Fated: Belonging to the Alpha (Volume#1)

The royal Lycan species once flourished. It was 200 years ago that the royal families were hunted down and killed. However, one heir remained. The true heir to the lycanthrope thrones bore children and in the present day all but one heir has withstood the hunters and survived. 

Daciana Lupei is a  Romanian werewolf who is the last heir to the thrones of the lycan thrones. She has grown up in a secluded pack of werewolves who have given up their secret to their human town who accepts him. On a school trip to Blackmouth, Canada Daciana is met with the penalty of crossing over into the Blackblood Pack's territory. She is held for trespassing until she meets the alpha. It turns out Daciana and Alistair are mates. Now, with recent hunter sighting approaching Blackmouth, Daciana is on the threshold of being discovered by the other wolves or killed by the hunters. 

Can she make it out alive?


4. Escaping

Daciana's POV

Everyone dreams. It's just a fact of nature. Everyone has hopes, dreams, & desires. For Lycans, it's meeting your mate that's your biggest dream. Yet somehow, I couldn't help but be shocked at the fact that I was staring right at my destined one, my other half, my soul mate, my mate. I mean would you know that you would be meeting your mate if you smelled something good ? It could have been food right ? Or even one of those scented thingies you put in a bathroom. But what I didn't expect was for him to be an Alpha. 

If a Royal Blooded heir has an Alpha for a mate it changes the Alpha. When the two mates meet, the Alpha comes down with the fourth change. Sorry, I should explain. When a Lycan is born they are human. But, as they approach certain ages, they will manifest their Lycan attributes. At age 4 the Lycan gets heightened senses. Then, at age 12 they transform into what looks like a cross breed between a human and a wolf, with what appears to be pointed ears, a short muzzle, and fur covering their entire body. Finally, at age 16 they complete the transformation into a full grown Lycan, having the appearance of a natural wolf but much bigger in size. For a Royal Blooded it's different. In my case I got heightened senses age 2, the humanoid wolf form at age 10, and the full wolf form at age 14. 

Now what happens in the fourth change is different. For it to occur, the mate of the Royal Blooded has to have Alpha blood somewhere in their DNA. Otherwise, the transformation will not occur. During the transformation, the Alpha blooded mate comes down with a simple fever at first. But, over time the Alpha's temperature gradually increases, until the point where the Alpha cannot move. Once the Alpha is rendered paralyzed, the change occurs. They transform into their Alpha wolf and then they increase in size. It is a painful process that causes all the bones in your body to break before reforming into a Royal Blooded Lycan. 

"N-no!!!", I said, shaking my head. "This can't be happening!!!". My eyes started to well up with tears and I turned and ran. 

There was no way that I could make him suffer like this. It would only lead to someone getting hurt, or worse one of getting killed by the Hunters. The Royal Blooded heirs hadn't found a mate in over a hundred years. If the Hunters knew that I had found mine, they would increase the searches and kill us before the change could start or we could produce another heir before in case I got killed. It was drastic. Why, why did all of the bad thing have to happen to me?

Alistair's POV

I walked into Cavnic Preparatory Academy at 7:45 that morning. From the moment I had arrived in Romania, I knew that something was going to happen that would change my life. And from that first moment that I walked into the Preparatory Academy I was struck by the most fluid scent I had ever smelt. It was a combination of honey, flowers, and a dash of crisp autumn air. It smelt like spring mixed with autumn. What was this captivating smell coming from. I couldn't decipher why it was so appealing to me so I decided to let the thought go. 

In any case I was wrong for trying to let the thought go because as I went through the classrooms with the principal throughout the day, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided it was time to go back to the hotel. I told the principal that there was something that I had to do and that I needed to leave. He took me back to the front office and I completed and I finished the report before I left his office. As the principal and I walked down the hallway, the scent that had been driving me crazy all day was stronger than ever. It was coming from the office bathroom.

As soon as I reached the door, it opened, revealing a student that looked to be a senior at the school. She bumped into me and I caught her in my arms. She looked up at me and her eyes widened. She was as tall as my shoulders and she had dark brown hair that was wrapped up in a loose and messy bun on the top of her head. Her dark brown eyes had a shade of red amber to them that captivated my very essence.

“This girl is beautiful”, I thought. Then it struck me. It was the reason her smell and appearance affected me with such greatness. This girl, this girl was my mate.

However, the moment I opened my mouth to speak her she shook her head and spoke.

“N-no!!!”, she said, “This can’t be happening!!!”.  Her eyes welled up in tears that spilled down her face.

“Wait!!”, I cried. She just shook her head and spoke no words. Then, she ran. She ran leaving me feeling hurt and broken.

What just happened ?

Daciana’s POV

I sat down in the hallway and tried to calm my breathing and heart rate. There’s now no way that I can ever go back to that school, considering I just ruined a innocent Lycan's life. I mean how would you feel if someone walked up to you and ruined your life on the spot? I'd be horrified and mortally wounded. I was trying to think of how to handle the situation at hand when I smelt my mate coming out of the office after me. I ran down the hall and into the girl's bathroom. 

As I ran into a stall and locked the door behind me, the only think I could think of was how I was going to get out of this one. "Great job Daciana!!! You've got yourself in another unpredictable situation that has effects on others!!!", I thought to myself. 

