In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


7. 7

Jaylynn's pov

When I wake up my cramps are really bad. Wes isnt in the bed with me anymore and I smell breakfast cooking. As I sit up excruciating pain shoots through my ovaries. I go into the bathroom handle my business and come out. I swaddle my self in a blanket with tears streaming down my face because of the pain and walk downstairs.

To my surprise the house is actually very clean and I hear every body in the kitchen. I walk in not acknowledging anybody in there and I walk straight into Sammy chest. His arms wrap around me and he whispers ," Are you okay?."

I shake me head against his shoulder sniffling a little bit. He picks me up and carries me into the living room setting me on the couch.

"You need to eat something and take your normal meds before I can give you anything for for your cramps," He says

"I dont want to eat anything," I say wiping my tears.

"If you dont your going to throw up stomach acid. You need to." 

He disappears back into the kitchen and I lay face down on the couch. Wes comes in a few minutes later and lays my head on his lap rubbing my back. I mumble something into his legs and he laughs at me.

"Your going to have to speak up I can't hear you," He says.

"I can't go teach the class *sniffle* today," I choke out.

"Its okay Jay I get it. I have to go home today, dad is taking me to Aunt Gen's 5th wedding," He says making me laugh. I instantly regret it as the movement from my stomach cause the crap to grow stronger I groan.

"c'mon you have to eat," He sits me up. Sammy comes in with a two spoons, yogurt, and my medicine. 

"nooooooooooooooo," I whine. "That makes it taste gross," I say already knowing what he's gonna do.

Usually when I get sick or when I dont feel well he crushes my pills and puts it in food because I always throw up when I try and swallow pills.

"Im sorry but i have to."

He puts the pill in between the spoon crushes it and dumps it into the bowl of strawberry blueberry yogurt.

"It looks like your trying to feed me drugs," I say.

"I mean technically i am," He laughs. He repeats the process 3 or 4 times before stirring the yogurt and handing me the bowl. Nate and Jack G come out of the kitchen and sit on the couch. I groan. Too many people. I eat about half of the yogurt before walking into the kitchen putting it on the counter getting my inhaler from the counter and walking through the living room to the stairs. 

I take a breath from my inhaler and when I breathe it out I say.

"I'll be dying in my room if you need me."

I go into my room and scroll through Instagram and Twitter for a good 20 minutes before I hear a knock on my door and somebody walks in.

"We uh are gonna go watch a movie downstairs Sammy want to know if you want to come watch it with us," Nate says.

"um yeah sure.......carry me though," I say.

He crouches down and I get on his back.

"ya feel better," he asks.

"Better than I did before," I say.

He runs through the upstairs hallway and down the stairs.

"Don't drop me," I laugh while he hops down the stairs. He sets me on the couch and sit next to me with Jack G next to him and Sammy is sprawled out on the couch chair.

"Where'd Tucker go?," I ask laying my head on the arm rest and putting my legs on Nate.

"His dad called and said he is late to something so he came picked him up," Jack says.

I nod while Sammy scrolls though netflix.

"Hot Dog party?," He asks.

"um sure," I agree.

Everybody nod their head or makes an 'mhmm' noise.

We sit and watch the highly sexual animated movie about fucking foods.

By the end of the movie Jack and Sammy are asleep.

"wanna go do something?," Nate asks.

"like what?."

"Let's go get food or ice cream or something," he says.

"mmm you had me at food let me go change, ill be right back," I say with a smile. I get up and go upstairs and put on a halter crop top that says 'suck it haters' and jean shorts. I also put on a grey cardigan and my maroon vans.


"mmm you had me at food let me go change, ill be right back," she says with a smile.

She gets up leaving her blanket and starts walking upstairs. DAMNNNNN. She only had on nike pros and a crop top. jeez the way her spandex shorts curve over her fine ass and- 

Nate stop! he's your best friends sister for fucks sake!

While cursing at myself I stand up and go into the downstairs guest bathroom to handle a problem.......

Jaylynn's pov

When I go downtairs I dont see nate so I go into the kitchen, grab a sticky note and a pen and right 

'The movie ended, Nate and I left cause' we were bored. Be back later - Jaylynn @ 2:14'

I go back into the living room and stick it on the coffee table in an obvious spot so he will see it when he wakes up. I hear a door close and in walk Nate.

"You ready?," I ask.

He nods his head mumbling a "yup." I give him an awkward head tilt and grab my keys off the counter before grabbing my keys off f the table and walking out of the door with him trailing behind. Once we are in the car I ask "mall?."

"Yeah sure."

I plug in my phone onto my spotify account and press my playlist titled 'MY FUCKIN SHIT'. (Premium purchased).

