Carve The Mark Competition- Choice 1, Sibling Relationships //

Gabrielle Winchester has followed in the footsteps of her two big brothers ever since she met them after a house fire when she was six months old. Now these three of them are going up and down America hunting for the thing that started the family business.


3. three

I'm sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes guys. I've been trying to update a lot before the competition ends because if I don't, then there will be nothing to evaluate. So please ignore the grammar mistakes.


"Look. This won't be a goodbye forever, ok? We should meet up sometime soon, huh? Tell me if you find dad." Sam said before grabbing his bag. 


"Hey Sammy, we made one hell of a team back there." Dean said, talking about how the two of them defeated the ghost. 

"You know, if I was there, it'd be done quicker." I joked, and Sam ruffled my hair. I engulfed him in a giant hug before he left into his apartment block. Dean then drove away slowly and I closed my eyes to rest them. 


A man jumped onto his bed to sleep, when drips of blood mysteriously dripped onto his forehead, like some rain, but it was red. And definitely not rain. The man then flinched and opened his eyes and gasps in horror. A blonde woman is pinned to the ceiling, staring down at him and bleeding from the belly. The room then went on fire. 


I started to squirm a bit on the backseat, and tried to ignore the bad thought. 


The man then started screaming. "Jess! No!" The man was Sam. And there, right after the fire engulfed the entire room, I saw a pair of bright yellow eyes. 


I sprung up from the backseat, and saw Dean's big jacket fall on the floor of the car. 


"What time is it?" I asked Dean, and he looked at his watch. The time had stopped ticking on it, and then I noticed we were still on campus. Dean quickly turned back around in the Impala and we rushed to outside Sam's apartment. 


"No!" Sam's voice yelled from inside, and Dean kicked the door down. We rushed in and saw Jessica on the roof on

fire, and Sam lying underneath yelling.


"Sammy!" Dean yelled, and we ran into Sam's room and pulled him out, Jessica's body on the ceiling in flames, just like in my dream.

We got out, and saw a fire truck pull in. We rushed to the Impala and Sam sat inside looking at a picture of him and Jessica. 


"Yes." Sam sighed sadly, and Dean sat in his seat and looked at Sam. 

"Yes what?" He asked. 


"I'll come with you two to find dad." Sam sighed again, and Dean looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. 


"What about your inter-" 

"Leave it. Just leave it. I gotta go kill that thing that killed our mom, Gab's mom, and Jess." Sam said. 


*10 months later*


After a couple of months and cases, Dean went to a shop to get some pie and food for us. Sam sat next to me and looked at me. "How did you know? How did you know what happened to Jess was going to happen then?" Sam asked me. "How did you and Dean know it was gonna happen?" I shrugged awkwardly, and Sam looked down then back at me. "Was... was it a dream?" 


"Um..." I looked down at my feet and all of our bags. 


"Gabby, don't worry. I had it too," Sam said, and I looked up to see that he was upset. He quickly looked to see Dean still in the diner flirting with a waitress. "a couple nights before it happened and you guys came and got me. I thought it was just a bad dream, though, you know? One of those 'oh my god why did I think that' moments?" I nodded at Sam. 


"I had it a couple of minutes after we left. I closed my eyes to rest them then it appeared. I didn't tell Dean, though. But I asked him what time it was and his watch stopped ticking. I guess he must've known from it happening twice before." 


"Don't tell him Gab. He doesn't need to stress this as well, ok?" I nodded. 


Dean then threw himself in the car and ate his pie. Sam and I sat playing a game of crossword on a newspaper we found lying under the backseat until I felt a burning sensation in my head. 


"NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" A woman screamed at a kid my age, who was walking towards her.


"STOP IT! I'LL GET THE COPS!" The kid then held his hand out, and the woman then died. 


I looked at Sam scared. Dean was driving, paying attention to the road and I got Sam's attention.


"Sam... it happened again," I whispered and he looked at me. 


"What?" Sam looked at me. My head then burned again, and I yelled, dragging Dean's attention to me as well. 


"I'm so sorry... I didn't want to..." The kid then kneeled beside the woman and cried. A hooded figure then walked towards his and smiled. 


"Well done." He said, and I noticed the hooded figure had yellow eyes. I then noticed a sign that read 'Mountain Road Care Home'.


"Oh my god..." I mumbled, and Dean quickly pulled over. Sam sat looking at me and started asking me questions about what the vision was about.


"Can someone please explain what the hell is going on?!" Dean shouted, and I looked at Dean terrified. 


"Just drive. Go to Mountain Road Care Home, and quick!" I yelled, and Dean quickly drove to the care home. 

We ran inside and saw a boy my age crying over the woman. I made us all hide around the corner silently. A hooded figure then appeared inside and made the boy stand up. 


"Well done." They said, and the boy turned around and yelled at the hooded figure.


"No! I didn't want to do that! Leave me alone you... you yellow-eyed freak!" Dean then shoved past me and I stopped him from storming in. I saw his jaw tighten, something he does when he's angry. The hooded figure then vanished and I ran in towards the boy. 


"Hey! Hey, it's ok." I said, and I sat on the floor next to him. He looked at me and cried. 


"No it's not. I didn't want to do that. He made me." He said, and I introduced myself. "Hi Gabrielle... I'm Cal."


"Cal... you said he forced you to kill your foster carer, is that correct?" Sam asked as he joined us on the floor. Dean was walking up and down the room angrily mumbling to himself that he should've gone in there and killed the guy with yellow eyes. 


"Yeah. I kept seeing him in my dreams, and he told me he killed my real mom. He also told me I was special, and that I could kill people really easily. He would then keep tormenting me in my dreams until I finally said yes to killing my foster carer." Cal said sadly. 


"Look. It's ok, I'm special too. I can see things in my mind before it happens. So can my brother, Sam." I said. 


"It's not ok... I'm a murderer!" Cal yelled before he ran off. I went to chase after him but Dean held out his arm to stop me.


"Leave him. We need to get dad." Dean said. 


"Dad's missing Dean! We'll be lucky if we find him." I said before storming into the Impala. 


"Let her calm down." I heard Sam say while I marched off. I sat in the Impala and Sam and Dean came back. Dean started driving towards and motel while Sam sat in the back with me."


"What's wrong with us Sammy?" I asked him. Sam pulled me into a little hug. 


"I don't know Gabby... I don't know."

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