Kneel Before the Kings

If the world was pretty and all too fake, ran by a corrupt monarchy, colorless and left for dead - who's to say what's right?
Maybe the girl who brings tomorrow, her and a faceless army. When time for rebellion comes, it makes you, or it drowns you.


1. Incipit Prologus

The world’s been set off, and tomorrow’s rain has come to wash away the ashes of the past.

It’s been one hundred and seventy years of the monarchy running the rats of our world into the shadows, and - shit - have they done it right.

But let one weak link shine, and the rats will come to feed.

And so they have.

The world consisted of one super continent after the crust of every other country had to be offered to save humankind from the rising ocean. Democracy clearly hadn’t worked, since everyone felt like it was alright to poison the earth with their greed, so the kings and queens took over. The few people with the greatest cultural awareness and the most amount of money stole the world away.

At first it made sense. And then it didn’t.

Suddenly, the comforts of everyday life was lifted from under the people. It started with all the good things. Roads replaced with railway lines for the respective pods the replaced cars. The food being completely processed and stuffed with medicines and pills - all to keep the people alive.

But then say goodbye to the spontaneous midnight car trips. Say goodbye to comfort foods. The everyday because yesterday, and life was overcome by rules and regulations.

Then, hospitals were set up to take in the elderly and disabled. The prison rates went down drastically. The people started vanishing.

Schools were ran by strict, artificial intelligence faces. They ordered the kids around, all the while building the perfect citizens. Shops were shut down. The clothes turned beige. The small businesses turned into the same big corporation. Sure, clothes and oil was now cheap, but everything is free for a mouse in a cage.

But it wasn’t bad until Crasterra.

Crasterra - owned by the royalty themselves - stepped into the light, claming to be the new tomorrow. They explained that they ran the railways, the businesses, the schools, the hospitals.

Crasterra explained that they owned us.

The monarchy of Crasterra took over our land and everything was stripped away. No more posters in your room, no more movie nights with your family, no more afternoon walks.

You were always being watched. You were hooked up to the system.

But what happened to the rats? Because they realised that you couldn’t be watched from the shadows.

That’s where the revolution sparked.

That’s when the world set off. 

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