You are shaken by the events that had just happened between you and your friends when suddenly a cute stranger appears - will he brighten up your life or bring more trouble?


1. Realisation.

I stared up and down at him, In complete awe of his flawless body

His white shirt was damp due to the water he had accidentally spilt down himself minutes ago

"Holy shit" I accidentally slur out of my mouth

Luckily he laughs and gave me the witty reply of "like what you see?" With a slight chuckle in his voice

I could feel my cheeks beginning to burn up, forcing me to smile and admit it.

It was love at first sight ...

A/N Hello lovely! I know this was SUPER short but I'm trying to take this story slower and build up tension for the good parts ;)

Once again, please feel free to leave me constructive criticism about what direction this story should go into and I will obviously reply!

Bye my love's! X

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