The Shadow In The Closet

Lorie Luna has Depression, OCD, and Anxiety. A lot of real people do. This is how it could be for a lot of people too. I do not own the pictures.


2. Dear Diary

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                                                  August 31, 2023          Life keeps getting worse.  Mom and dad just died so I live with grandma.  Today the whole school found out that I have problems.  The mean girl in class followed me to the office because, she noticed I always left at the same time every day.  She saw me and heard the nurse talk about it.  She told the whole school at lunch.  I just sat in the office.  Everyone laughed at and teased me.  They bullied me in all my other classes too.  I cried with Enna at lunch in the office.  The secretary said we could eat there every day.  I hate my life! Why haven't I committed suicide?



                                                                  Lorie Luna

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