One Shot || L.H.


2. 0.2

Lucy's P.O.V

On my way back to my dorm room, I smile down at my phone.

He texted me. ☺️

💕Luke 💕

Hey, Lucy.

Sent at 7:09pm

Hey, Luke.

Read at 7:11pm

Have you made

up your mind about

if I should tutor you

or not yet?

Sent at 7:15pm

Um, maybe. I don't

know, it really just

depends on you. Do

you think I need

you to tutor me? If

so, yes. If not,

then no.

Read at 7:17pm

I think you may

need me to tutor

you. So yes it is?

Sent at 7:19pm

Okay, then yes it

is. When do we


Mr. Hemmings?

Read at 7:23pm

How about tom.

after class? At

your dorm, because

my dorm mates are

clinically insane loud,

and clinically insane

in general.

Sent at 7:25pm

Sounds good to

me. And I don't

have dorm mates

so we're in the

clear. ☺️

Read at 7:27pm

Okay, well.

Goodnight, Lucy.

Sweet dreams. ☺️

Sent a 7:30pm

Goodnight, Luke.

sweet dreams to

you too. 🙂

Read at 7:32pm

I click off my phone and head to the shower, hoping it has the kind of shower head that I like. I like the shower head that has the different kind of options on how the water beats/flows. They're really cool if you ask me.

But once I get in there, I see that they don't. I let out an exagerated sigh. Ugh, why didn't I bring my own.

I go back to my room and pick out a pair of Pink tm. sweatpants and a tank-top, witht he obvious under garments, and go back to the shower room.

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