In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


9. 9

A/N This chapter is gonna be really different. It is going to some text messages and some normal story text

. Leave feedback and let me know if you like this idea and maybe i'll do it more often. Also this is kind of a character reveal for Jaylynn.

You have been added to the LIT ASF  groupchat!

Bubba: Hey sis

Daddy Luh: Hey mami

Jaylynn: Derek why tf did you set your name as 'Daddy Luh'

Daddy Luh: That's my name ;)

Jaylynn: Fuckboy alert beep beep

Jaylynn: Sammy you were wasted of your ass last night

Nate: Bro we had to shower you....

Bubba: The hangover was real this morning

Jaylynn: Where are you guys?

Nate: at the studio with Derek Tez Swazz and your brother

Jaylynn: What tf is a Swazz? 

Jaylynn: The name tez reminds me of a pez dispenser

Nate: Lmfao

Daddy Luh has added Swazz to the LIT ASF  Groupchat!

Daddy Luh has added Tez to the LIT ASF  Groupchat!

Tez: Yo

Bubba: y'all scroll up

Swazz: Im a swazz

Jaylynn: What is your real name?

Swazz: why?

Jaylynn: Cause im not about to call you something that sounds like another name for cumming on a girls face

Jaylynn: Now answer the damn question

Swazz: Damn okay

Swazz: Im John Swift

Tez: I give out something that tastes like candy ;)

Bubba: That's my sister bro

Tez: fuck

Jaylynn has added Hayes to the LIT ASF Groupchat!

Jaylynn: bby 2k come over

Hayes: Jaylynn im not suspended i still have school

Jaylynn: Well fuck you than

Jaylynn: I see how it is

Bubba has added JJ to the LIT ASF Groupchat!

Bubba has added Jack Gilinsky to the LIT ASF Groupchat!


Jaylynn's pov

I put my phone down as I hear the door bell ring. Groan climbing off the couch and I open the door and see Nick.

I try and shut the door but he stops me.

"Wait jaylynn can we talk...please."

"Why would I talk to you? There is nothing to talk about," I say continuing to try and shut the door but he blocks it with his foot.

"Just 5 minutes."

I sigh and step outside. We sit down on the porch step in silence until he finally clears his throat and starts talking.

"Jaylynn,  I just- I. I came here to say that Im sorry. I really am. We dated for 3 fucking years and I fucked up. Im so sorry. You don't understand how hard i've been trying to get you back into my life. I fucking miss you. We-," I cut him off.

"Nick I think-," He cuts me off.

"Jaylynn please. Im not saying let's get back together, I just miss it when we used to hang out. I tried literally everything to get you to finally talk to me. At least give me a chance. I know im stupid and I screwed you over a lot. But if my defence I was high and was trying to get you jealous when I screwed Lana. And about half way through I moaned your name and she got mad and stormed out," He says laughing.



"wanna go play basketball?," I ask.

He looks at me shocked before smiling and nodding. I get up and let him into the house. We go into my room and I get out a white muscle shirt and blue basketball shorts. As im getting dressed he looks at the pictures on the wall.

"You still have these?," He asks pointing to the picture of him and I.

(Wolftyla and DJ Wavy)

"Yeah, I know we broke up and I was fucking pissed at you but......those were the good memories," I say pulling my my shorts.

I slip on my Nike's and he drive us to the basketball gym by the park.

Ding* my phone

(Back to groupchat)

Nate: You wanna meet at at in-and-out?

Jaylynn: as much as I love in and out i can't rn

Bubba: why

Jaylynn: Im going to play basketball

Bubba: Jaylynn no

Jaylynn: Samuel yes

Swazz: Ooh she used yo first name

Bubba: who are you with?

Jaylynn: Nobody important ;)

Bubba: Jaylynn go home now

Jaylynn: fuck off

Tez: *sips tea*

Hayes: You almost got my phone taken away.

