Fated: Belonging to the Alpha (Volume#1)

The royal Lycan species once flourished. It was 200 years ago that the royal families were hunted down and killed. However, one heir remained. The true heir to the lycanthrope thrones bore children and in the present day all but one heir has withstood the hunters and survived. 

Daciana Lupei is a  Romanian werewolf who is the last heir to the thrones of the lycan thrones. She has grown up in a secluded pack of werewolves who have given up their secret to their human town who accepts him. On a school trip to Blackmouth, Canada Daciana is met with the penalty of crossing over into the Blackblood Pack's territory. She is held for trespassing until she meets the alpha. It turns out Daciana and Alistair are mates. Now, with recent hunter sighting approaching Blackmouth, Daciana is on the threshold of being discovered by the other wolves or killed by the hunters. 

Can she make it out alive?


5. Intruders

Pulling into my driveway I came to a stop and turned around in my seat, only to see that my view of the neighbor's house was blocked by a large black SUV that was parked in front of the house. My thoughts went wild as I tried to figure out why there was an SUV in front of the house. Did my dad buy a new car while I was at school ? Did my mate's pack mates figure out that I was from this specific pack ? Did my family get attacked !!!

I finally decided to find out and got up off my bike. Pushing the kickstand down with my foot, the bike raised up and went backwards, setting into place. It was then that I heard the shriek come from the house. I started to run, but me being me, I fell flat on my face. I stood back up quickly and rushed to the front door that was cracked open. I stopped short, why was the door cracked open like that ?

I focused and felt the change start. But as soon as my senses were heightened enough, I stopped the change and held on to the senses. I peered into the doorway and saw that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Before I was going to go into the house I wanted to make sure I was prepared. The change overcame me again and I felt my ears pop and and my bones crack as I took my wolf form.  My clothes stretched and tore, but at the moment, I didn't care. I nudged open the door with my muzzle and inside there was shattered glass and overturned tables and chairs. It was when I smelt the presence of people behind me that I turned around snarling and baring my teeth. 

"Oh look it's a little-", the man stopped short when he noticed that I was towering over him. 

I growled and I could've sworn the other man squeaked and jumped in his place. 

I forced my way into their minds and their thoughts were racing. They started to perspire and that's when I smelled the ammonia scent coming off of the man who tried to insult me.

"Oh great!!! You just had to go and piss yourself didn't you ?", I said into the man's mind. 

He looked down and saw his wet pants and the puddle starting to form on the floor. He gasped and bent down, trying to hide the evidence like a three year old. I just snarled and turned to the other intruder. 

"Who are you and how did you get here ?", I said into his mind. 

He shook his head silently and I noticed the drop of sweat was starting to fall from his forehead. 

"We ain't anything but lowly burglars!!! I promise we'll put everything back, Ms. Dog!!! Honest!!!", he said, sweat was running down his face by now and I feared that he too was going to piss his pants if I didn't stop. But then I remembered what her called me. 

"I AM NO DOG!!! I AM A WOLF!!!!!!", I roared into the man's mind, lifting my head up and howling long and loudly. It was then that something happened that probably shouldn't have. I got angry.

My eyes changed from their usual blue to the scarlet orange of my attribute. I could feel the fur on my body changing as the red stripes appeared on my fur. I opened my eyes and my body was giving off the orange aura from so long ago. it was dangerous for me to be in this form and have anger surging through my veins. The last time that this happened, a lot of wolves died, and it wasn't just the rogues, even some of our own fell to my rage. 

I knew that this was wrong, but somehow, it made me feel good. No, good wouldn't cover it. It made me feel powerful, invincible even. Then I remember that this was the feeling that the original Royals must've felt that led to their undoing. My anger started to cease and that's when I heard the answering how of my father who had probably been on patrol duty with mother and all of the warriors. I turned my head to the back window, and sure enough, father and mother were coming out from the forest. 

I turned my head towards the men and snapped my teeth and snarled. The men gasped one last time before they fell unconscious and slumped to the floor. In that moment, my anger was completely gone and my eyes and fur went back to normal. Father walked into the house, pulling on his shirt and looked directly at me, then at the men on the floor, and then around the house. I was in big trouble. 

By the time that the house had been cleaned and straightened up and I had shifted out of my wolf form, the intruders had had their memories wiped and they had been taken to the police for trespassing. Now sitting on the couch and impatiently beating my hands on my lap in a random rhythm, Neculai was pacing and trying to think of how to handle the situation. 

"Father, I-", I was cut off. 

"Don't 'Father I' me young lady!!!", he said.


"You deliberately disobeyed me!!!", he said. "You revealed yourself to humans, trashed the house, and got angry in wolf form!!!". 

'Actually, the trashing the house part isn't one me", I retorted. "Those two men actually did that".

Neculai turned and faced me. "Daciana, do you not understand the situation ?", he asked, a solemn look on his face. 

I opened my mouth to answer but he beat me to it. 

"There are Hunters looking for you!!!", he cried. "What if those men had gotten away and went to the police about a massive wolf with white and red fur, a fiery aura, and who could speak to them in their minds ? That news could have led the Hunters directly here and they would have killed you, killed all of us!!!". 

I was not quick to answer. "I would stop them", I said. "You know what I'm capable of".

"But you don't know what they are capable of", he shot back at me. 

I was going to respond but I was cut off yet again. 

"Look Daciana, I'm not mad at you...", he said. "I just want you to understand the seriousness of what could've happened if you hadn't howled to us".

It was then that my school issued beeper alarm went off for lunch and Neculai turned his head to me. 

"Daciana ?", he asked. "Why aren't you at school ?".

I gulped. There was no sense in arguing with him or lying to him. 

"I met my mate"

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