Bullied yet loved

Black. My world has gone pitch black! The madness is spreading. Help. I try and call out for help. Someone kicks my stomach and I start coughing up blood. Help...


1. Help!

 Black. Pitch black rules over me. This madness will destroy me. Someone kicks my stomach while another kicks my neck and head. They're laughing. I start coughing up blood as I hear I new voice shouting. I start zoning out. There must be blood all over me. The scent is strong.

 I start to open my mouth and try to speech. Nothing comes out except blood. I try again my voice is faint and it cracks with the blood coming out.

"H-help, m-me..." I trail off. The voice that was once shouting smoothes out and a soothing voice speeches now. The person comes and lifts my head up onto they're shoulder.

"Dont worry I'm here. They're gone. Don't talk I'm calling for help." The person talks on the phone for a few seconds explaining everything. The voice seems like one I've heard before. Oh, well...




So sorry it's a short chapter but it's like almost 3 am here. If you wanna talk to me threw e-mail that's fine. My e-mail is AshtonND_13@yahoo.com. hope you like it so far! -Ashton

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