Bullied yet loved

Black. My world has gone pitch black! The madness is spreading. Help. I try and call out for help. Someone kicks my stomach and I start coughing up blood. Help...


2. Hospital

 I wake up in a white room. It's way to bright. I look around as my vision becomes clear. I see a boy asleep in a chair next to my bed. I look around at my arms and hands. Shit...

 I slowly bring my arm over to tap the boys arm when a nurse walks in. She looks so, so happy. But why? It doesn't make sense she works in a hospital.

"Oh good you're up." I look at her with a sad frown.

"Sure. Why am I here though I feel fine so I should get dressed and go." Her smile fades into a straight face. She sighs and takes a seat next to me.

"Look. You can leave tomorrow. That young fellow there," she points over at him,"he saved you and he pretty much never leaves. Do you know h by chance?" I look skeptical.

 "He probably goes to my school. That's probably it. He's probably pretending to care or something just to throw me away." She doesn't say a word so I continue. "I'm fine so I'll be going today. Ill except his help if you wish but I will not stay here." She looks a little frightened on how I changed in a split second.

 Just than he wakes up and sees how scared the nurse is. He looks at both of us and than speeches.

"Ello. Umm how are you?" I sigh and study his features.

"I'm fine. Can you just get me out of this damm hospital?" Now he's surprised at how fast my mood changed. Yet he doesn't look scared. Hmm.

"Yeah sure but you should stay at my place for awhile..." he nods at the nurse who looks surprised. She says "okay", than gets up and brings me my clothes which are still covered in my blood. It doesn't faze me though. I mumble. 

"T-thanks..." I'm quite but he knows what I said. I look up as she gives me my clothes.

"Thanks miss. Sorry for my rudeness. I just absolutely hate hospitals... and places where they treat people such as me like nut jobs." She blushes a little and smiles.

"No problem." At least I'm fooling people...



What do you guys think k is gonna happen next? 

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