1. Insane in the Brain

"Earth to Olivia!" My best friend Isabella waved a hand in front of my eyes.

"Sorry I was on Mars." I laugh but Isabella just shoots me a dirty look.

"Seriously Olivia? We are in high school. You ought to grow up and start listening to people. Maybe then a boy might like you." She tosses her long, silky black hair over her shoulder and sashays away from our lunch table.

What was that? Bells is never like that. I don't get it. I see her leave the cafeteria purse in hand and decide not to go after her. Is it worth it? It's probably just a mood. Anyway next period we have Geometry together. I take a huge, crunchy bite of my Red Delicious apple. I see a red-haired girl glare at me from across the room and i guess a confused look spreads across my face. She rolls her eyes obnoxiously and then turns back to her group of friends. I'm utterly confused as the bell rings for 7th period.

As I weave through the rows of people my head spins with crazy thoughts. Why was that girl looking at me? She never does that. Why is Isabella acting like this?

"Watch out!" I notice the red-head shove past me and quickly be sucked into the crowd.

I roll my eyes and rush over to my maroon locker and spin my combination. I shove my lunchbox back into the front pocket of my bag and pile my Geometry books into my arms and slam the locker door shut, locking it.

Geez, this day is insane.

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