In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


8. 8

Jaylynn's pov

I get up and open the door before climbing back into the bed. He lays with me so we are basically spooning except im under the covers and he isnt.

"Where is everyone?," I ask yawing.

"Derek's side chick showed up at his mamma's house so he had to go take care of that and Sammy kicked Stass out and then he went on a "walk"," He says into my hair.

"mmmm," I grumble sleepily.

"Do you need anything?," He asks.

"Just be here when I wake up," I say falling asleep.

Nate's pov

"Just be here when I wake up," She says. I smile to myself. It's only about 5 in the afternoon so I guess we are taking late naps.

I honestly think Im falling for this girl and I havent even known her a whole week yet. I want to ask her out but I dont know what her brother will think or if she'll even say yes. But maybe its too soon, i mean its only been a couple of days since we've met. I just dont want to rush things with her. Maybe im just overthinking it. After a while I finally fall asleep.

Wes' Pov

After Aunt Gen's wedding ceremony I sneak out of the venue. As i'm walking home I pull out my phone and go on Instagram and the the hashtag #JateorNatelynn? is the firt thing that pops up on my feed. I click on the hashtag and see Nate and Jaylynn at the mall, posted 3 hours ago. There is a pic of her on his back and them siting in a booth at the food court. Wow she blew me off to go hang out with him. I though she was 'oh so sick'.

I call her phone.

"Hi you've reach Jaylynns phone, if i didnt answer im probably busy or your jut irrelevant to me. Anyways if i see it ill call you back later baiiiii!!," Her voice mail says. I was with her the day she recorded that and you can hear me laughing at the irrelavent part in the background.

'Beeeeeeep' The phone beeps signaling me to record a voice message.

"Jaylynn call me!," I say into the phone and then I hang up. I go home and get ready for the class that we are supposed to be teaching TOGETHER.

It i a 12-16 class so it shouldnt be that hard teaching alone right?....I mean Jaylynn teaches little girls alone.

When I walk in im kinda early so there are only 4 of my students here.

"Hey guys," I say.

"Hey Coach Wes," tristan(14) says. We tried to tell them not to refer to us as 'coach' but Ms.Tina is kinda strict when she stops by so they just got into the habit of it.

"Where's coach Jaylynn," Lindsey (12) asks.

"Um I think shes at home sick," I mutter. When everyone else fills the studio, I begin the choreography.

Sammy's pov.

 Shot after shot goes into my system. "Ayyyyyyeeeeeeeee can I have likkee um 4 jager  bombs?," I ask the cute bar tender.

"Sure thing," she says filling the shot glasses.

After I told stass to go home I walked to the bar up the street. I know im only 19 but my cousin owns the bar so I get free entrance and alcohol.

"One more," I say holding up 1 of my fingers.

"Im sorry bud but i think you've reached your limit," She says. I groan putting my head in my hands. "I can call you an uber?," She asks.

"Okay," I mumble. 15 minutes later she is dragging me to the car. 

"Louuuuiiise," I sing.

"My names Candice," She laughs. 

"See ya later," She says shutting the car door shut.

Jaylynn's pov

I hear a loud bang on the door and the door job jiggling. Nate and I bolt up and look at eachother.

"Who the fuck is that?," He mouths.

"How the hell would I know?," I mouth. BANG. I scream escapes my mouth. I get up and go to my closet and get my old softball bat. I check the time on my alarm clock. 9:08.

Nate takes the bat for me and mouths 'stay here'.

I was going to use that bat for me but whatever. He goes down the stairs and I stand at the top so I can see what's going on. Nate looks through the peep hole and looks at me with a weird face. He opens the door revealing sammy but.....not the Sammy i know.

His posture is horribly slouched and his hair is going in every direction possible. His face is flushed and he stumbles over when the door opens because he was leaning on the door frame.

"Are you drunk?," Nate asks the obvious helping him to his feet. 

"Nuuuooooo Im just a little typsyyyyy," He says holding up his thumb and pointer finger to show the 'little' sign. 

I sigh and go down the stairs to help him get into bed. Right as I reach the last step He crouches over and vomits everywhere. Nate lets go of him fastly and backs away avoiding getting throw up on himself. Trying to avoid to foul smell I reach out and grab the side of his shirt and drag him into the downstairs guest bathroom. 

I take his shirt off and he takes his pants off. I screech and cover my eyes. "SAMUEL WILKINSON WAIT!!," I yell. He leaves his boxer shorts on and leans against the bathroom counter. I turn on the shower and I help him step into the tub. I sit him down on the seat thingy in the shower.

"Its way to coold jay," He says with his eyes closed.

I dont respond, I just quirt soap onto him not rubbing it in and letting the water run over the soap. Nate walks in and hands me a pair of basket ball shorts. I cringe at the thought of changing my brother.

"Im not doing it!," I say throwing them back at him.

He sighs in defeat and takes my place. I walk back out and get a towel to clean the puke.

I throw the towel over it and wipe it up with my foot. It gets most of it up so I put it in a plastic bag and throw the bag on the balcony. I spray lysol on the area near the door and use the swiffer to get it up. Nate walks up with the most petrified look on his face ever. I laugh at him and he glares at me.

I get  double bag some walmart bags, get advil, and a water bottle and bring them upstairs into Sammy's room where Maloley is trying to get him to lay down. I set the bags, medicine, and water on his night stand and sigh.

"Does this happen often," Nate asks. 

I shake my head. "This is the first time," I say.

"Ssshhhhhhh its night time," Sammy whisper yells.

Nate and I walk out but I set an empty glass cup on his door nod so if her opens his door we will wake up. I lock all of the doors and go back upstairs into my room where nate is on my bed on his phone.

"Thanks for that," I say getting in next to him.

"you owe me, I hope I will never have to see his dick again," He groans and cringes.

"That is forever impanted into my head," He says making me laugh.

"Seriously his new name it tic-tac wilk," He says laughing.

"Ewwww thats grooss," I say. I turn on my tv which is really only netflix and hulu on the xbox beause thats all I use.

"Wanna watch Shameless?," I ask.

"Ive never seen it," He says.

"Oh your in for a ride," I say clicking on Shameles.

We cuddle and fall asleep around the 4th episode.

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