In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


6. 6

Jaylynn's pov

Before I even leave the classroom I hear chatter and laughter from the hallways. Everyone in the hallway has a paper in there hands and are laughing at it. I stop my my locker and get my history book and switch out my science. 

"I can't believe you," Tucker says from behind me.

"She has screwed me over so many times before this, I warned her and that was the last straw."

"Your crazy."

"You love it," I say facing him with a smile.

"Of course I do."

"ALRIGHT WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!," A voice booms at the end of the hall. The hallway silences and heads turn towards the doors.

"Actually that would be me," I say stepping into the middle of the off the hallway and raising my hand.

He sighs face palming. "Office now."

"With pleasure," I say curtsying and walking to the office building.

I sit in the chairs in front of his desk watching as he goes through my "files".

"Ms.Wilkinson with all of these reports, detention, and suspensions I have no choice but to expel you. I just dont understand, you have the best GPA in all of the county yet you still choose to act up?." Thats a rhetorical question. 

"Actually Mr.Peters that's where you go wrong, you see I have a piece of uhm.. well why dont you take a look for your self."

I take out a hard drive, plug it into his computer, and press that spacebar. A big screen pops up and a video plays of him and a junior kissing against the gym lockers with his hand under her skirt.

He gasps takes the hard drive out and steps on it breaking it to pieces.

"You dont think I made copies?," I smirk.

"So either you let me accept your 2 week suspension and walk away with it NOT on me or any of my freinds records, except for Nick, Or I take that video to the police and post it on all forms of social media.You will be arrested and charged with at least a 1-30 year sentence."

"Your bluffing," He leans over his desk glaring at me.

"I wasnt bluffing when I told poor Lana that I would post the pictures of her and her cocaine snorting over age boyfriend now was I."

"Fine! Jesus you are so lucky that-," I cut him off.

"No Mr.Peters, you are so lucky that I actually gave you a choice instead of doing 'the right thing' and taking it to the authorities right away."

"Now thank you for your time," I stand up and walk away. Right before I walk all the way out I turn and say "Oh, and i'll see you in two weeks. Im going home early along a few others."

I gather up Tucker and Hayes from their classes and we go to my house. Nate and derek are here

"Why are you home so early again," Sammy asks.

"I got suspended for two weeks for putting these all over the school," I toss his the folded up paper that was in my back pocket.

"Jaylynn!," He tries to yell but ends up laughing.

I sit on the couch with my head on Tuckers lap My legs on Sams lap and Hayes is on the floor in front of me. Derek and Nate are on the other couch.

"Why did our house suddenly become the 'hang out spot'?."

"We used to go chill at the Jacks house but they moved 30 minutes away and we didnt feel like driving an hour every day," Derek says.

"Can I stay over today," Hayes asks.

" Sure but Im not taking you to school tomorrow."

"Okay i'll have Nash pick me up tomorrow morning," He replies.

"I haven't seen Nash in a while," Tucker says.

"He's in my bio class but i haven't been to 6th period since friday," I say.

"You need to stop skipping class," Sam say smacking my leg.

"OWWWW that hurt!!!," I lie clutching my leg.

"Oh shut up," He laugh at my over dramatic-nes .

"Do you only have guy friends?," Derek asks.

"No, I have a friend named Kayla, but we are only friends because she is dating Trey, but it still counts."

"Is she cute?," he asks.

I roll my eyes. "I just said she was taken," I laugh. Tucker runs his fingers through my hair.

"I swear you guys act like a couple," Hayes says. I flick him in the forehead and everybody laughs.

My phone lights up on the table.

'Muthafucking cheating dickface (Nick): I know sleeping with Lana was wrong, but I only did it to get to you'

"What the fuck,"I mutter. 

"What is it?," Nate asks. I toss him my phone as watch as he smirks typing something back.

"If you say something stupid Im going to kill you."

He throughs back my phone and I read what he said back.

'Hi this is Nate, Jaylynn's boyfriend, she is in the shower right now, and if you'll excuse me im about to go join her.'


I roll my eyes and start laughing and say thanks and he smirks back.

"This think fucking itches," I say flailing around my cast.

"Oh yeah what happened when you left yesterday?," Derek asks.

"Some hot girl on girl action," Tucker says with a wink.

"Eww what the fuck wes," I say elbowing him in his chest.

Hayes' phone rings and skylynn's face pops up. She was actually names after me. When I went to Nash and Hayes' house for a dirt biking comp I met their parents and they loved my name.

He answers the face time.

"Hi Hayes!," she says smiling.

"Hey sky whats up?."

"Nothin, where are you,"

"um Im at Jaylynn's house why?,"


"No you cant tell mom either, she thnks im at school."

She sticks her tongue out and hangs up.

"Im boreeeeeeeeeddddddd," I groan turning around to face Tuckers chest.

"Then go do somethiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg,"  Sammy says pushing my legs off of him and walking into the kitchen.

"Like what?," I ask myself.

"Do me," Derek says. I can practically see the smirk on his face.

"Horny ass fuckboy," I say but  it comes out muffled because of Wes' shirt.

Somebody turns on The Fosters on the tv. I almost fall asleep when Tucker says," Aye dont you have to couch the minors today? thats in about an hour."

I teach an all girls class at Ms.Tina's studio while she at the hostpital with her sick husband on tuesdays and thurdays. Wes and I teach a class together but thats a slightly older uni-sex group only on wednesdays. We practice on Sundays.

I groan sitting up "Fucking shit, Do y'all wanna come watch me teach some 7-11 year old girls how do dance?" they all make an approving grunting noise. I go upstairs and change into a sports bra, a crop top, and some tights. 

"We need to take two cars," Sam says.

