Knights From the Past and Present

absolutely amazing


2. Chapter 1

            It was 6 ish when I got up. I heard a loud noise.Quickly,I ran downstairs and was blinded by the flamed engulfing my house and everything in it.After it burned down,I was prosecuted for using magic and killing my family neither of which I did.So, here I am, in the forest outside the castle in my tree house made of fallen trees.

I climb the large brown wood ladder in the treehouse where I have a sheep's wool blanket and a candle.I put out the candle and get under the blanket.

          I awoke the next morning to a loud banging noise underneath me. Someone was cutting the tree down. "Hey! I'm up here!!" I yelled. "Sorry!" the girl yelled from below as a splitting sound filled my ears.I found myself on the ground

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