One Shot || L.H.


1. 0.1

  Lucy's P.O.V

What else was I supposed to do? Sit there and look smart? That kinda wasn't an option for me, sadly. Oh god. Now I look like I don't know the flipping english language!

"Um. Sorry. I wasn't thinking. 6x • 10x / 5y = 100. The x variable equals 5 and the y variable equals 3. " I babble out, not really assured that the answers I had given were correct.

"Good, Lucy! For a second there, I thought you weren't listening." That's really funny. I wasn't listening.

"I was just getting really detailed notes sir." Lies. I was actually daydreaming of the guy sitting behind me.

But that was totally beside the point.

I try to push the thought of the unknown boy behind me and try to focus on the notes that I was really 'detailing'. I really couldn't so I just scribbled down whatever looked simple.

I say about 25 minutes later of terribly written notes, I hear the bell dismissing us from the class.

But, the horror just doesn't end there because as I'm walking out of the class room, he taps on my shoulder and says,"Good guess work, new girl."

Oh no, I don't want him knowing, or thinking, that I was guessing.

I'm sure he only goes after the smart girls, and I want to try -n- attempt to be a smart girl, but I've probably already screwed that up.

"Um... I wasn't guessing." I said, trying to cover up that I was guessing.

When he smiles, I'm pretty sure I melt inside just a little itty bit.


"Hey, it's fine. I understand. It's your first day, and it's hard. Don't worry about it. But, if you do really need help, please just ask me, I'm sure I can help you with whatever you need me to help you with. My name is Luke Hemmings." He says, sweetly.

"My name is Lucy Corsbie." I try being less awkward than I am feeling right now.

He reaches out his phone, he has the newest iPhone, the iPhone 7 plus. It was the matte black, the same as mine. "Here, just put your name and number in my phone, I'll text you."

What? Ohmygod! "Okay." I take his phone, and type in my name and number, then I quickly snap a picture of myself and put it as my contact photo, then hand him back his phone.

"Here." I hand him my phone and I see him do the same as I had done, then we parted ways.




So this is my first chapter of my first story. Please tell me what you think about it. It probably sucks because it's short but oh well. See ya till next chapter. ALSO: I only update on weekdays, so there will not be an update till Monday-Tuesday.

Xoxoxoxoxo -TumblrAf 💕🖤💕





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