Coach calling me as I was practicing my Tennis with Friend, I became muzzled as if I had done something wrong but I was wrong instead, there was someone standing aside him; 'Oh God no... not him please!!' I protested when I came to know about the man standing, 'Hmm, Hemish what brings you here from prison!!' I thought. As me and Hemish were together in relationship for two years but then he does something... something he shouldn't have done!

"Ferriya, this is..." Coach was saying that I interrupted,

"So, Hemish welcome back! what are your plans next, to smuggle drugs again!" I taunted that he winced and was about to say something that Coach raised his hand and grabbed his shoulder that he bowed his head down,

"No Hemish... " Coach said staring at me and then continued, " Ferriya please, everyone deserves the second chance, you could just atleast do that!" all this time I was glaring at Hemish and he didn't have the gut to stand my gaze,

"Hmm, yeah okay maybe you're right Coach, maybe he deserve the second chance but when he does all that, didn't he think of his poor old mother for a sec who was just there lying on the bed eager to catch his son's sight!, Didn't he think of that?" I let all my rage out, I've never been so angry before, I knew the mother's love but didn't get a chance to cherish all that from my mother, she left me when I was in need for her love and gave me all the memories as precious gems.

                                  Hemish seemed disturbed when he heard all that from me and Coach got dead silent, as I was there bowing my head down as if I was hiding my tears,

"Ferriya look! I'm sorry I did that... I was doing it for my Mom ... I want to... I want to..." Hemish was saying that I clutched my fists tightly,

"You should have spent time with her... that would be all she needed, how could you? How could you do that?" I can't control myself that ground beneath me went twirling and my sight went hazy, I was about to fall unconscious but I pulled myself together,

"Ferriya! Are you alright?" Hemish projected his arms towards me and held me, I took few seconds to get stable again,

"Stay away, you just broke the bridge of trust between us." I said as Dahl came closer to me and held me  from the shoulder and she helped me get away, leaving Hemish and Coach there shocked.
                                  Dahl and me get to the cafeteria and she helped me to sit near the table, just a few seconds later Julie and Gazet also showed up that I went relief because those girls are the ones to help me calm myself whenever I'm stressed and needed some help from them in any case.

"Aww, How you're feeling? Hey Dahl go and fetch some energy drink, she need that fast." Gazet said as she got seated beside me,

"How dare he to showed up again?" I was still mad at him, my inside was just exploding lava and head burning hot gases,

"Leave it be! don't fill your head up with rage, it really has a very bad effect on skin's glimmer. Just believe that all what you have done is for his own good." Julie made her point, at that time Dahl also showed up with energy drinks she had for us. 

"Na.Aan, we all should be scolding her... what she had did was right but the method she choose was all wrong... she don't have to be judgmental but she could just teach him through love..." Dahl said as she gave me energy drink and then to all of them.

"Oh he doesn't deserve the LOVE you spoke of, he, he .... If he just showed his face again I'm gonna murder him, I swear." I was still angry that I opened the drink and started gulping it all in,

"Look Ferriya, You haven't listened to what he was about to say, didn't you? Well let ME tell you that, all what he had done is for the sake of her own mother... He joined up with the smugglers so that he could earn enough money to with stand the Hospital rent of her mother and for the procedure the doctors were about to run on her mother! he was helpless Ferriya and now when he needs you You're showing him back." Dahl said, sounding completely insane but when I looked in to her eyes, they were gleaming that I can't withstand with her gaze and lower my head down. She was right at some extent. 
                                     Well Hemish was here and it was the matter of no time that the rumours of His and Mine will spread across the whole College like some crispy gossip, it was nothing for me... I was right in doing what I had to do, but how would Hemish react when he over heard the gossip. He would get hurt so much... so much that he will not hesitate in doing whatever he want. But I can't tell what he would do and I couldn't find him anywhere in the College and I was worrying about him but I don't have to, but yet I was.

                                   The last College bell rung and I was the one to got out from the class as fast as I could, Dahl and Julie were shouting from back but I need to be somewhere... I need to find him quick before he would do some harm to himself. 

"OUCH!" I screamed loud as I was about to fell off from stairs, as I was so muzzled deep within that I missed a step and was falling but then some gentle hand gripped my left arm and pulled me backwards and then hugged me, I was so scared and my heart was pounding off its limits and I could feel the heat on my face as I was so scared at the moment,

"Ferriya what are you doing here? Are you alright?" I heard some  familiar voice from behind that I turned around quickly,

"Ransom, it's Hemish... He's about to..." I was saying that his face went worried and he pulled my hand as he run his way down through the stairs,

"Hurry, there's no time!" Ransom said and I was following him. 
We both then made our way through the stairs and reached the Car-park zone as quickly as possible,

"We'll take my Jeep." Ransom said and then we both made our way in the Jeep and Ransom was driving in no time as if he knows were we had to go and I was right, because Hemish and He were the very best friends from the time when they both were in grade three. Oh I couldn't help the tears to remained there for longer. I was sobbing and had held my head in both of my hands. Everytime I see towards Ransom he looked so converge in getting his friend back and it was all my fault which put Hemish in such a situation of Life-n-Death. Oh I would never forgive myself if anything ever happened to Hemish and I think that Ransom, Coach, Dahl, Julie, Gazet and everyone will never forgive me.

"Hurry we're there, we can't loose anymore time!" Ransom said and took a hard turn and applied the brakes instantly and run outside without even closing the door.  I jogged outside as well. We were in the Lake area and where we were going we seemed pretty sure about it but Ransom looked even more disturbed than me he was running as his eyes were squint and brows converged and he was sweating all over through his T-shirt.

                                We were then climbing the small hills to made our way through the spot near to the Lake. In no time we were there and I was terrified to caught the sight as I saw Hemish there standing at the verge of the Hill, opening his arms wide, it looked pretty sure that he was about to jump off from that hill down in to the Lake,

"Hemish, stop." I screamed from behind that Hemish  turned around and... and... and... he jumped to his back,

"Hemish No." I screamed and ran fore as I heard the water splashed. Ransom on the other hand he jumped as well... it was then that I lose the very last nerve, I was upon the verge my eyes searching for Ransom or Hemish but not a luck and every second that passed by I became worried and worried more,

"I've found him, I found him... Ferriya get the Jeep down... its okay he's saved." Ransom emerged from the water holding unconscious Hemish in his both arms that I think of nothing, just ran down the hill, started the Jeep and head for their spot... I was happy within somehow.

"Quick help me Ferriya..." Ransom cried as he was holding Hemish from arms that I quickly got out from the Jeep and held Hemish from legs and then we both put him at the back seat of Jeep as Ransom and me instantly got in the Jeep and we were heading for the Hospital in Emergency.... Ransom was driving like crazy as he was too soaked from head to toe and I was crying hard and looking again and again back where Hemish was lying unconscious.

                             We took Hemish in Emergency and as we got inside the Hospital the Doctors quickly came by and took him to ICU. We both were prohibited to got inside so we remained outside.

My gaze turned hazy again and floor seemed pounding I didn't know what happened but the last thing I saw was Ransom ran to me as I dropped on floor... I shouldn't have take the stress too much but after all it was all my fault.


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