Fated: Belonging to the Alpha (Volume#1)

The royal Lycan species once flourished. It was 200 years ago that the royal families were hunted down and killed. However, one heir remained. The true heir to the lycanthrope thrones bore children and in the present day all but one heir has withstood the hunters and survived. 

Daciana Lupei is a  Romanian werewolf who is the last heir to the thrones of the lycan thrones. She has grown up in a secluded pack of werewolves who have given up their secret to their human town who accepts him. On a school trip to Blackmouth, Canada Daciana is met with the penalty of crossing over into the Blackblood Pack's territory. She is held for trespassing until she meets the alpha. It turns out Daciana and Alistair are mates. Now, with recent hunter sighting approaching Blackmouth, Daciana is on the threshold of being discovered by the other wolves or killed by the hunters. 

Can she make it out alive?


8. Shadows


Sorry I've been away for so long. I had a severe case of writer's block and couldn't figure out what to write... Again, I'm sorry. 

Okay, now that we're done with that!! ON WITH THE STORY!!!

Josephine Skriver as Daciana--------->

Quietly, the little girl snuck into the dark room, her eyes glowing a brilliant orange as she entered into the darkness. She had a smile of mischief on her face that said that she was up to something. There was a rustle behind her and the little girl's smile slowly faded. Just as she was out of the doorway and the light of the hallway was no longer guiding her, the little girl's heart rate sped up, her hearing got sharper and clearer along with her eyes. In a short sentence, her senses were heightening from being in the dark. The rustling around the room quickened and as the sound seemed to be going around in circles, the littles girls breaths kept pace with the quickening noise.

"I'm not afraid of you!!", she said, her voice almost shaking. 

The rustling suddenly stopped and the room was silent except for the little girls fast pacing heart rate and breathing. She look from the left to the right and she cautiously took a step with her left foot to the left towards the door. When nothing happened she took another step with her other foot and listened, nothing happened. She then quickly tried to run to the door before  a furry figure stepped out in front of her and she ran into it. She looked up and there was a wolf with razor sharp teeth, glowing amber eyes and a playful grin on its face. Gasping for air the little girl shrieked and fell onto her bottom, but not before she started laughing and smiling up at the creature that would terrify the ordinary man. 

"Papa, I told you not to scare me like that!!", she said and the wolf made a sound that imitated laughing.

The wolf then bent down and the little girl got on his back. After closing the door behind them, the wolf and the little girl traveled down the lit hallway and down a set of stairs into the parlor of the house. Through the parlor and into the living room the travelled all the while the little girl was humming a tune to herself that she had heard on tv earlier in the day while petting the wolf's head. The wolf huffed quietly as if he was laughing and when they reached the living room, bent down and let the little girl off his back. 

"Mama!!", the little girl cried. Her mother sat upon the couch, covered in yarn and an unfinished baby blanket for the couple next door's unborn baby that was on the way. 

"It's not fair!", the little girl whined. "Papa scared me again!".

Papa chuckled coming out from the bathroom in his human form and smiled, his eyes twinkling in the light from the ceiling.

Then they all got on the couch and sat together in one big hug.

That little girl had been me and had seen happy times. But not now, years later and now a teenager I now understood what my father had done, and I would never forgive him for it.

I was brought back to reality when a heavy body flying at high speed was thrown into me, knocking me over unsuspectedly. 

Growling, I stood up and glared icily at the figure of my father that was running away. He stopped suddenly, turned and smiled wickedly, showing me a row of sharp razor sharp teeth. I wasn't scared of him, although he was going to be one tough Lycan to kill. I stamped my paws into the earth and raised my head to the sun, closing my eyes. It's warmth flowed through my body, healing the internal injury that my father gave me when he shoved me. I opened my eyes and stared down my father, it was time he knew his place.

I was getting ready to howl and charge but I didn't get the chance, because my father was already charging me down. All the while he was running towards me, our eyes were connected, my eyes staring into his red, angry lost eyes. I was going to move out of the way on my own when I heard a crash and a cry of pain before I snapped my head to the infirmary building and saw the sight that saved my life.

It was Alistair.The change had been completed and he had shifted from his old, regular Alpha sized brown wolf to a better, Royal Male wolf. He was midnight black with piercing emerald green eyes that stared into your soul. Beautiful, that was the only way to describe him. He saw the wolf charging at me and that's when he made the move that changed the game forever.

Alistair raised his head and released an earsplitting, earth shaking howl that sent my father stumbling onto his face. My father stood up angrily and immediately looked my way but was surprised to see that I wasn't the one who howled. I jerked my head in Alistair's direction and planted a wolfy smirk on my snout before letting loose a wolf-like chuckle. My father may have been big and I was definitely bigger than him, but Alistair was different. He towered above my father by about a foot and above me by about half a foot.