Jack G: Ooh

Bubba: Jay you can't be doing shit like this. You could die don't you understand the depth of this situation. Take your ass home.

Jaylynn: Im at the courts;) gotta Zayn

Bubba: dont you fucking dare!

(back to normal story)

Jaylynn's pov

We hop out of his truck and walk into the building. He gets his phone out and take's a picture of us. While he puts a filter on I look at the picture.

"My hair looks a mess," I complain.

"You look fine," He laughs at me as I pout.




@KaylaniLuv: Omfg are they back together?!?

@bananafuzz: #Jick or #nicklynn

@WeslyTucker: Okay wow

@wavybbyg: Ew

@SammyWilk: Call me

(Back to story)

Jaylynn's pov

-Back home-

I hop out of nick's truck and wave him goodbye as he pulls out. I walk in and take off my shoes before laying on the couch. I take out my phone.

(Wes and Jaylynn convo)

Jaylynn: Hey wanna come over? Nobody is here rn

Tucks: Cant

That was weird...he never shuts me down like that.

Jaylynn: .....k

(Sammy an Jaylynn convo)

Jaylynn:Im home.

Bubba: Good. Stay there

Jaylynn: I'll think about it


Jaylynn: Can one of y'all come over

Jack G: We are all at the studio

Derek: Sorry Mami

Swazz: Except Nate and JJ

Tez: Yeah they left cause madislut came

Jack G: Fuck off^^

JJ: Nate isnt with me.

JJ: Im at home

Swazz: I wanted to leave to....

Derek: No^

Jaylynn: Okay whatever ill just go drown myself out of boredom bye man whores

Derek: Im not a man whore

Jaylynn: Okay fuckboy

Jack G: Damn Derek you gonna take that

Jaylynn: Bye pedophile

Swazz: *spills tea*

Tez: AHhhhhhahahhahaha Mami has no chillllllll

Jack G: How you gonna do us like that?

Jaylynn: Cause JJ is too sweet and idk Swazz and tez like that

JJ: Thanks Jay Jay

Hayes: How come he gets to call you that?

Jaylynn: Because he's nice to me (crying face emoji) bye dipshits

Nate: Im omw Jaylynn


(Back to normal Story)

When nate gets here we sit in my room and scroll through social media. Which is pretty much what i'd be doing if he wasnt here but the company is nice.

Suddenly 'Work but rhianna plays from his phone and his eyes widen at something. I cant see what it is because he is laying on my bed and I am sitting at my desk chair.

"Is this you?!?," He shows me a mini clip of me dancing in my bathroom.

"OH MY GAWWWDDDD........Who sent you that? Wes was the only the only one wit- well and nick," I say mumbling the last part.












"Damn lil mama got hips," He says watching it again. I groan plopping back into my chair covering my face with my hands in embarrassment. 

"Will you take me to go get a tatoo?," I ask after a while.

"Won't your brother kill me?," he asks.

"No he'd probably kill me first," I laugh.

He gets up and grabs his keys.

"Wait you were serious?," I scream out because he was already half way down the stairs.

"Yeah werent you."

I get up follow him down the stair. I slip on my brown boots and follow nate into his car. We drive to the shop near the mall and get up out. I take a deep breath cause I dont know what to expect, i've never gotten a tattoo before.

"Do you know what you want?," Nate asks me while we wait for my name to be called.

I take out my phone and show him a picture of an egyptian eye.

"I wanna put this right here," I say pointing to my left shoulder blade.

"How are you gonna tell sammy?," He asks.

"Im not he-," The guy that is tattooed from the neck down walks in and calls me in. Nate follows me and the guy makes the stencil of what I want.  I give Nate a nervous smile before handing him my shirt and laying down on the chair thing. hmm shirtless in front of two guys....this isnt uncomfortable at all. Doesnt matter anyways, i have to be pantless in front of hunderds of people for the dance tomorrow. 

