Fated: Belonging to the Alpha (Volume#1)

The royal Lycan species once flourished. It was 200 years ago that the royal families were hunted down and killed. However, one heir remained. The true heir to the lycanthrope thrones bore children and in the present day all but one heir has withstood the hunters and survived. 

Daciana Lupei is a  Romanian werewolf who is the last heir to the thrones of the lycan thrones. She has grown up in a secluded pack of werewolves who have given up their secret to their human town who accepts him. On a school trip to Blackmouth, Canada Daciana is met with the penalty of crossing over into the Blackblood Pack's territory. She is held for trespassing until she meets the alpha. It turns out Daciana and Alistair are mates. Now, with recent hunter sighting approaching Blackmouth, Daciana is on the threshold of being discovered by the other wolves or killed by the hunters. 

Can she make it out alive?


1. The Downfall of the Thrones

In 1817 the Lycanthrope Royalty were the most well-known werewolves in the world. Known for their power in the human world, influence over all Lycanthropes, wealth, and most of all, their elemental attributes. It was said that just a handful of them could overpower one thousand human armies. With a just and iron fist, they ruled over the humans and Lycanthropes of their time. That is until the dawn of the hunters began. 

A new species, one born of vampire and human were strong enough to overcome the royal species. They slowly grew in numbers and once they reached a population large enough, they headed for the royal families of Oscain, the Lycanthrope empires. In the wake of the New Age that was dawning upon the Lycanthrope species, the Hunter's felt that for there to be a species so powerful their had to be some sort of demon interference. They decided that their destiny was to save mankind from the Lycanthrope race and wipe out their Royal species rulers. The only way to do this was by killing off the royal heirs and predecessors. 

With the Hunter's approaching and the threats of war upon the Royal breed, the Lycanthrope royal species thought that they were invincible. But little did they know that the hunters were more powerful than them. In large number's they could wipe out the Royal Lycanthrope race entirely. That was their weakness, pride. And it cost them their lives. 

All but one heir remained after the blood battle that resulted in the death of the royal species. In order to create hope for the Royal species to one day return to the world, the heir was hidden away from the hunters in the human world. In secluded werewolf packs and in human villages, towns, and cities, the Royal Lycanthrope species flourished. After 200 years each heir has reproduced and then soon died after, being killed off by the hunters. However, each time a predecessor was killed the newly born heir remained, making it possible for the Royal species to return. 

Little to the hunter's knowledge there was an heir in the home country of the Lycanthrope species, Romania. 

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