Fated: Belonging to the Alpha (Volume#1)

The royal Lycan species once flourished. It was 200 years ago that the royal families were hunted down and killed. However, one heir remained. The true heir to the lycanthrope thrones bore children and in the present day all but one heir has withstood the hunters and survived. 

Daciana Lupei is a  Romanian werewolf who is the last heir to the thrones of the lycan thrones. She has grown up in a secluded pack of werewolves who have given up their secret to their human town who accepts him. On a school trip to Blackmouth, Canada Daciana is met with the penalty of crossing over into the Blackblood Pack's territory. She is held for trespassing until she meets the alpha. It turns out Daciana and Alistair are mates. Now, with recent hunter sighting approaching Blackmouth, Daciana is on the threshold of being discovered by the other wolves or killed by the hunters. 

Can she make it out alive?


3. A Mate

Daciana's heart was pounding as she ran through the trees. It became her job this past summer to patrol the pack's territory lines every morning before it was time for the pack members to wake up. Thus, every morning Daciana was the first to rise out of bed. Starting today it would be a new school year at Canvic Academy. She was going to be a senior there and thus, she was looking forward to the new school year. 

Hoping to score a seat in the new transfer program at Canvic Academy, Daciana would be getting the chance to transfer to a well-known town in Canada. It would be the chance to be in actual wilderness for a change, not to mention the fact that she would be hosted by the Alpha of the Blackblood Pack. 

As she ran, her breaths were short and quick. She stopped running when she heard the rustle of leaves from behind a bush. She crouched down low to the ground and crept closer and closer to the bush. Then, in one swift and short leap she caught the rabbit in between her razor sharp teeth. With blood pouring from the rabbits neck where Daciana snapped its neck and punctured its flesh, Daciana now had blood on her pure white fur coat.

Her wolf was naturally the size of any lycan with Alpha blood, but Daciana was different. She was the only Royal species lycanthrope alive. And with the Royal Blood flowing through her veins, she was the most powerful lycan alive. Naturally she had to keep this secret, though, for if the Hunters were to find out it would mean her death. But of course a secret of that magnitude had to be told to someone trustworthy. So, only Daciana’s adoptive family and her closest and most trusted friends know the complete truth. This way, both Daciana and all the lycanthropes that surround her will be safe from the wrath of the Hunters.

As the rabbit’s blood seeped into her white coat, Daciana noticed the sun rising through the trees and decided it was time to return to the house. She continued to hold the rabbit in her jaws and ran to the the tree line that met with the clearing in which the main grounds stood. Daciana ran to a large oak tree that she had hung her clothes on about two hours before and stood against the tree trunk, hanging the dead rabbit on one of the lower branches.  She then shifted.

Daciana could feel her bones crack and move with the change. It was a painfully agonizing process that caused her discomfort at first. She could feel the fur retracting into her skin and her extended jaw moving back into place as she regained her human form. Daciana could feel her paws widen and the bones stretch and grow into human fingers and hands. Her tail retracted into her behind and her hind legs stretched and became human once again. As her front legs became human arms the changed came to a finale as the rest of the fur retracted into her skin. As soon as the change was over, the pain ceased.

“I wonder where Florin and Lucian are”, Daciana thought to herself. Florin and Lucian were to be the beta and third in command to the next alpha.

Daciana gathered her clothes and as she was putting them on she heard the howls of Lucian and Florin. “Good. They’re on patrol duty”, she thought. “Now I can go back to the house and skin the rabbit for dinner”.

The main house was where Daciana lived. She was the adoptive daughter to the Alpha and Luna of her pack, Moonblade. She couldn’t assume the title of Alpha because she wasn’t biologically related to the present Alpha. Instead the eldest son of the Alpha and Luna, Fane, would assume the title. Daciana didn’t even want to be a leader, it was unimportant to her that she become some sort of important ranked lycan in the pack.  It seemed to Daciana that the title of Alpha was for someone with regular Alpha blood nonetheless. She had Royal blood though, so she was to qualified for the position. Not to mention is she assumed the title, the neighboring pack which happened to be the most powerful pack in Romania, would see them as a threat. 

