Random coversations my friends and I have had.

These are just some random conversations my friends and I have. Enjoy our weirdness.


2. Corn

This one happened at school a few months ago, so I can't remember all the details of the math problem. I'm gonna remember the best I can, but I can't remember the names,  and some numbers, so...


Math problem: John bought 200 ears of corn for $50. How much would it cost for 120 ears of corn? 

Madison: That's a lot of corn.

Kelly: Yeah, it is.

Makayla: I like corn.

Me: I've eaten eight ears of corn by myself before. I love corn.

Madison: Why would you need 200 ears of corn?

Me: If... you're... feeding... a lot of... monkeys.

Madison: *laughs so hard she almost falls out of her chair* Monkeys don't eat corn!

Kelly: Whats so funny?

Madison: I asked why someone would need 200 ears of corn and she said if we were feeding a lot of monkeys!

Makayla: Monkey don't eat corn.

Me: I bet they do. 

At home that evening

Me: Do monkeys eat corn?

Dad: Well, if you fed it to them, probably. They wouldn't just go seek it out.

Me: Okay. Now I have to tell Madison she was right.

At school the next day during PE.

Me: You were right.

Madison: About what?

Me: Monkeys don't eat corn.

Madison: I told you! So why would someone need 200 ears of corn?

Me: I bet flamingos eat corn.

Madison: *laughs so hard she falls over* Flamingos don't eat corn, either! They eat shrimp! That's why they're pink!

Me: Oh yeah... Then I have no reason why someone would need 200 ears of corn. 

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