In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


4. 4

Jaylynn's pov

"thank for the school cred by the way," Hayes say a I turn onto the highway.


"Being picked up by the hottest girl in the senior year," He winks. I roll my eyes. "Don't go around telling your little friends we fucked or some dumb shit."

"I was kidding Jay," He laugh.

"I wasn't," I smile at him in the rear view mirror.

We pull into the big arena.

"Really, I just got new shoes," Trey groans.

"Use the spare gear."

We walk into the office where Kyle(The worker who always hits on me) is siting with his feet on the desk.

"Aw my favorite customer," He says as the door bell rings.

"Oh shut up, Is your dad here?," I ask.

"Yeah he's in the back. Going riding today?."

"When don't I?," I say walking to the back room.

"Hey Mr. Feilds, Can we get our bikes?," I ask. Hayes and I come here very often so he lets us keep our bikes here.

"Yeah of course." We walk into the gear room where there are a bunch of helmets, jackets, pants, and hayes and I's bikes."

"Here you go," He says rolling the bikes out of the closet.


We get dressed and go out into the arena.

I climb on the bike and rev the engine.

"Do the 360," Hayes says.

I go down the up the ramp and when I get to the top i start to spin but I loose the grip on the wheel so I do a back flip instead. When I land on the other side I shout "I messed up!."

After a while of riding and showing the boys new tricks we finally head to my house.

When we walk in we hear laughing but it stops when we go into the living room.

"Hey Jaylynn," They boys in the living room chorus.

"Hey, your home early,"Sammy says.

"Yeah Nick was being an ass so I left."

" yeah he almost hi-," I stomp on Trey's foot to stop him from finishing that sentence.

"He almost what?," sam asks.

"Pissed his pants when JayJay cursed him out," Tucker lies.

"Ew don't call me that."

I take off my boots and plop onto the couch.

"We should go somewhere after graduation," I say.

"Like where?," Sammy asks.

"No one was talking to your bitch ass."

Everyone laughs.

"We should go to New York," Hayes says.

"Hayes your not even graduating yet," Trey says.

"So? Im still going, right Jaylynn?," Hayes says.

"Well," I say scratching the back of my head looking away. "Im just kidding you can come," I say when he pretends to look hurt.

"Oh we should go to Disney World!," I say.

"No we dont want to go there," Sam says pointing to him and the guys.

"Who the fuck said yall were going?," I ask. 


"we should go to six flags," Tucker say. 

"That sounds good."

"Oh yeah guys! Tucks and I have a show on friday, Can you go Sams?."

"Why would I want to go watch you kill yourself."

"Shut the fuck up. So you can support your fucking sister?"

"Ill think about it."

"Can we go?," Nate asks.


"What kind of dance i it?," Johnson asks.

"'s a couples dance," Wesly says.


"Can Madison come?," Gilinsky aks.

All of Sam's friends groan and say no.

"Who's Madison?," Tucker asks.

"His slutty ass homie hoppin' ass girlfriend," Nate says.

"Yeah she's slept with our friends Cameron, Nash, Carter,....oh and little Hayesy over here," Derek says. 

My Jaw drops and I look at Hayes. He shifts uncomfortably. "Okay First of all we never fucked, she gave me a blowjob and I left."

Everybody laughs. 

"Awe Benjamin Franklin got his dick sucked for the first time," I squeal pinching his cheeks.

"you asshole," He says swatting my hands away. 

"Aye I gotta bounce before my momma finds out I ditched I'll see y'all later." Trey gets up and hugs me, then does that weird bro guy hug handshake with Hayes and Tucker before walking out.

everybody starts there own little conversation and I pull out my phone and go on twitter. I see lana tweeted 'Fucking bitch got suspended for 2 weeks. Thats what she gets for fucking with my man!'

"Oh no the fuck she didnt!," I shout.

I get up and go into my room and change into addidas sweats and a tanktop. I braid my hair into two french braids and run downstairs.

When I get down there I put on my Jordans by the door.

"Where's Sammy?," I ask

"In the bathroom," Hayes says.

"where you going?," Derek asks.

"Lana's house," I say not explaining who Lana is.

"Why?," Tucker asks.

"Check twitter."

I go into the kitchen and grab a waterbottle, take my anxiety pills, and grab a granola bar because Im hungry as fuck.

"Oh shit!," Hayes says as he shows Tucker.

"What's happening," Johnson asks.

"Dumbass bitch is talking shit."

"Can I come?," Nate asks.

"No I need yall to stay here and distract Sam he can't know."

"Know what?," Sam asks from behind me.

"Oh shit!," I say jumping back.

"Um that I forgot to turn in my....assessment term paper to Mrs.Clarkson and I need to uh do that now."

"At 6:30 in the evening? I dont fucking think so where are you going."

"Im just going to the fucking store to buy tampons."

"Ooh hot girls at walmart Im in!," Hayes says jumping up. I give him the 'really you dumbass/ bruh face'.

"I second that," Tucker says putting his shoes on.

"Someone go with my sister and make sure she's not doing anything dumb," He says.

"Really? Im not 2 sams."

"Would you rather me go?," He asks.

"Actually, Nate you wanna go?," I ask pushing Tucker and Grier out of the door.


We get in my car and I drive to Lana's apartment.

"On The way back can you drop me off at home?," Hayes asks.

"Yeah sure."

I pull into the buildings parking lot and hop out slamming the door.

"Stay here."

I bang on her door and her older brother Jake open the door.

"Is Lana here?," I ask.