Daciana stepped up onto the porch of the main house and grabbed her keys from her back pocket. She had put the dead, blood covered rabbit in a flour sack from the training room shed and slung it over her shoulder. When she unlocked the door and walked in there was still no one awake so she decided to start skinning the rabbit now and prepare it to be stored in the meat locker in the garage until dinner. She grabbed the hunting knife that hung on the wall next to the garage door and walked back outside onto the back porch. It was there that she slammed the rabbit down onto the table and started to skin the dead animal.

She had almost finished skinning the rabbit when the backdoor opened and Fane walked out holding a bowl of cereal.

“Whatcha doin’ big sis’?”, he asked, sitting down on the opposite side of the table.

“What does it look like?”, Daciana responded, continuing her skinning.

“It looks like you’re skinning an appetizer for me before school that’s what”, Fane sarcastically announced.

“That’s hardly what I’m doing now go back inside and finish your cereal there”.

Fane rolled his eyes and reluctantly got up out the chair, the metal chair legs squealing against the wooden deck boards. As Fane went back inside, Daciana pulled the last chunk of fur and hide off the dead rabbit. “Just in time for breakfast”, she thought.

Daciana got out of her chair, picked up the hide and fur of the rabbit and hung to dry out on the railing to the deck. She then grabbed a hook from under the grill and hooked the rabbit by the neck before going inside and hanging it in the meat locker.

Walking back in from the garage, Daciana hung the hunting knife back on the wall after washing it and grabbed a clean cereal bowl from the dish drainer and the cereal and milk. Pouring the cereal and milk into the bowl, Daciana noticed the form that she had placed on the counter the previous night had been filled out and signed. She set the gallon of milk down and squealed, earning a groan from Fane who sat at the table behind her. It was then that she heard the thunder of footsteps coming down the stairs as he adoptive father, Neculai came to see what the “problem” was. Following Neculai came her adoptive mother, Lavinia.

“What happened?”, Neculai asked, looking around sharply.

“Nothing happened Papa I just noticed that Mama filled out the form for the exchange student program to Canada.”, Daciana said. “And both of you guys signed it!!!!”. Fane and both Neculai and Lavinia covered their ears as a thrilled Daciana rushed over to the stairs to hug them.  

“Thank you Mama!!! Thank you Papa!!!”, she cheered. “This is the best early birthday present ever!!!”. Neculai and Lavinia looked between each other, each wanting the other to tell Daciana the truth on why she was being sent to Canada.

Finally, Lavinia won and Neculai was forced to tell Daciana the truth. “Daciana, sit down, we need to talk”.

Daciana’s face went from happy to confused. “Okay Papa”, she agreed. “But what’s the problem?”.

Neculai wanted to tell Daciana that she was being sent there because she had always wanted to go to a foreign country and study there, but truly, he had to tell her the truth.

“You’re not going to Canada because you want to”, he said. “It’s because there have been Hunter sightings nearby”.  Daciana’s face went through different emotions. Confusion, Sadness, and a little bit of Love flashed through her eyes before she burst out in anger.


Daciana was seething with anger, but she didn’t know why. Her anger ran deep, hitting the very core of her heart. It was as if the hundreds of years of Royal Blood flowing through her was boiling and she couldn’t stop it. Lavinia saw her daughter in a rage and slightly lowered her eyes, Neculai doing the same. They were submitting to the powerful influence of the Royal Blood. Somehow, with the years and years of hiding, the Hunters had always found the Royal Heir. But how they had found Daciana was the question.

