One Shot || L.H.


4. 0.3

Lucy's P.O.V

As I head towards the shower room, I hear my phone ring, but I totally ignore it because I need to shower.


I get in the shower room and strip down to my bare skin ( What else would I shower in? A bathing suit? Ewww. Weird.) and turn on the shower water to as hot as it can be and


It's about 8 after 9 o'clock when I actually get in the shower.

But who cares about what time I get in the shower? Not me, that's for sure. Wait, It take that back, I do care. I only care because I have my college classes in the morning and I don't want to stay up too late.


As I get into the shower, i grab my new body wash that I got from Bath & Body Works right before I started college this year, which was about a day ago. 😂😂\


I put some of my keratin and coconut infused shampoo by Olay ( or some fancy brand like that?? ) in my long, and thick, auburn hair. Soon after I do that I begin to scrub my hair. I make sure that I get ever single part of my hair clean so that it doesn't get oily.


I hastily wash the shampoo out and replace it with the same brand, and same kind, of conditioner. I rub the conditioner in my hair then let it set there, soaking it in. As it's doing so, I wash my body and shave what I need to shave.

After I finish shaving and washing my body, I wash the conditioner out.


I turn off the water and then get out, drying myself off.


I put on what I had laid out right before I get in the shower.


I start to lay down in my bed when I hear a knock on my dorm door.


"Come in..." I say, reluctantly.

I see a Mr. Hemmings walk through the door. " Sorry for waking you up, Lucy. I just thought you'd still be awake."


I chuckle," Why are you here? And how did you get my dorm number correct?"


He smiles,"I just wanted to get an early start of tomorrows lesson with you so you won't be completely lost. And I got it correct because I asked someone. "

Oh..Duh. He didn't come here for any other reason......

Kinda disappointed but it's fine.

"Sure. That sounds good to me.."





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