His fur contrasted mine, black to white. It was the way that the Royal species was, with the male's fur all being black and the female's white. His wolf had changed form, there was no doubt. In the single moment that my father had stopped I charged and went for the jugular. He was still distracted by my mate's new form and didn't see me coming. I knew that Alistair was trying to help but I was going to kill my father for what he had done to my mother and me, and I was going to do it alone.

I felt my teeth connect with my father's windpipe as my razor sharp teeth punctured his flesh. I then bit down. Hard. My father had somewhere in the middle of me choking him reared up his front paw and came down slashing my flesh on my shoulder. I immediately yelped and released him from my jaws. There was now blood pouring from the wound that he'd created. I growled and watched the wound close, leaving the fresh blood stain my pure white fur, red.

I looked over to my father who had run away ten metres to catch his breath. He looked up at me as he breathed heavily and smiled wickedly once more. I was going to make him pay. But just as I was about to snarl at him, I noticed Alistair still standing by the infirmary building. Literally shaking with anger, I watched his eyes go from green to black and back again twice. That's when I tried to take a step and yelped. I winced as I tried to take a step and realized that when I had gotten shoved by my father, I had broken my paw.

Alistair's head snapped towards me and I saw his expression turn from pure rage to worry. That's when 

I realized what he was planning. He was going to try to do what I've been wanting to do for years. He was going to try to kill my father. I raced over, ignoring the pain that my broken paw brought and jumped in front of my father, preventing Alistair from getting anywhere near him. 

My eyes glazed over as I did something I hadn't done in years. I mind-linked my father. 

"Father, you need to take this chance and get out of here!!", I said. 

My father's eyes widened for a split second before he responded. 

"Why, too afraid that I'll kill you're little mate over there?", he asked. My eyes went wide. 

"How'd you-".

I was cut off. "Trust me do you not think that I haven't ever had a reaction like that for someone else?", he inquired. 

I thought for a moment. "You never thought of my mother that way, and you never have!!!".

"Trust me, killing her was the only way to get the money I was promised to save you...".

Wait a minute. Save me? Just what was my psycho crazy father talking about now?

"Enough talk!! I'll give you one last chance father, leave now or I'll take my chance to kill you right now!!!".

Alistair was looking at me like I was crazy as I mind-linked with the wolf he thought had no relation to me whatsoever and was just a rogue wolf. 

Father stared at me for a moment and then over my shoulder at the still raging newborn Royal Alpha. He turned his head back to me. "Fine, we'll talk another time", he finally said. 

"But don't forget what I said, my little inferno!!", he called as he turned around and bounded back into the forest. Just as he left I looked into the dark branches and saw that the shadow people weren't there anymore. It was as if they followed my father back into the deep forest, away and out of the pack territory. 

I stared at the tree line for a moment and then turned back to Alistair who was looking at me like I was crazy. He was still breathing heavily and his eyes had gone black again. I did the only thing I thought would calm him down. I walked ever so slowly forward and pushed my snout against his neck. I felt him shiver against me and I couldn't help but shudder myself. 

So this is the mate pull....

His breathing had calmed down a bit but his eyes were still black and his heart rate was jumping and skipping around excitedly, just as mine was. I nuzzled him and reached up and nibbled his ear before licking it. He shivered again and I heard something come from him that sounded like a wolfy groan. I stood back from him and noticed he had started to breathe calmly but I could also hear that his heart rate was as fast as ever and his eyes were even darker than they had been before. 

What was wrong with him?

I turned around and saw Neculai and Fane emerge from the training gym in human form, along with all the warriors. I barked happily and ran to them rubbing my head against Neculai and giving Fane a wet sloppy wolf kiss on the face. I looked at Fane expectantly and he understood what I was asking for. The last warrior came out of the gym and I squeezed myself through the werewolf sized "doggy door" and inside. There was a pile of clothes laid out for me on the bench and I shifted, my body becoming human and the fur sneaking slowly back into my skin.  I pulled on the clothes and walked back outside through the door made for our human forms. 

I walked out and noticed that Alistair had already shifted back in to his human form and was wearing a pair of gym shorts that hung dangerously low on his hips.His brown hair had gone midnight black and his height had gained about three inches. He was tanner than he was previously and the only thing the was his eyes. The same piercing green eyes that I saw when I first bumped into him at school. 

His gazed turned to me suddenly and I looked away, my face going scarlet red. 

Everything was okay now, for at least the time being. Although a single question burned like a blazing inferno in my mind.

Who were the shadows in the trees ?

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