I pondered my options and then it came to me. "Aha!!! I'VE GOT IT!!!", I thought, "I'll just stay in here until he goes away. After all, boys aren't allowed in the girl's bathroom!!". 

You wouldn't believe how stupid and incompetent that plan was. It went horribly horribly wrong. My mate walked into the bathroom, fuming. I huddled up and put my shoes on the toilet seat, hoping that he wouldn't figure out what stall I was in. Yet again, hope does not usually work for me. You know what, I take that back. It NEVER works for me. 

"Where are you little mate !?!", he sarcastically asked. Although it sounded like he was just searching for someone nicely, I couldn't help but think that he was angry with me. 

"Well at least he's not going to hurt us, right ?", inner me said. 

"Of course you idiot!!! Why would he ever do that!!! He's our mate for crying out loud!!!". 

All the while I was having a vigourous and stupid argument with myself, my mate had reached out stall and had figured out that I was in there. 

"You idiot!!! He wouldn't hurt us because he hard-wired not too!!!", I told my inner voice. 

"Well how can we be sure? He walked in her pretty angry.", inner me said. 


"You know what?", I heard the captivating voice of my mate say. 

I looked up and saw that he was looking over the top of the stall down at me with worry in his eyes. I smiled meekly and he returned it, stating silently that he was of course not angry. 

"Sorry I was having a conversation with myself of some sort. No need to worry", I responded. 

I got off the toilet and opened the stall door after he jumped down. But, as soon as I opened the door, I was pinned against the wall. I looked up to him as stared me down, eyes black and angry. I was deep trouble and I couldn't do anything about it 

"You really think that that would stop me from getting to you little one ?", he remarked with a snarky tone to his voice.

I looked down shamefully and then back up at him with puppy dog eyes. "I really hoped it would!!!", I said, my lip trembling and fake tears threatening to overflow my tear ducts. 

When he saw the tears well up in the corners of my eyes, he immediately softened his gaze and looked upon me with worry. I took this as an opportunity to dig my elbow into his ribs and wrench myself out of his now loose girl that was encasing me. I then took my leg and brought my foot down with a force that would have broken a human's foot. But luckily, my mate was a werewolf, and Alpha at that. The force of my foot hitting his only fractured the bones for a few minutes. It was this moment that I took to turn around and run out the bathroom.

I ran into the girl locker room and gathered a bag full of all the human girl's perfume bottles. As I ran out of the room I sprayed each of the bottles twice, hoping that it would be enough to mask my scent from an Alpha Lycan. But of course, I was an idiot and forgot that once you meet your mate, the smell of your other half is permanently etched into your mind so that you would never forget it. Even with the fourteen bottles of perfume I held in my hands and the bag on my back, I wasn't going to get anywhere that my mate couldn't sniff me out. 

So I did the next best thing. I ran into the girl's bathroom across the hall from the locker rooms and shut myself in a stall before turning around and making myself forcefully throw up into the toilet in front of me. Yeah I know, this is what you would call Bulimia. But come on, did I have any other choice ? It was an excuse to go home early and I wouldn't be held accountable for being absent from fourth, fifth, and sixth period. 

I flushed the toilet and wiped my mouth off with water and soap before washing my hands and once again running down the hallway, spraying the different bottles of perfume as I went. I turned the corner and heard footsteps approaching me through the hallways. I immediately knew what it was. I decided I that I would risk it. I decided to use my Royal Blood powers. I took a poster down from the walls and focused my mind on my elemental attribute, fire. I had only ever used this once in my life, and it was to wipe out a pack of rogues that threatened the borders of my pack territory. After that I decided that my attribute was too destructive and never used it again. That is, until now. 

I focused my mind on a single point and could feel the energy that had built up after the last eight years flowing toward my hands. I opened my mind and their sat the balls of flames, flickering effortlessly over my palms. I brought my hands together and dropped the flames, which landed on the poster. The poster burnt quickly and the flames went out, but not before I pulled the fire alarm. Students poured into the hallways and just as I turned to go up the stairs, I saw him. My mate was standing just meters away from me, staring me down like a hawk focused on it's prey. 

I sprinted up the stairs and to the classroom door that was locked shut. I grabbed the handle and used my Lycan strength to bend and break the handle, allowing me into the classroom. I stalked over to the desk and grabbed my rucksack, filled it with my papers and got the hell out of the classroom. The worse part is how I got out of the classroom though. I jumped from a three story window. 

I landed on the grass with a thud. As soon as I stood up, I could feel pain shoot down my legs. It was there, but only for about thirty seconds. The fractures and breaks that were the result of me jumping from the window healed and went back into place. I was almost home free. the only thing I had to do was get to my bike. I focused my energy to my legs and used that energy to make a dash to my bike that was on the other side of the building. 

I made it to the other side and once again there he was. I was almost there. I could still make it. All I had to do was get to the bike that was only meters away. I sprinted, focusing my energy to my legs, which powered me forward as I bounded and leaped over the curb. I landed in front of my bike. I turned around and that's when he saw me. I twisted the throttle on my bike and sped off onto the road. The only thing running through my mind as I rode off was that I hoped he didn't see me use my attribute while running. 

I was going to find out sooner or later though.

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