5 ʍ૯Ƭ૯૨ઽ ρ૯૨ ઽ૯૮ѳทđ

I wanted to tell her that,
The rain falling reminds me of you, because its falling hard and I am too!


1. 5 ʍ૯Ƭ૯૨ઽ ρ૯૨ ઽ૯૮ѳทđ


                                  The clouds were playing the agonizing music and my mind was webbing the wet, soaky thoughts and I was sure that in no time the sad sky going to pour it's juice upon us. 
That's why I've brought the Umbrella too, in case. Yeah I was waiting, waiting for some very important person whose sight I would never miss. 
She was always the last person to come through the College gate because of her late practice of Tennis. Recently though, a competition of Tennis have been arranged among the Colleges of California and for that she was putting her every essence in her practice because she was the best our College have got and she knew that too. 
I was there ... I was watching her, the very first time her delicate hands raised that racket... Oh it's been a long time ago, time flies and leave  carves behind. She was in 3rd grade at the time when she started playing Tennis and then as we were in 12th she was becoming the Angel of my dreams.

The College was being over fifteen minutes ago, everybody have gone even the birds have found the shelter somewhere as the sky grew even more ashier after very instant. Then there was me and that loyal Security guard who was always busy inside viewing every move of students and the every corner of the College through the security-check cameras and I was in his sight at that moment because I was standing in front the spy camera then.

'Oh, Dang it.' It was my sudden thought at the moment when the first rain drop hit the ground. 'Oh where was she?' I became worried. I was continuously raising my wrist to see the time.

"Oh, dang... I'm late... I'm late... I'm so very late!" suddenly I heard this voice and I got nervous even more, it looks like suddenly my eyes were searching for some blind spot or alley in which I could just hide from her sight, I didn't knew why I was acting that way but that girl sure seemed to give me blush and heat. 

"Hey, Ransom. You late too?" I heard her say that as my back was facing her that I turned around,

"Y E A H!!" I was saying,  that big flash of lightening just arose in the sky and the clouds just went mad that their vibration shook the ground, instantly then heavy rain started.

"Hey, hurry up! get inside the Umbrella." I shouted that she run towards me, the Tennis kit was tossed over her right shoulder which flung side by side as she run.

"Let's head home together!" I mentioned that I couldn't la my eyes off from her sparkling brown eyes,

"Yeah sure." She mentioned looking back at mine eyes. That we started lifting steps together. After passing  a block by we were about to pass through the Park side, I was not letting her soak in the rain but I was soaking from my right side as the space was too small for both of us that I heard her giggled, I turned to her that she bowed her head down,

"What?" I asked as slight smile stretched across my face,

"You're getting soaked by rain." She said, still smiling. That I smiled back and let go the Umbrella and then I was totally exposed to the rain, I raised my hands to my side and face towards the sky... the rain was cold but it was the source of tranquility,

"Hahahaha, Silly what are you doing?" She shouted by watching me went crazy,

"You should try... come, come." I mentioned and grabbed her hands an pulled her in the rain, 

"Hey, are you crazy?" She became excited and let go the Umbrella too. And then there we were soaking in the rain, laughing, shouting and screaming! enjoying the every essence of rain, feeling the most tingling sense when the rain drops slides over our body viscously! I was kicking the water puddle at her and she was doing the same. The clouds even seemed to enjoy the sight as they were madly bursting the rain upon us. Everything was being bathed and the sky looked even more closer... even more brighter and the space seemed even more more smaller in which me and her were the only one to fit and only one to enjoy the gift.

Some people got soaked by the rain and some people got soaked in the rain and we were the ones who got soaked in the rain not by the rain! 
But it seemed that she was the bigger chiller than me. Oh, gosh she looked so pretty, drenched all over by rain that she caught me when I was seeing her like that. She simply walked towards me, got even more closer and then she stopped, her eyes focused on mine.

"Do you have something if I need?" She asked anxiously,

"What... What do you want?" I asked her that she smiled again,

"I need a scotch tape!" She demanded for unnecessary item at that moment that I went worried,

"Scotch tape! What do you need that for?" I wanted to know the reason that she spine me around and reached for my bag pack being tossed over my both shoulders,

"Hey, What are you doing?" I yelped,

"Got it!" She exclaimed joyfully.

"Now what you're gonna do with that?" I became worried that she pinched my jacket and started running somewhere,

"I'll tell you when we reach there." She mentioned that I helped myself running having not a damn idea about where we were going then. After passing another block we entered in the Phase 2 of the housing society, my home was in the Phase 1 so I guessed that she was taking me to her home, I was helpless at the moment and so I had left with one thing to do, staring where we were going and then snooping to her as she was running, my curiosity grew even more.