"Oh Shit!,"I cry out.

I look at nate. 

"I forgot the dance is tomorrow," I say.

"Where is it?," He asks.

"Not far from here OH My Gahhhhhh," I scream the end because the guy start the tattoo. If feels like a billion needles poking you at one time.

-25 minutes later (spongebob narrative voice)-

"Okay im finished," The guy whos name is gus says. I stand up and he gives me a small mirror to look in the big mirror with.

I turn to nate "You like it?."

"Yeah it's dope lil mami," He says flashing his panty dropping grin. I return the smile and we pay and leave. 

"Let's grab some food on the way home," I say. He nods and we drive to mcdonalds. We get out food and go back home. 


We sit on the couch with my legs on his lap and my head on the armrest while watching American Horror Story. One of the guys draws back the curtain and there are two ugly creatures fucking.

"What the fuck," He mumbles. Our phones ding and I crawl over to wear my phone is charging by the closet door. The groupchat.

(Back to Groupchat)

Bubba: Where is everybody?

Swazz: with you -_-

Bubba: No shit^^ 

Bubba: Im talking about everyone apart from Swazz Jack G and derek.

Tez: At the cribbo

JJ: I was sleeping until i was rudely awoken

Jaylynn: Mute the gc

Nate: at your place with this one




Swazz: Gahh Damn

Jaylynn: Nate I hate you

Nate: No you dont

Jack g: arent you guys in the same room

JJ: awe goals

Hayes: come save me from this hellhole

Jaylynn: Gilinsky shouldn't yo girl be @ school?

Hayes: She is in my Language arts class

Jaylynn: SHES 16?!?

Jack G: Fuck off


Swazz: Damn she killed you JG

Bubba: He mad

Jack G: Shut up she just sent a dumbass photo

Jaylynn: I will wreck you in text too mf try me

Nate: Better run bro

Tez: She comin for yo ass

JJ: Was gonna go back to sleep till i saw the drama

Jack G:

Jaylynn: Pussy

Jack G: You are what you eat ;)

Jaylynn : Dick

Tez: AHHHHHHHhhahahhaahhahahahah you done bro

Swazz: the only reason this gc i 'lit' is cause she i here

Jaylynn: and what pussy have you been eating? yo gurl is 16 that's illegal

Bubba: Jaylynn your only 1 year older than her

Jaylynn: yeah but im not dating anybody over the age of 18

Jaylynn: Plus yo bbyg's birthday is a week after graduation 

Derek: Ayyyeee mami's gonna be legal

Bubba: No

JJ: No

Hayes: No

Nate: No

Tez: No

Bubba: ?^

Tez: What i felt left out

Jaylynn: Bubby? (Insert smiley faces)

Bubba: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Jaylynn: We should go clubbing tonight

Bubba: How about no?

Jaylynn: How about yes?

Tez: Im down

swazz: Yea lets go

Hayes: When all of your friends are almost or already legal and you cant go hang out with them

Jaylynn: Awe im srry bby 2k

Hayes: are you taking me to your performance tomorow?

Jaylynn: Sure

Jaylynn: Tuckers being weird

Hayes: How

Jaylynn: He said 'no' to me

Bubba: How is that being weird

Swazz: So what?

Jaylynn: I asked him if he wanted to hang out...+ we need to practice for tomorrow

Tez:Can I go?


Swazz: yay

Jaylynn: Whatever he's probably on his man period or something

Bubba: We can go but if I say it' time to go we are leaving


Bubba: WHatever

Derek: Where is nate

Jaylynn: He fell alseep

derek: Tell his ass to answer my texts

Jaylynn: Okay gotta camila


(Back to story)

Jaylynn's pov

I lock my phone and get up. I look for the spare blanket in the closet i was leaning against and I get it out.

I lay on Nate's back and fall asleep cause y'know there's nothing else to do


A/N this took me so long to make also its unedited 




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