In which a girl who suffers with multiple medical conditions falls in love with a guy who she thinks will fix her.


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so basically my name is Jaylynn and i'm 17. I live with my half-brother Sammy who is 19 (21 irl). I'm mixed with Asian,Black, and white( I get the blasian from my biological father) I dance a lot but Sammy i annoying so he tries to stop me because "Its bad for my health". But its whatever my health is already fucked up...i mean i have been taking meds everyday of my life since i was 8. 


Jaylyyn's pov

I rifle through my bathroom looking for my car keys which are no where to be seen. I had them last night but i cant find it. I grab my maroon Jansports backpack and run down stairs where I see Sam sitting on the couch. 

"Where are my keys?," I ask looking by the TV stand.

"Why? where are you going?," he asks.

"Out," I say sternly. "Now where is it?."

"You should know," He says being the annoying ass that he is.

"You know what fine. Ill just take my penny board and risk the chances of having an asthma attack on the way back," I say walking to the door. I hear him sigh and dig something out of his pocket.

"Here," he says tossing them in my direction. I turn around right in time to catch them. I smirk and walk back out the door.

I hop in my black range rover and pull out of the drive way heading to the dance studio. When I walk in I see my best friend/ Dance partner Wesly Tucker.

"Sup Tucker," I say hugging him.

"Hey JayJay," I says with a smirk. I scrunch my nose and look up at him.

"Ew don't call me that."

We pull apart and I go into the girls changing room and put on a black sports bra and yellow neon shorts. When I walk out we start stretching. " Wanna come over after practice?," I ask.

"Yeah sure, do you have weed?," he asks. I nod my head and Ms.Tina (our teacher) walks in.

"okay get in position for the second dance. We are preforming it on Friday."





(^^^^ That their dance)

After practice I change back into my clothes and take 3 puffs from my inhaler. Wesly and I get in my car and I drive back to my house.

"Hey I'm ho-," I stop when I see 4 others  on the couch smoking a blunt. My eyes widen and I march up to the table and grab MY bag of weed that is now half empty.

"Sammy you asshole!," I say punching him in the shoulder.

"Next time hide it better," He shrugs.

I groan while walking upstairs and Wesly follows me. I toss him the bag and my rolling papers "Roll one."

I get some tights and a tie-die shirt out of my drawer and change. Wes and I have known each other since we were 5 so we've already seen each other naked and stuff so its not awkward anymore.

"Do you have a lighter?," He asks.

"No i think Sammy does though."

We walk down stairs and I plop down next to a some kid with a sharp ass jawline and brown hair. I grab the lighter off the table and toss it to tucker who sat in the space next to me.

"Jaylynn this is Derek, Nate, Jack Gilinsky, and Jack Johnson but we all call him Johnson," Sam says pointing to each person. I give a quick head nod as Wes passes the blunt.

"I'm Jaylynn, this is Wesly, y'all gonna hit this," I ask motioning to the joint in my hand. They all grunt in approval except for Johnson who mentions the facts that he doesnt smoke. 

Gilinsky turns on a basketball game and we all sit and watch.

"Aye ma you gonna pass that," Nate asks.

"I will pass it when I wanna, y'all already smoked up all my shit." I hit it one more time before purposely passing it to Gilinsky who is the farthest from Nate.

"So...Lynn where were you today?," Sammy asks. 
"dance,"I mumble.

"Huh what was that," He asks pretending not to hear me.

"I was at dance," I say rasing my voice a little. He clenches his jaw slightly.

"You shouldn't be going there."

"You know what...we will talk later because I am not about to have this irrelevant ass conversation with you right now," I snap at him grabbing the attention of others.

As if on cue Wes' phone dings. He checks it and replies. He clears his throat ,"Um I gotta go home."

"Okay i'll drive you back to the studio so we can get your car." We stand up and leave.



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