In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


10. 10

Jaylynn's pov

"Jaylynn, I swear to gawd if you don't wake up in the next 15 seconds i am going to murder you," Someone says jumping on my bed.

I groan and roll over.

"My head hurts get out."

"I told you not to drink jaylynn that's your fault."

"Just get outouuuuuuttttt," i groan turning over.

"Fine, i didn't want to wake you up anyway, everybody is downstairs but tht's fine go ahead and miss your dance thingy," He says before walking out.

What the fuck is he talking about? what dance thingy?.......THE DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I through my self out of my bed and run into the bathroom to go throw up. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and wash my hands and my face in the sink. I look up and shriek, there self in the mirror. I look like i was just run over my a truck 15 times. "Gross," I say to myself.

My hair is going in every direction possible and there is makup all over my cheeks. I grab makeup wipes and wipe my face as i walk over to my night stand to get my phone. I press the home screen as i walk into my closet. "9:08" it reads. I pull out my black tights, a bra, and one of Sammy's old hoodies. 

I jog back into the bathroom, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and my it into a pony tail. I get dressed and skip down the stairs.

"has anybody seen my duffel bag?," i ask nobody in particular while walking into the kitchen. 

I grab a chair from the dining table and place it in front of a counter. I stand on it and climb onto the counter to reach the top cabinet where my medicine is.

"You're gonna fall and crack your head open," Sammy says walking into the kitchen with my duffel bag.

"Thanks," I say while climbing down and taking my bag from him. I go into the fridge and get out 2 water bottles and toss them into my bag.

"Eat before you take these," He motions to my container full of pills. "You'll throw up if you don't," He adds before biting into an apple.

"m'kay," I grab a granola bar from the cabinet, peck his cheek and walk back out into the living room. There sit all of the guys including hayes, tez, and swazz ( i met them last night at the club).

"hey," I say quickly before walking to the door. I slip on my black, red, and white jordans on and stand up dusting my but off.

"10 minutes," Sammy shouts from the kitchen. I call Wesly on my way back into the living room. 

"Hey you've reached Wesley Tucker, please leave your name and number and i'll get back to you as soon as possible." I hang up.

"Jaylynn do you remember anything from last night?," Derek asks as i take the last bite from my granola bar. 

I shake my head and then say ,"Some of it why."

"Yo you were wasted off of your ass last night."

The other guys join the convo saying how i was twerking on tables and falling on people, then sammy had to drag me to the car and carry me upstairs.

My face turns red as i laugh at my stupidity due to my blushing. 

"Here," Sammy hands me eight pills and a glass of water. I take them one at a time and gulp down the rest of the water. 

"Okay let's gooooo," I say standing up and grabbing my phone and my duffel bag. We pile out of the door and into the cars. I sit on the passenger side of Sammy's car with Nate, Derek, and Swazz in the back and Sammy driving. Hayes, Tez, and the jack's took gilinsky's car.

I take out my phone and text Wes


Jaylynn: hey answer me

Jaylynn: WES

Jaylynn: Tucker 

Jaylynn: please answer


I groan and rub my face.

"What's wrong?," sammy asks me.

"Tucker isnt answering me, I dont know whats wrong."

"Im sure he's fine. What you should be worried about is what your teacher is going to say about your wrist," He says making me laugh.


We walk into a building and a guy with a clipboard and a black earpiece walks up to us. 

"Are you Jaylynn Wilkinson?," He asks. I nod and he takes my head leading me away from the guys. He drags me through the doors to behind the large black curtain and leads me into a room. In the room is a lady with grayish hair. He hands me a pile of clothes and say ," Hurry and change, ill be right outside."

I strip and change into a white button up shirt and black spandex shorts that don't completely cover my ass. Oh Nooooo I already know the lecture that's coming. I walk out and as expected there stands the lady with the gray hair.

She takes my clothes from me and guides me into another room marked 'h&m'. She sits me in a black chair and starts working on my hair. While we talk i learn that her name is Mary and she has two tine boys that are my age. But all of a sudden Wesley barges through the door. 

"Hey where have yo been? I've been trying to get a hold of you all morning," I ask.

"Where have I been? Ha, Where have you been Jaylynn?," He sits on the black couch the is to my left.

"What are you talking about?," I ask i a quieter voice. 

Mary finishes with my hair and excuses herself. 

"Yesterday when you were hanging out with Nick," He says raising his voice.

"Oh yeah he came over and apologized and i-," He cuts me off.

"Oh he apologized so that makes everything better now huh? Well what about last year when he cheated on you and i was the ONLY one there who cared for you when you were a mess Jaylynn! oh and not to mention We just fought like 4 days ago but all of a sudden your back with him?!?,"

"Okay calm the fuck down. We are just friends, and even if i was with him or not, who gave you the power to decipher who and when I am aloud to hang out with somebody?," I ask matching his tone.

"um hmm I dont know maybe the fact that I have been the only one that has had your back since we were 6!!."

"ok listen, I didnt come here to argue with you I came here to dance, and you wanna know something? Sammy is here. He actually came this time. And I am not about to let you fuck up my day."

He shakes his head at me and stares at me for a while before walking out. I let out a frustrated scream before letting out a sob. No matter how hard I try I can't stand arguing with people who are close to me, and it always ends in tears.

After a couple of minutes Ms.Tina walks in.

"Oh No! What happened?," She asks concerned. I dont know if she is talking about the cast or the reason why i'm crying.

"I-I he *sniff*," I struggle to get the word out.

"I'll go get your brother, I saw him outside," She rushes out. Before I can protest she is already have way down the hallway.


Im standing with the guys talking about how many girls Swazz was making out with a the club last night when a lady walk over to us. She looks at me and says says ," Your sister needs you," Before grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the back.

She opens a door and shoves me in before closing the door behind me. I see jaylynn sitting in a chair with her head in her hands. She lifts her head and through the mirror i see her red nose and her puffy cheeks which make her look more asian.

I walk over to her and scoop her in my arms.

"Hey what's wrong?," I ask her quietly.

She continues to cry for a while but eventually she wipes her eyes and says ," Wes is so mad at me."

"Well who gives a fuck about Wesley, focus on what-," Im cut off by the door opening.

The guy with the clipboard walks in and says "10 minutes" before walking out. 

"Do you want to go home?," I ask Jaylynn. She shakes her head fastly.

"No......thanks though."

I kiss her head and say ,"Alright then. Im proud of you Lynn," before walking out.

Jaylynn's pov

I gather myself together and walk out. I stand at the edge of the curtain and wait for my que. I see Wesley in a chair on the opposite side of the room and when he sees me ready he stands up slamming the chair down and starts walking to the middle. I roll my eyes and meet him halfway and then the music starts.





(THATS THE DANCE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)

I rush backstage and straight into my dressing room. While im changing Wesley walks in. I pull on my last shoe and grab my bag.

"I-," He starts.

"Don't," I shove past him and walk to go find the guys. I walk up to them and Sammy pulls me into a hug.

"Im going to push past the outfit and the sexual dance because I know it wasnt your choice but you did so good and i'm so sorry I never came to any of your previous shows."

"Thankyou," I smile at him.

"Dude! you've gone viral!," Hayes says screaming at his phone.

"It's literally only been 15 minutes," I laugh at him.

He shows me his phone which has youtube pulled up it. It has the video of me and wes dancing with 2 million view on it. My eyes wide and I gasp which causes me to start coughing. I take out my inhaler and take 3 long inhales from it.

"Can we go home?," I ask.

They all agree and we go to my house.




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