In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


5. 5

Jaylynn's pov

"Jay wake up," Wesly shakes me arm.


"Are you going to school today?," he whispers.

"I thought we were suspended."

"That doesn't start till tomorrow. He said that when you walked out."

"yeah hold on."

I sit up and rub my eyes trying to adjust to the light in the room. I sigh and climb over Nate walking to the stairs and up to my room where Tucker is in my shower. I open the door and yell over the running water "You tryna smoke when you get out?."

"Yeah sure," He says over his music.

I shut the door and get dressed. I put on a black hoodie that says 'If you see da police, warn a brother' With the Warner Brothers logo on it. I slip on some jean shorts  and black addidas.

When I go back downstairs nobody is awake yet so I take this to my advantage to make some breakfast. I scramble some eggs and fry some bacon. I put the left over food in the microwave and sit at the table and eat. When Im finished I rinse my plate and Wes walks in. 

He opens it mouth to  say something but I cut him off already knowing what he wants. "Microwave."

He nods pecking my forehead and pulling the plate of food out. I go into the living room and crouch down in front of Nate.

"Maloley, Wake up," I say gently tapping his face.

"hmmmmm," He grumbles.

"Wanna Wake and Bake?," I whisper.

"mmhmmm," He agrees.

"Okay than get your ass up."

I get my baggie of weed from upstairs and sit in front of the coffee table in the living room.

"Nate do you have any more swishers?," I ask referring to the rolling paper.

"Yeah here," He says going into his over-night bag and throwing me the shiny silver package. I nod my head in a thanks. I grind the weed, cut open the cigar, empty out the tabacco, put the weed and, lick and tuck. 

"Are you okay?," Nate asks when I cringe from stomach cramps.

"Yeah um cramps, the  worse and only source of pain I get," I say mumbling the last part even though i know he still heard me.

"Spark up," Tucker says walking in and sitting on the now folded up couch. He tosses me a lighter and I light the blunt in my hand. Inhale, Out through the nose, Inhale, out through the mouth while dying coughing. I pass the it to Tucks who is to the left of me (still choking).

"I told you, you shouldn't smoke when you haven't taken your inhaler or your medication yet," Sammy walks in with the blond bimbo clinging to him in nothing but her thong and Sammy' shirt.

"Weed is my medicine."

"You shouldn't be smoking at all actually, the devils lettuce is bad for you Kaylynn," Stass says.

"Can you do me a favor and go find me a fuck to give. And while your at it go put on some fucking clothes this ain't your house nobody wants to see your nasty ass legs. Also have the decency to get my name right AnaSLUTia."

"JAYLYYN!!," Sam shouts.

" What the shade was thrown, caught, and returned."

"You need to learn how to respect your brother, and me too," Stass says crossing her arms

Oh no this bitch didn't.

" Okay bitch listen up, you will not cross me with that respect bullshit because all you do is be a fake ass ms. wanna be barbie doll,"

"Jay just go to school we will talk when you get home." Sammy says stopping me.

"If I come home," I mutter.

They walk in the kitchen and I groan putting my head in my hand.

"so...she seems..uh," Nate starts.

I giggle at him. 

"yeah I know."

"Where is your dance thing?," Nate asks.

"um ill text it to you."

I hand him my phone for him to put his number in.

"Oh shit Ms.Tina is gonna kill me for this," I say holding up my wrist.

"Haha good luck with that one squirt," Tucker laughs.

"ew Im not even that short, dont call me that."

Nate hands me my phone and I hug him bye. On the way out the door Sammy stops me hands me my pills, kisses my forehead and mumbles against my skin "you need to stop forgetting," Before pecking my head again and going upstairs. I shrug my shoulders and walk out. Wes drives us to school in my car.

When I walk into the main building everyone gasps and it goes silent. While I walk towards my locker People stare and whisper.

"She looks fine."

"I thought Lana said she gave her a black eye."

"She obviouly lied."

"I thought she was suspended." They say.

When I see Jai, Trey, and Kayla they almost look relieved to see me.

"Have you seen Lana?!?," Kayla asks.

"You got her pretty good," Trey says.

"Shes gonna need some pretty good plastic surgery to fix that nose," Jai laughs.

"I broke my wrist on her face," I say. People in the hallway gasp dramatically.

"What?," I say looking around.

Everyone goes back to their conversations glancing at me every once in a while.

"Oh yeah!," I say remembering something.

"How long do we have till first hour?," I ask.

"um like 25 minutes why?," Trey asks.

"Jai by me some time in first hour, ill be back later." 

I walk into the front office. 

"Excuse me Ms. I need a key to the back for the nurse I left my meds at home on accident," I lie.

"Oh yeah here honey," She hands me a shiny gold key attached to a lanyard and a late pass. "But hurry the bell should be ringing soon."

I walk into the back office and head right into the printer room. I dig the picture of Lana snorting coke with her boyfriend holding her hair back so you can see her face out of my back pack. I get a black permanent marker and write at the top 'REVENGE IS A BITCH' I draw an arrow to her boyfriend and write '(he's 25)'.

Chuckling to myself, i make 500 colored copies. The bell goes off around 350.

I slip the large stack of papers into my backpack and walk out handing the key back to the lady.

On my way through the hallways I through the paper around, taping it to some peoples locker and classroom doors. I put a bunch on the school bulletin board and I cover her whole locker with them. (Like the scene in Mean Girls).

Once I run out of paper I save 1 and walk to my first hour.

I place my pass on the desk, slip the last piece of paper onto Jai's desk as I sit in the seat next to him. His eyes widen and he looks at me in shock. He mouths 'you didnt'.

I smirk and nod my head yes pointing to my phone signalling I posted it online too.

He tares off a piece of paper and scribbles down something before tossing it on my textbook.

'You not gonna graduate!!'

I write back 'yes I will. I still have the footage of Mr.Peters kissing that junior girl in the gym locker room.'

"why didnt you you that when you got suspended?'

'free 2 week vacation'


"I know," I say out loud.

We sit for about another 20 minutes and the bell rings...............................................




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