"Or we could just order an Uber van."


On the way there we have to drop Hayes off because Skylynn ratted him out. As we walk through the doors we see all of the kids stretching but when they see us they run up to us as shout "Coach Jaylynn/ Coach Wesly"

They are like our little adopted children.

"Ms. Jaylynn we have a new student today! her names Isabella," One of the kids tells me pointing to a girl with her mom. She looks kinda shy and is clinging to her mom for dear life. 

"Thankyou Tayler (The eldest child in the class), Can you show these boys where the watching room is while I go talk to her?," I say pointing to Derek Sammy and Nate. She nods and goes off.

I walk over to the shy little girl and her mother.

"Hi im guessing you the children coach?," The mother speaks up.

"Yes Im Jaylynn."

"Nice to meet you, This is my little girl Isabella shes kinda nervous," she says.

"Oh there is no need to be, Everbody is very nice and helpful her," I say motioning to the stretching kids.

"Okays Izzy would you go with this kind girl and ill be back in an hour to pick you up."

They exchange I love you's and Isabella follows me into the practice room where the kids are playing around.

"Okay listen up!," I say standing in the front of the class ," We have a new student today so everybody  needs to be very respectful to her. This is Isabella, if she needs any help I need one of you to help her okay?." 

Hands shoot up and the children shout 'me me me me'.

I pick a girl around her age and Isabella goes and stands next to her.

"Okay lets get started!," I say. "In this dace you will be repeating a 3-4 8 count dance to Megan Trainor's  NO." Yays  and claps go around the room.

"There will be some booty shaking which im pretty sure you are all used to by now but dont get carried away with it because coach Wesly, my brother, and his two friends are in the watching room," I say.

I laugh as their faces turn red and they shriek too embarrassed to shake their ass in front of guys. After I show them the dance, I split them into groups of 3 according to their age and let the preform it in their groups.



(Thats the dance^^^^^^ ignore the beginning)

"Okay good job girls. What do you guys wanna do for the last 25 minutes of class?," I ask.

"Can we have girl talk," One of my students Jayla asks. 

"Yeah sure but we have to whisper cause the guys will hear us."

We all sit in a circle in the middle if the floor.

"Oh lets talk about guys!!!," One of the 11 year olds squeals.

"Yeah tell us about your boyfriend Ms.Jaylynn!."

"I dont have a boyfreind right now Im single," I laugh.

"Do you like anybody," a girl asks.

"Umm I honestly dont know yet."

"Okay lets play never have I ever!," a student says.

"Can the guys come, it'll be more fun!!,"  Tayler says. 

I get up and walk into the watching room where Sammy is in a leotard leaping around.

"What the fulllllllllllalalla is going on in here."

"He lost a bet," Wes says in tears on the ground.

"Okay the girls wanna play never have i ever with yall, but please keep it pg-13," I groan.


They follow me out and the girls laugh when the see Sammy.

"LETS TEACH THEM THE DANCE," Isabella says giggling.

we all get up and try to show the the new dance but it goes WRONG.


"Speaking of twerking I  enjoyed the mirror show," Nate says from behind me.

I turn around and slap his chest with a scolding face.

"GIRLS!!!! who wants to see some of our dances," Tucker asks.


They all sit toward the back wall (Including nate ,derek, and sam) and me and tucker are in the front of the class.

"This is going to be hard with my cast," I say.

"What happend to you," Some of the girls ask.

"I uh- fell down the stairs.....," I say saving their innocence.

"Okay what dance do you wanna do?," I ask tucker.

"I dont know."

"Contemporary?," I ask.

"I fucking hate contemporary," He mutters.


"Okay fine."


(THE DANCE^^^^^^)

Toward the end my breathing is uneven and im basically choking for air.

"Inhaler!," sam says pointing to my bag.

I go and get my inhaler and take 4 puffs from it.

When I walk back everybody is asking we questions.

"Is it hard being flexible," a student asks.

"Um no but it gets annoying sometimes when you do contemporary and you have to stretch and you get all sore. And some times you have to learn a new jump and thats hard"

"Yo what kinda dances do you guys do?," Derek asks.

"Everything," We both say at the same time.

"She literally picks from a jar of what type of dance," Wes says.

"We are starting a hip-hop dance, but we also have a dance on friday at (insert random event adress in Omaha)."

The girls go home and so do we.

"Your really good with children," Nate says. Sam and derek fell asleep.

"Yeah, we call them our adopted children because we are so close with them."

Tucker passes me the blunt.

"Your like a whole other person when your around them," Wesly says.

"Yeah, I feel like because I dont have my own parents I try and be a parent to younger kids when I'm around them," I say. I take another hit from the blunt and pass it to Nate.

"You'd make a good mamma," Nate says.

"If I live long enough to have children that is," I say.

"Don't say shit like that!," Tucker snaps at me. Not in a mean way but in a way like 'I care way too much about you to think about loosing you' way.

"sorry," I mutter.

akward silence.

Tucker gets up and walks to my room.

"Wesly?," I ask. No reponce.

"Fuckkkk," I say sinking into the couch.

"What's up with him?," Nate asks.

"He gets mad at me when I talk about me dying," I say.

"Why do you do it," He asks.

"Its gonna happen eventually, to all of us. Just sooner for me. My heart has already failed twice and he was there both times when it happened so he just......I dont know."

"I should go check on him. Goodnight Maloley," I say. I peck his cheek and walk upstairs to see Tucker with in his basketball shorts on my bed sleeping.

I change into nike pros and a crop top and get into bed cuddling with him.

He pecks my forehead.

"I love you Jaylynn."

"Im sorry tuck. I love you too."


A/N im starting to ship Wes and Jay more than Nate and Jay

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