You are shaken by the events that had just happened between you and your friends when suddenly a cute stranger appears - will he brighten up your life or bring more trouble?


2. Fake Friends And New Strangers

I stared down at the white pills placed in the centre of my sweaty hand.

The people around me were cheering me on, basically encouraging me do it.

The people I had once called friends had become my enemies.

My sight had become blurred with the stinging tears that began to pour from my eyes as I ran out of the crowded room.

Behind me I hear them shout things such as

"You pussy get back here!"

"You're worthless!"


I couldn't close my mouth - I was in complete shock by the harsh and cruel words that had just slurred out of their mouths.

I slammed the fake wooden door behind me as I left, practically running out of the building.

In an instant I suddenly fell to the rough ground


I heard an innocent voice say behind me, which was quickly matched with a warm hand to help me up.

"No I'm sorry it's my fault I shouldn't have been running"

I reply to the cute stranger.

"Sorry if this seems too forward but what is your name?"

He said with a slight smirk forming on his face.

"Ally, Ally Clark"

I say back to him

"What about you?"

"Oh sorry I'm Shawn, Shawn Mendes"...

A/N Hi Love's! This is my first time writing fan fiction so please give me advice and tell me if you liked it! I know it is really short but I hope to improve in later chapters X

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