In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


2. 2

Jaylynn's pov

When I back everybody has relocated from the living room to the back yard..thankfully.

I connect my phone to the surround sound speaker and grab a broom and start sweeping up the mess of our kitchen floor dancing a little while i do. 

I hear a small chuckle from behind me and I freeze. I drop the broom and spin around only to see Nathan Maloley.

"What do you want Maloley," I say glaring a little.

"Well I came in here to get some water but now i'm sightly intrigued," he says climbing onto the counter.

 I roll my eyes and bend over to pick the broom that I dropped and continue sweeping.

"So....How do you and Sam know each other," He asks breaking the comfortable silence.

"He's my brother," I say.


"Yeah really," I say giggling. "Well half-brother to be exact. His dad died in the military or something before he was born, so my mom got into some bad stuff and slept around a lot when she got pregnant with me."

"Oh.sorry," he says drifting off from the conversation.

I start breathing heavily and my hands start shaking. I try and ignore it not wanting to take anything for it but it gets to the point where Nate starts noticing.

"um are you okay??,"  he asks.

"I-im fine just um do me a favor and and go get my backpack from the do-door." He nods and scurries away to go find it. When he comes back he has this hand me my backpack and I open the front pocket and get out my Inhaler. I hold it to my mouth and press the button but nothing comes out. I check the little slot that tells me how many thingys I have left. 0. 

"Damnit!!," I shout dropping it.

"Uh I-"

"Just help me to my room..and what ever you do do NOT tell Sammy about this." He throws my arm over his shoulder and he wraps his arm around my waist gently leading me up the stairs. He rushes me into my room and I get the breathing machine thing from the side of my bed and put the face mask on and flip the on switch.

"What just happened?."

"Asthma attack, one of my many known medical conditions."

He nods slowly as if he understands but I know he doesnt.

I watch as he takes in the surrounding of my room.

"You can sit down you know," I giggle out.

But instead he looks at my wall full of photos.

"Wesly, is he your boyfriend?."

"Nononono it's not like that. He's my best friend and dance partner, has been since we were five actually," I say taking the face mask off.

"Oh yeah, what does Sammy boy have  against you and dance..If you dont mind me asking."

I sigh." He thinks im going to get hurt or some shit. Hes just worried because I have congential insenitivity."


"It's a medical condition where you cant feel pain. Its very....odd." 


"NATE!," Somebody calls from downstairs.

"uh Yeah!."

"Where you at bro!!."

"In the bathroom. Be down in a sec." He lies.

"Ill see you around." He says walking out.


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