"Um yeah hold on." He shuts the door and I hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

Her dumbass opens the door and smiles.

"Hey girl!," She says shutting the door and stepping outside.

I punch her square in the nose.

"Ow you bitch!! I think you broke my nose!!!!."

"Good, you needed a new one anyways."

I knee her in her stomach and she falls to the ground. I get on top off her and start pounding her her face.

Her brother comes outside and throws me off her her hard. I hear my car door slam as Im getting up and then Nate Punches Jake. Hayes is trying to drag me to the car but I dont move. Tucker is holding trying to seperate Nate and Jake.

"You dumb as hoe. Think next time you wanna go talking shit."

"Oh you dumb bitch your just mad because he wants me and not you."

"Please nobody wants your loose ass pussy. Why dont you go snort coke again with your 25 year old boyfriend."

Her brother gasps and stops trying to fight with Nate.

"That's right I got tabs on your ass. Images to! your not the only one who can post shit on twitter."

Nate punches Jake one more time and hes out cold. I slip out of Hayes' grip and jump on Lana again. I get a few punches in while she pulls my hair. I feel arms around my waist and Tucker Picks me up and throw's me over his shoulder walking to the car.

"I'll see you at school Bitch!!!," I shout. Tucker sets me in the back seat and gets in the front with Hayes. While Nate sits in the back with me.

"Wow two fights in one day," Tucker says after we all calm down.

"Are you okay?," Nate asks.

"Yeah Im fine," I say getting my water out of my bag but it falls out of my hand.

I look down and see my big purple bent wrist.

"Fuck I think I broke my wrist!."

"Shit! Are you okay? Does it hurt?," Nate asks panicking.

"I can't feel it, chill out."

"Tucker drive Hayes home then go to the hospital," I say.

"No we are going to the hospital first your fucking wrist is broken!."

"Hayes do you need to be home right now?," Nate asks.

"um not really."

"I dont give a fuck just go somewhere," I say annoyed.

We pull into the ER and Nate, Hayes and I walk in while Wesly finds parking.

"Hi what seems to be the problem?," The receptionist asks.

I hold up my wrist and she cringes.

"Oh um here I need you to fill out these forms," She says handing me a clipboard.

"Really? I just broke my wrist and you expect me to fill out a fuck-," Nate puts his hand over my mouth.

"I got it," He whispers in my ear. He takes it from the lady and we walk start to walk into the doctors x-ray room when she stops us.

"Only family can go in with you," She says. this bitch..

"Well he's my brother and he's my fiance," I say pointing to Hayes then Nate.

"Okay hunny, hes obviouly not your brother and I dont see a ring."

"Are you saying that because im mixed!? I just broke my fucking wrist and you expect me to have a ring on?!? I will fuck you up-," Nate's hand again.

"C'mon 'babe'," Nate says guiding me in the opposite direction. Even though I know he only said that to get the nurse to believe us, my stomach did flips when he called me hat.We walk into the room and I sit on the crinkly paper while they it in the guest chairs.

"Im sorry," I mumble laying down.

"Your fine," Hayes says.

"Yeah it's all cool ma'," Nate says.

"Can someone call Sam and tell him where we are?."

"Yeah I got it," Hayes says walking out.

I my hands and notice my knuckles are bleeding. I look at Nate's hand and notice his are too.

"Fucking shit," I mumble hoping off the counter.

"What are you doing?," Nate asks. I dont answer him, I jut get alcohol, gauze, and bandage wraps. I kneel in front of him clean his knuckles and wrap them up. I feel his eyes on me the whole time. When im finished I look up to meet hi face. I never noticed how hot he is with his brown eyes and- the door opens and Hayes walks in.

"Awe didnt I ruin a blowjob? Sorry Nate."

"Boy if my wrist wasn't already broken I would slap you upside your head right now," I say while nate laughs.

We all sit down and Hayes says ,"Sam's on his way, hes pretty pissed."

"That's normal, He always gets mad at me but then then next day he wants to cuddle on the couch like a big baby."

The doctor walks in and inspects my hand. 

"Well its definitely broken, you'll need to wear a cast for a few weeks to a month then if its not completely healed by then a brace."

I groan.

As he goes to get the supplies. (I've never gotten an actual cast I dont know how the do it)

Sam burst through the door mumbling "bitch ass fucking nurse."

He's fine until he locks eyes with me and I give him a nervous smile.

"What the fuck happened?!?, Nate I told you not to let anything stupid happen and-,"  the doctor walks back in.

"What color would you like Ms. Wilikson?."


"Why?," Hayes asks.

"So I can get it signed in metallic sharpies."

"We gotta hurry up Stass is supposed to be at the house in 15 minutes," sammy says.

"In that case doc go as slow as you can."

"Why don't you like her? she never did anything wrong to you."

"She treats me like a dog like what the fuck "Oh Jaylynn could you go get me some water?," "Oh Jaylynn could you go out side while me and your brother have a talk?" and then when I check her ass shes like "Oh Jaylynn you shouldn't talk to your soon-to-be-half sister that way. Isnt that right sammy poo?," I say in an annoying voice. "Sometimes she pretends to forget my name and she calls me Kaylynn like bitch its not that hard."

"I get it," Sammy says.


We all went back to my house after dropping Hayes off at his house. Everybody (Nate, Derek, Wesly, and Stass) ended up staying the night in the living room with me, Nate, and Wesly (Me in the middle) on the pullout bed couch Stass and Sam went to Sammy's room. And Derek fell asleep on the big couch chair.













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