Interrogate Brooke

Okay, so I got this idea from Prodigy, my favorite author on here. You guys ask me questions in the comments, and I'll answer them completely honestly! Well, not that I have any choice, as you'll know from the first chapter.


1. The Kidnapping

Brooke sat in her room, reading a book, when she heard the front door open with a crash. Knowing her parents wouldn't do that, she stands up to go investigate. She sees a young girl, no older than Brooke herself is, followed by a large man.

"There she is." the girl says. "Grab her."

Brooke struggles as the man grabs her and carries her out the door to a truck. 

Hours later, Brooke and the two others enter a dark room. The girl quickly sits in a chair, turns around so her back is facing Brooke and the man, and spins slowly and dramatically around.

"Welcome to my lair, Brooke." the girl says. "My name is Brittany. You will never escape from us!"

"Quick question." Brooke says. The lights come on.

"What?" Brittany snaps. "You're ruining the scene."

"Okay, I said quick." Brooke says defensively. "Who's the bozo?" 

"That is Aloysius, but just call him Al." Brittany says. "Can we continue?"

"Yes, sorry, go on." Brooke says. The lights dim again. Brooke begins struggling.

"Why have you brought me here?" she asks, being way more dramatic than she needs to be.

"We are going to interrogate you." Brittany says. "Al, get the potion."

Al leaves, and returns with a clear potion.

"Not Veritaserum!" Brooke shrieks, again being way overdramatic. 

"Yes, Brooke Weasley." Brittany says. "See them?" she points to a large crowd, watching them. "Anything they ask about you, you have to answer honestly." 

"Okay, just one rule." Brooke quickly says.

"And what's that?" Brittany asks.

"No asking things like, where do I live, or what school do I go to." Brooke says.

"Oh, yes." Brittany turns to the crowd. "If you ask anything about where she lives, then we will kick you out. Understand?"

*General murmur of assent from the crowd*

"Good! Let's get going, then!" Brittany says. "Let's get some questions coming, people! This is your chance to learn anything you want about Brooke Weasley!" 

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