                                        Suddenly we stopped by a House and she was staring at it angrily and I could tell that for sure that it was not her home, then whose House was that, her auntie's or her relative or her enemy, but I decided to stick with last one and I was right!
"This is the house, when my Tennis ball got accidentally in there... that old punk didn't return it to  me, so now he'll gonna pay for it!" She said and run towards the entrance door and put the tape on the bell which kept ringing,

"Who the hell want to blow my bell off, I'm gonna crush you with my staff." I heard an old, helpless vibrating voice,

"Oh, Shit!" I screamed aloud that she put the third coating of that tape on the bell and then she run towards me,

"Run, Ransom... We don't have to show our faces... we are ninjas." She screamed that we both run faster but she was faster than me and had held my jacket for once again as if she knew that I couldn't keep up to her speed. 'But why take revenge? We were so pretty together!' I became worried and started recalling my memory if I could have seen some black cat this morning.
We started running from that block and caught our breath in the Market block,

"What... What was... the... reason that... that old man didn't returned your Tennis ball?" I asked her still breathless, but she was even more breathless than me and have grabbed her knees with her both hands,

"I broke his window." She said after finally catching her breath that I ogled towards her  seeing her with afraid eyes,

"ACCIDENTALLY!!" She mentioned after watching me seeing like that,

"Don't get mad, Hey are you hungry?" She asked as we were standing in front the bakery and that typical scent was making me went crazy,

"Yeah!" I mentioned,

"Then good, all you have to do is to follow me, got it?" She asked that I went tense,

'What was she planning then?' I thought,

"What do you want me to do? Hey I don't wanna catch some other trouble, man!" I became worried,

"It's nothing like that you afraidy cat, come get your bum right here and follow the captain's lead!" She said and went in that Bakery shop, I was helpless at the moment and so I had to follow her anyway.
I got inside and see her heading towards the cup-cake tree being garnished with so many toppings,

"Okaye, on my mark, get set.... GO" She said and held one cupcake in her hand and run outside I heard the strong and healthy bakery man shouting at her, I went panic and grabbed one for myself in the left hand while my right hand slipped  in my jeans pocket, held out my wallet and quickly tossed the money over the counter,

"Keep the change!" I screamed as I got out quickly, my eyes searching for her and there I see her waiting for me under that straight tree after crossing that street. I reached her breathless, 

"So how it was? Remarkable isn't it?" She asked as I was catching my breath,

"Marvelous!!!" I exclaimed still breathing hard. The rain hadn't stopped but it's potential have broke, then it was raining very lightly. We were both heading towards our home now together walking slowly as if we both didn't want to reach home that quick,
                               I turned to her as she deeply inhaled the air, her eyes closed and arms wide stretched, slight smile was switching her face that she quickly exhaled it out,

"You know what? When you ask someone about what type of scent they like or what type of perfume they want... They are like M-TV, Bluelady and that type of perfumes, But I always have my own philosophy about it... I like the scent when the first rain drops on the ground freshening the air with wonderful scent of dirt. I really like it."

"Yeah. If you would have asked me that question I will be like switching to boys stuff." I mentioned that she started giggling again, not too loud and not that soft. I really liked it when she giggled it made me feel like I was the luckiest guy to heard her smile and giggled on the stuff I said. 
The Rain was not stopping but the sky was switching to bright after every instant. Me and her, we were like soaked to our toes. I was watching her around the corner of my eyes as she was walking with me,

"Five meters per second!" She mentioned while staring at the sky.

"What?" I asked anxiously,

"The rain! It come down with the speed of five meters per second!" She smiled after saying that. At the time we were in the phase 2 and I could see her home down the street and didn't want her to go that soon and leave me alone, I wanted... I wanted to tell her how I felt of her when she was around, how I felt when I past her every time in College.

"Wow, you sure knew about that kind of stuff a lot!" I told her,  that she smiled for one last time as we were both in front of her home,

"I really enjoyed this day with you and you just made it the perfect day of my life, Thank you for that, Ransom." She turned to me the last time that I went shy,

"It's all my pleasure, Ferriya! Okaye we will see each other some other time okaye, I need to go now... Bye" I waved her and she waved back as I run towards my home. 

                                             All the way back I was thinking about it. All the time in the bathroom while taking bathe. All the time when we all family members had a supper together and all the time when I was in my bed, thinking about her, wondering if she was thinking about me too.  Definitely this was the day I would never forget ever. Some day we will meet again soon and I would be ready to tell her how it felt to be around her and how I felt of her on the day when I first saw her in three. I wanted to tell so many things to her and I know that the right moment will come... the right moment will come!!!

I wanted to tell her that, 
The rain falling reminds me of you, because its falling hard and I am too!

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