In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


3. 3

Jaylynn's pov

I wake up in the morning feeling like p-diddy. JK I wake up feeling like shit because 1. It's Monday which means school and 2. bloody Mary decided to stab me in my ovaries in the middle of the night last night. I get up and trudge downstairs. I put bread in the toaster and plug it in. While I sort out my meds my phone rings. Its Hayes. We are good friends even though hes a sophomore. His brother Nash is in my history class.

"Hey wassup?," I ask.


"Wow that was pretty lame," I say laughing.

"Yeah I know. Are you coming to school today?," he asks.


"Well two things, Im going dirt biking after school and I want you to come so you can so me how to do a 360 on the big ramp. I also need a ride to school since Nash left early for pre-class football, and I was thinking if you drive me to school, when we get out we go the the dirt biking arena and then Nash picks me up from their?," He asks with hopefulness.

"Um sure ill be there in 40 minutes. Be outside or i'm leaving."

"Thanks! I owe you one."

I eat my breakfast in almost silence until devil Sammy comes downstairs.

"Morning bubbs," I tease using an old nickname I used to call him.

He looks at me while scratching his left eye.

"Can I have a bite?," He asks.

"No get your own."

"But I only want a piece," He wines.

"Here you big baby, I have to go get ready, I'm picking Hayes up and ill be home late."

"Okay, the guys are coming over later today."

I go upstairs and though on a plain maroon t-shirt and denim jean shorts. I slip on my white converse and put my books back in my backpack. I put my curly hair into a messy bun because honestly who gives a shit anymore, its school. I do my make up and go downstairs where Sam is on the couch. When he sees me he stands up and and hands me a water bottle and 4 pills. I frown at them but he gives me that 'don't try it' look. Giving up I accept them mumbling thanks.

I get into my baby (Car) and drive up the rode where Hayes is on his porch step. He hops in the front.

"Thanks," He says.

"No problem."

When we pull in, I say "Meet me here after school." He nods gives me a side hug and walks into the building. I get my backpack out of the backseat and lock my car. I walk in and go to my locker where my usual group of friends are Tucker, Kayla Pierce, Jai Woods, Trey Carson, and Lana Taylor. Kayla and Trey are dating but I think Lana secretly has a thing for Trey.

"Hey babe," Jai say kissing my forehead. Oh and Jai is gay by the way.

"Hey guys," I say yawing.

"Awe is the princess till tired," Tucker teases. I shot him a glare and he puts his hands up in defense. 

"Uh-oh Nick is coming," Kayla says pointing behind me. Nick is my ex, I dumped him when I found out he cheated on me at Trey's party last summer. Only one more week till graduation and hes still trying to get back together.

I groan when I feel his presence towering over me.

"Well nice to see you too," He chuckles.

"The feelings not mutual."

"So..What are you doing today."

"Look Nick," I say facing him ," I sick and tired of you doing the same shit every single fucking day! Why do you even care?!? I'm sure you rather be just sucking off bitch ass Amanda's face again. So why don't you go shove a cactus up your ass and spin on it. I don't give a shit. Leave me the fuck alone with your biscuit head ass. Boy Bye!!."

"You know what fine, You'll miss me," He says walking off.

"Oh really? Because I haven't missed you since last summer, but its seems to me as if you needed me because everyday you have been trying to get back together with your needy ass," I shout at him.

Everybody in the upstairs hallway was looking at us but I did not give two shits. He stops walking turns around and walks back. My heart start pounding but because i'm not a pussy I stand my ground.

"What you think your so tough because you decided to stand up to a girl for once. Then go ahead, try me."

He swings his arm back but Trey and Tucker get in front of me and he ends up hitting Trey. Aw fuck.

Tucker tackles Nick and starts swinging but Trey pick him off of him and Picks Nick up Before Punching him in the face causing im to fall back down. Both of them start kicking and punching at his sides. Our school gym coach walks into the building and stops the fight. The bell rings and everybody goes to class except for Kayla the boys and Jai. 

Coach takes the three the to office while Jai tries to calm me down. Without noticing an anxiety attack happened during the fight. Sweat and tears pour from my face and I sink to the ground. 

"It's all my fault," I say hiccuping.

"Oh my gosh your shaking!!," Kayla says.

Jai gets my inhaler from my bag and presses it to my lips. When Im calm Pierce kisses my cheek and goes to class. 

"Lets get you home," Jai says.

"No. I cant drive like this right now and I'm staying with Carson and Tucker."

"Why do you call everybody by their last name?," Woods asks. I shrug my shoulders and we walk to the office. When I walk into the principle office everybody looks at me.

"You cant be in here. I'm busy," Mr.Peters says

"Yeah and I don't give a shit."

Mr.Peters clears his throat. 

"Well then, I will be calling all of our parents Including you two," He says poitnting at me and Jai. "Haha good luck with that," I say. My parents havent been around since my 14 birthday. Changed their numbers and moved somewhere random.

"Every body is suspended for 2 weeks."

"What! That's not fair!," I say standing up.

Jai grabs my arm whispering calm down.

"Well Ms.Wilkinson would you rather not graduate?."

"Fuuuuckkk," I say sitting down. 

"I will see you guys in 2 weeks and hopefully by then your attitude will have changed."

"Oh go suck a dick," I mutter standing up and walking out.

When they walk out Trey and Tucker hugs me.

"Wait wheres Jai?," I ask.

"He wanted to stay and try to bribe Peters into getting his grades up."


"So..what now?" Trey asks. I smirk when an Idea pops into my head. I dig my keys out of my backpack and get out my keys.

"Go to my car. Ill meet you there." I hand Tucker my keys and walk back into the main building. I go to the lower grader classes and find Hayes' class. I walk in and every one stops and stares.

"I'm sorry young lady I think you have the wrong class," The teacher says kindly.

"Nope, I don't Hayes get your shit and lets go."

Hayes smirks getting his backpack and walking out.

"Where are we going?," He asks when we walk out the building.

"To have fun."





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