Bullied yet loved

Black. My world has gone pitch black! The madness is spreading. Help. I try and call out for help. Someone kicks my stomach and I start coughing up blood. Help...


3. staying with him

I get my clothes on. there's still a bit of blood staining my clothes. Luckily I don't have to stay home. that's a nightmare. unfortunately I have to go home and get some clothes, and a few other things if I need them (which I do). He owns a car so he drives us to my house. its quiet in this car.

  "so who are they? And don't lie and say you don't know." wow he's persistent. I sigh.

"they're just some bullies around school. I'm fine lets not talk about that." I cut it short and I can tell he's gonna make me talk later. and he is definitely irritated. 

He sighs, "fine. but can I come in to your house? I want to speech with your parents, they didn't show not once." my eyes go wide. what? why does he care?

"sorry but no. they don't give a damm about me. so its a waste of time and my so called "father" will suspect I told you something. something hell get mad at. so no." I look out the window. I know ill like it better at his place already. but they're gonna probably make me do stuff like choirs. 

"oh. well than quickly run up and grab your stuff. we have a guess bedroom at my house you'll stay in." I'm quiet but I nod my head. 

  We pull up to my house. lucky me my dads not home but my mom is. I quickly get out and run into the house. I get up stairs and grab a big bag. I put 5 long sleeve shirts in, one of every band shirt, socks, a small box only I have the key to, comb, 7 pairs of pants and that's all besides boxers. so I can avoid my mom I climb onto a lower section of the roof and jump down into a bush. I head back to the car and get in putting my bag in the back seat.

 Its a silent drive to his house, and not a very long one. We park in the driveway and head up to the door. he unlocks it and when he opens the door a fresh scent filled the house. he shows me to the guess bedroom.

"okay so you'll be staying here, I'm literally across from you. oh and my parents are hardly home they get back late so yeah. 








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