First song to come on is Travis Scott-Goosebumps...too over played. As i reach to change it Nate beats me by turning the volume up on the radio and yelling out the lyrics. I laugh at him and join along because why the fuck not? We drive to the mall listening to my dope ass playlist and shouting lyrics

We pull into the mall parking lot and I go up and down the parking lot looking for a space to park. When i finally find one we park at get out. While we walk to the food court Nate belts out lyrics from Bad and Boujee the last song that was playing before we arrived.

I listen closely and he never misses a word. When he finally stops for a breath I say,"You should be a rapper."

He laughs looking away with the slightest tint of pink on his cheeks.

"What? im serious," I giggle out. "We could be listening to you on my spotify playlist."

He looks at me out of the corner of his eye and says "I'll definitely add that to the list of goals."

We walk into the line of Panda Express and my eyes light up and without noticing.

"you know when you smile your eyes crinkle at the sides, it looks like you squinting," Nate says breaking me out of my trance of reading the menu. "im part Asian," I mumble.

"Is that why we are standing in the line for panda express?."

I gasp dramatically and slap him in the stomach with the back on my hand that's not in the cast. "It's cute," He says clutching the spot I hit him in like it hurt. I laugh and we order and sit down with our food.

After a while of silence due to to the fact that we are stuffing our faces because Panda express is fucking amazing nate clears his throat and says

"um we-were you serious....about when you said I should be a rapper," He says looking every where but my face.

"Yeah I was. Your really good. Not sharing your talent would be greedy," I say truthfully.

"Really?," He asks finally locking eyes with me.

"Yeah," I smile "really. You seem to enjoy it a lot and you always smile when you do. You should definitely make it a goal."

"Thanks........What are you goals?," He asks.

"Umm I don't know, I havent really thought that far into the future. But maybe I would be a dance teacher or something. I just want a normal life, with a husband and kids."

He nods. We finish our food making small talk and laughing at each others stupidity. We through our food in the trash and then we go to Ben and Jerry's.

I get a double scoop of cookie dough and he gets 1 scoop of rocky road and one scoop of the new cocoa loco flavor. We walk through the mall arms linked and occasionally stopping in stores. 

"You have ice cream on your facial hair," I say wiping it off. He grabs my ice cream cone and runs into the upstairs part of the Macy's that we are in.

"This dickhead," I mumble to myself before running after him.

He runs though the mens department occasionally shouting sorrys to the people he cut's off. He turns into the children's section and I finally jump onto his back. He doesnt fall like I have expected him to but instead he keeps running until we get to the shoe section. 

He sets me on the bench thing and hands me my ice creams back.I cough gasping for air a little.

"Are you okay?," Nate asks panicking.

"Im fine," I say after a second. I take a big lick of my ice cream before scooping it on my finder and smearing it on his nose.

"Oh you wanna go there? lets go," He says before sticking his whole cone on my forehead. I screech from the coldness.

"It's gonna get in my hair," I laugh before taking it off of my head taking a bite from the bottom of the cone and hand it back to him.

I guess he didnt realize because while Im wiping Ice cream from my head It drips onto his pants.

"You evil shit!," He drops the cone and quickly wipes it from his pants.

"You guys are such a cute couple," As elderly lady that had gone unnoticed until now says.

"Oh um we arent uh-," Nate say.

"We arent together," I say.


'yet' I think to myself.

Jaylyyn's pov.

"Oh excuse me than," she says. "That moment you had was adorable," she says walking away.

I look at Nate and mumble ,"She was sweet." He nods and we start heading back to my place.

We walk into my house and walk into the living room after taking our shoes off by the door. The first person I see is stass sitting on Sammy's lap and Derek looking really uncomfortable but that changes when he sees us.

He mouths 'thankyou' and I give him a small smile before turning back to stass.

"hmm I thought I smelt cheap perfume and loose pussy in hear," I say. "Sam I told you not to buy that disgusting candle," I add.

Nate and Derek burst out laughing but Sammy glares at them so the quickly stiffle there laughs.

Anastasia scoffs at me ,"Your sister is so annoying, she needs to learn how to keep her trap shu-," I cut her off by saying.

"Bitch if you got something to say, say it to my fucking face."

"Lynn don't," Sammy says.

"Really your defending her! Over your own sister, wow that's really low," I say starting to walk towards the stairs. "And to think I was actually having a great day."

I go into my room slamming my door and changing into a sports bra an all black long hoodie that goes to my mid-thigh and my nike-pros. I climb into my bed and pull my covers over my head.

After a while I hear a knock on my door.

"If you are my idiot brother get away from my door before I karate kick you in the dick," I say pocking my head out of the blankets.

"It's nate and ouch..."

I get up and open the door before climbing back into the bed.


A/n Its 6:03 am and I havent slept





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