in which a girl with a broken heart text a boy everyday

(can contain selfharm, death or darker stuff)


1. p r o l o g u e

from: unknown number

1:37 AM

ahsy  i wnat uyo bck

from: unknown number

1:40 AM

i loivbe unicjrns

from: unkown number:

1:45 AM

ansd i louve yu

from: unknown number

1:53 AM

sahotn i anm waaaasdted

to: unknown number

8:47 AM

sorry but i am definitly not this 'ahsy' or 'sahotn' and who the fuck are you?

from: unknown number

11:54 AM

shit oh my god, i'm so sorry

from: unknown number

11:56 AM

that is so embrassing omg

from: unknown number

11:57 AM

and i'm faith

to: faith

12:00 AM

please don't let this happen again faith

from: faith

12:15 AM

okay, but what is your name? don't i at least have the right to know your name?

to: faith

12:17 AM


from: faith

12:22 AM

well it was nice talking to you- calum :-)

to: faith

12:34 AM

yeah yeah whatever

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