Carve The Mark Competition- Choice 1, Sibling Relationships //

Gabrielle Winchester has followed in the footsteps of her two big brothers ever since she met them after a house fire when she was six months old. Now these three of them are going up and down America hunting for the thing that started the family business.


4. four

I woke up to find myself in the back of the Impala on my own covered in jackets so I was hidden. I crawled out and saw a post-it note stuck to the roof of the car.


'We're only inside the house. By the time you wake up we'll probably be coming out of there. Love, your favorite brother, oh, and Sam' 


I laughed at the note Dean left me and shoved it in my pocket. Just on cue, Sam and Dean walked out the house and noticed I was awake. 


"Hey. You're coming with us." Dean said to me while they got in the car. 


"How, has it got something to do with what killed my mom?" I asked, and Dean shrugged. 


"Not sure yet, but you should still come with us," Dean said, and he drove us to another suburb, and I noticed some kid staring at us from the house window while we left. While driving, Sam and Dean told me everything they knew about the Millers so far. 


"So... you lived in the neighborhood long?" Dean asked some guy who was standing in his front yard. 


"Twenty years. You guys looking to buy?" He asked, and Sam shrugged. 


"We were wondering if you knew a family that lived across the road." 


"Ah yeah... the Millers. That brother had the house next door. Is the poor kid ok? I think his name's Max."


"Yeah... and what do you mean?" I asked. 


"Well in my life I've never seen a child treated like that. I mean I'd hear Mr. Miller yelling and throwing things clear across the street, he was a mean drunk. He used to beat the tar outta Max. Bruises. Broke his arm two times that I know of. It would go on every day. In fact, that brother of his was just as likely to take a swing at the boy but the worst part was the stepmother. She'd just stand there, checked out, not lifting a finger to protect him. I must have called the police seven or eight times. Never did any good."


"Step-mother?" Sam asked. 


"Oh yeah. His mom died in some sort of accident. Maybe a car one, I dunno." The man said, and Sam then held his hand to his head. 


"Ok, thank you." Dean quickly said, and he led us inside the car. "You ok?" Dean asked Sam. 


"Max is doing it all. He's the one who killed his dad and uncle. I saw him. In my vision." Sam said, and Dean nodded. "He's doing it with telekinesis or something like that." 


"He's like us!" I said. "With powers and stuff!"


"Listen to me. He is not like you two. He's just as bad as the monsters we hunt. We're going to end him." Dean sternly said, and he started driving to the Millers' house. 


"What?! We're not killing Max!" Sam yelled. "Just promise me you two will follow my lead with this one, ok?" 


"Nuh-uh. Gab is not coming with us. It's too dangerous!" Dean said back. 


"Yes, I am." 


We burst into the kitchen door of the house and Ms. Miller looked at us. "Fathers? And who's that?" She asked, pointing at me. 


"Doesn't matter. Sorry to intrude, but Max, can we talk to you? Only for a second?" Dean said. Max nodded and started to walk with us until saw Dean's gun and then made the door slam shut and all the windows close. 


"You're not priests!" He yelled at Sam and Dean. Dean quickly pulled out his gun, but Max used his powers to make it go over to him, and he pointed it at us. 


"What's happening?" Ms. Miller asked. 


"Shut up," Max replied, and he threw Ms. Miller backward into the kitchen bench, making her unconscious. "Who the hell are you?!" He yelled at us. 


"Max. Calm down. I'm having visions... about you. You were gonna launch a knife at your stepmom in the eye. Max, I'm here to help you." Sam gently said. "My sister, she's like us too. If you want we can get Dean and your stepmom out of here and then it's just us and my sister. We're all the same. We just need to talk." 


"No! Nobody is leaving this house!" Max boomed. 


"And no-one's gonna. They'll just go upstairs, huh?" I suggested. 


"Fine. Five minutes. Go." Max stated, and Dean took Ms. Miller upstairs. Max then sat down and Sam and I sat on the couch opposite. 


"Look... we can't understand what you've gone through. But you need to know, killing isn't the answer." Sam tried to talk some sense into Max. 


"Do you know what it's like? What it's like to be blamed for everything. My so called dad blamed me for his job, life, my mom's death."


"Hang on, why would he blame you for your mom's death?" I asked. 


"Because she died when I was asleep in my crib in my nursery." Sam and I looked at each other in shock.


"There was a fire. Dad would get drunk and say that she died in some crazy insane way. He would say that she burned up on the ceiling." 


"Listen, Max... that's real. That's how my mom and Gab's mom died. The same thing killed them! Look, your powers started out the blue about ten months ago, right?" Max nodded. "That's when mine started too! It's like... it's like we were chosen. The three of us were." 


"What do you mean 'chosen'?" Max asked, and Sam shrugged. "I just want this to be over." Max then said, and he stood up. 


"No Max! This won't end it! It makes you just as bad as them." I said and Max looked at Sam and me with sorrow. 


"I'm sorry." He then threw us into a cupboard and blocked us in with a bookshelf. 


"No! Max don't do this!" Sam yelled, thumping on the doors. I sat down in the corner of the cupboard and looked up at Sam. 


"Sam, there's no use. We can't do anything now." Sam then joined me on the floor and we just sat in silence until we both got a sore head. 


Max stormed into the room that Dean and Ms. Miller were in, a gun floating in front of him, pointing at Ms. Miller. "Move." He said to Dean, who then stood in front of the gun. 


"You'll have to go through me first," Dean replied. 


"Fine," Max spoke, and the gun then shot Dean in the head, and he collapsed to the ground. 


"Oh my god." I looked at Sam, who looked at me. "He's gonna shoot-" 


"Dean, I know," Sam replied, and Sam started kicking the cupboard doors. I sat there with my eyes shut envisioning the bookshelf moving away from the door in my head when a loud screeching noise came from outside. "The bookshelf is moving!" Sam yelled, and I stood next to him. 


"I moved it. Now come on!" Sam and I ran up the stairs into the room where Dean stood in front of the gun. "Stop Max!" I yelled, and Max turned around and then pointed the gun at me. 


"This will end it. This will end the nightmares." He said. 


"No, it doesn't Max. Look at me, you are not alone." Sam said, and he kneeled down to Max's level. "It'll be ok. Now give me the gun and this will all be over." Max then cried a little and shook his head. 


"I'm sorry Sam." He then turned the gun around to face him and Sam covered my eyes and I heard a loud 'bang'. 


"He was like us Dean," Sam said in the Impala. I lay pretending to sleep, something I used to do when dad and Dean would have a serious conversation. "His mom died on his 6 months birthday in a house fire, and he had the powers too." Sam then sat quietly and I heard Dean. 


"You guys are not like him. You guys will never be killers, I'll make sure of it, even if it's the last thing I do."

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