That Boy

Hi I'm Brooke Beckett, not really much to me. I have a brother/best friend named Jackson Beckett and crush on the schools most popular guy, Austin Bailey.
I know, I know I never stand a chance in ever being with him but there's this voice in the back of my head that says I should at least try. Anyways Austin just so happens to be the schools star quarter back *groaning* which makes it even harder then it was to begin with. Any ways lets get back to me I'm in 11th grade and I attend St.Bernard's high school. My favorite color is yellow, and I love to run. One of the benefits of running is in our grade not many girls like it so I'm one of the only ones who signs up for track, and Austin does too. That's how I met Austin, when I was a freshman I signed up and Austin was there and instantly something sparked. Anywho I've been undefeated champ here since freshman year. Well that's all for now folks I can't really give anymore detail about that boy..................


2. Chapter 1

I walked down the dark misty alleyway, I wouldn't have been walking at all if I hadn't been called in for a late shift and the Hooters I work at. I know hooters really but they took one look at me and I was hired no form or nothing.You know how people say if you tell yourself something enough times it will actually work well that's what I was doing. I told myself I'd be home fast enough to that nothing would happen.

I only needed to walk a little bit longer to get to my apartments (My mom owns the apartments and we have a house but I like to be independent.)

I saw people in front of me but continued walking around then but I didn't get very far.

"Hey sexy!" One if them said throwing their arm around my shoulder I caught the strong scent of alcohol coming from his breath they clearly had been drinking way to much.

I tried to shrug his arm off of me but he was far to strong. He pulled me over his little group, him not even realizing how much I was struggling to get out of his grip. He had me leaned up against him as he stood In a circle. I scanned around the group until a familiar hard green pair of eyes meet mine. I gulped in fear standing on the opposite side of the circle was the Austin Bailey, the schools most popular boy. Not long after that I realized it was his whole clique that made this circle. Great I just had to lose my car keys.

This time I pushed with all my might and I managed to slip from under his grip he followed me, I took one step and found my arm being pulled. I looked up to find Austin standing right in front of me, I gulped looking anywhere but those hard beautiful green eyes.

"Hi Brooke didn't expect to see you here." He said saving me from that drunk perv guy

"Ya well I was just walking home from work." I said gesturing toward my hooters uniform

He scanned over my body and I saw something in his eyes spark, I quickly pushed it away.

"Well walking around here wearing that outfit is gonna get you in some serious trouble." He said with a warm smile

"Well my apartment isn't to far from here." I said

"Do you walk this way much?" He asked

I shook my head

"Well then you'll trust me when I say that the alley before the Royals, where you live is where most girls in this town disappear to. I don't want you going that way because if you go in I doubt you'll come out, here let me drive you home." He said looking at the floor

"That sounds pretty scary and I would take you up on your offer but, you've been drinking like the rest of these guys here." I stated pointing to the drunken guy laughing at his cigarette

"Actually I haven't had one drink."

"Really, promise?" I said un surely

"I promise."

I sighed and gave in he led me through the end of the alley way until we got to his car, my eyes widened he was driving a Maserati something I've always wanted. I have a Porsche and I love it but when my mother bought it for me for Christmas there was still that disappointment in the back of my head.

I got in and buckled up, he did exactly the same.

There was a lot of busy streets to get to my apartments it way way faster taking the alleys. An awkward silence filled the air, as I shifted in my seat uncomfortably. I got way to sick of the awkward silence deciding to say something

"So what makes a popular boy like you wanna talk to me?" I said

He looked over at me "Well I actually just didn't want mark to cheat on his girlfriend and lose her." He said

ouch that hurt.

"And besides you are actually really awesome and fun to talk to." He said trying to rephrase it he must've seen the hurt in my eyes.

"So how are you and Kylie doing?" I said trying to recover

He tensed up at the mention of her name.

He mumbled some things before letting out a great

"Are you and that Jack guy still together." He asked kinda spitting out Jacks name

I started laughing and he gave me a weird look before replacing it with a smile

"Jackson is my best friend, and we are brother and sister."

"Wait so you guys are incest?" He asked nervously

"Eww gross no." I said slapping his arm "We are twins and when our mom and dad split up, we were separated but our parents just got a different house same town. We just miss each other so we spend our time at school together."

"Oh well you realize half the school thinks your together right?"

"I don't care what they think neither does he." I said rolling my eyes

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