She was breathing slowly, trying to calm herself down. To no avail, it just caused another wave of anger. It was as if nothing could stop the speeding train like anger that shook Daciana’s frame. It could be worse though, she could have shifted through her blind anger and wreaked havoc on her family. It was almost as if 

Daciana was a beast, on the very threshold of exploding into a fiery inferno. Completely unaware that she was giving off the Royal Influence, the only thing for Fane and her parents could do was wait out the fiery storm radiating off of Daciana.

Fane had had enough. He decided that it was time to put a stop to the tantrum Daciana was having. Fane stood up from his chair and walked closer the raging inferno called his sister.  By the time Fane had reached Daciana, she was radiating more power than ever. He placed a hand on her shoulder than shifted. 

As he shifted, Daciana's attention was partly pulled away from the Hunters and was drawn towards an Alpha submitting to her. She was astounded and her power withdrew back into her, making the atmosphere much more tolerable to the average wolf. With her anger receding and the fiery inferno coming to a stop, Daciana breathed slowly in and out before she was finally calmed down. 

"Why? Why did you submit to me?", she demanded to know. "You know what that makes me now right? For an Alpha to submit to one with the Royal Blood means...".

"I very well know what that means", Fane interrupted. "I did that to calm you down. So don't take it as me submitting to you formally". 

Daciana's eyes flashed a brilliant scarlet for a split second that whisked away Fane's trail of thoughts. In that split second, Daciana had shown her true elemental attribute, fire. Fire was the most destructive a Royal Blooded could have. With it came war and destruction. It also happened to be the most powerful elemental attribute that a Royal could have. It made the last king of the Lycanthropes able to withstand half of the Hunter armada, before he was tragically killed by the Hunter Leader himself. Hopefully, Daciana wouldn’t share that fate. 

Even though Daciana wasn’t one to distrust her instincts, she knew that this scent was going to bother her all day unless she found out what it was coming from. She had been sitting in her third period for over twenty minutes now and she couldn’t stop thinking about the smell that filled her nostrils. It had been bugging her for the entire day so far and one minute she would get her mind off of it and then the next, it would be back.

What felt like three hours was actually three minutes. In reality, the way that Daciana was thinking about the scent filling her nostrils was going to drive her insane unless she found out what it was coming from. She looked up at the teacher who was calling on people to solve the individual math problems on the board. Daciana slowly raised her hand and the teacher called on her.

“May I go to the bathroom?”, she asked.

“Is it an emergency?”, he asked, folding his arms across his chest and raising an eyebrow.

Daciana nodded. “Uh-huh”, she responded, “lady lycan problems”. The teacher’s eyes widened a bit before he let her out of the room to go to the “bathroom”. Instead Daciana ran down the halls of the school searching for the source of the smell that was making her go crazy with curiosity. When she found the trail of the scent that was the strongest she followed it to the front office. Now, the front office was sound proof. But, Daciana was a Royal Lycan`, and those with the Royal Blood could hear 10x as well as a regular Lycan.

She listened in and searched for the voice that would match the smell. She heard a voice that was coming from the principal's office that sounded rich, deep, dark, and filled with sweet honey. Who did that voice and smell belong to ?

She walked into the front office and sat down on the bench. The secretary looked at her and decided that she was here to be signed out to go home. Daciana waited for the conversing to come to an end in the principal's office before she stood up and walked over to the student/staff bathroom. She opened the door and walked inside, turning on the lights. She pretended like she was using the bathroom so the secretary wouldn't get suspicious of her actions. As soon as the principal's office door opened however, Daciana shut off the bathroom sink and dried off her hands. She heard the footsteps of two people approaching the bathroom door. 

When she smelled the scent that was driving her crazy so strongly she opened the door to the bathroom and walked straight into a wall. Or perhaps, a chest that belonged to a man that was twice her size.

The scent was so strong now that Daciana only knew that it could only be the source of the scent. She heard a soft growl before looking up into dark black eyes. 

The man only said one thing. It was something that all Lycans yearn to hear their entire life. 


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