Workplace Differences

Greg's scared of what his dad would think if he found out about his infatuation with Ricci, a boy who works as a mail man for his dad's company. Can he keep his secret to himself or will it destroy him trying to do so


4. 4

The weekend. At last, the time for me to relax and not worry about dad finding out that Ricci was talking to me. I did feel a bit guilty about associating myself with him because I knew this was his only source of income and dad would make sure nowhere else hired him. He's brutal like that. I managed to get an extra three hours in bed before Lucy shook me awake.

"What do you want?" I groaned, barely able to open my eyes to see who it was.

"Uh, so, I need your advice," She whispered, she was being careful so our parents wouldn't hear her and she never came to me for advice so I knew it must have been important. I sat up, rubbing my eyes and patting the side of my bed, signalling her to sit down. "Can you please put on a shirt?" I rolled my eyes but grabbed a sweatshirt off of the floor and pulled it over my head.

"Happy now?" She nodded before averting her eyes so that she was looking at her lap. Whatever she wanted to talk about seemed to be bothering her a lot. "What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Uh, I...I think I like someone..."

"Of course you like someone, you're 16, you like everyone," I said and she glared at me. "Sorry."

"The someone is a girl," She blurted out, looking away from me quickly. I was honestly shocked, I was so in my own mind about my sexuality that I hadn't even thought about Lucy. She had way more guts than me to be honest about it.

"Is this the first time you've liked a girl?" I asked her and she nodded, still not looking at me. "Okay, what's she like?"

"Is that it? You're not shocked or anything?"

"I mean, I am, but it's not a big deal," I said, shrugging. 

"Seriously? Dad constantly tells us being a fag is the worst thing in the world but you're completely okay with your sister having the hots for a girl."

"It's 2017, dad's from a different time," I said and  sighed. I was considering telling her everything that I had been feeling but the words just wouldn't come out. I knew she'd be okay with it but telling a 16 year old about the years and years of suppressed feelings just wasn't what I wanted. I kind of wanted to tell someone my age or older. Someone wiser and going through the same thing. I wanted to tell Ricci.

"Don't tell dad, okay? I think it's just a phase anyway," She muttered and stood up, stretching. "She's pretty butch so it's probably just my brain being all confused."

"If you say so," I mumbled though my mind was preoccupied thinking about ways to contact Ricci so I could get this massiveness off of my chest as soon as possible. As Lucy left my room I went onto my phone and typed in Gabriele Ricci into Facebook. It wasn't long until I found him and was scrolling through his timeline. He went to a lot of parties so he must have had a lot of friends. Most of his photos were with friends, most of them girls, a few guys. His statuses were centered around everything but politics which was wise for Facebook, it always did end in 62 comments in arguments that never seemed to end. I sent him a friend request just as mum entered my room.

"Lucy's having a sleepover today, I assume she didn't tell you. You might want to clear out so you don't have to deal with a bunch of teenage girls," She said as her eyes scanned around my room. "Clean up this pig sty, okay? I want this place to look at least semi-presentable." I nodded and she left. I went straight back to Facebook to check if he had accepted my request. No such luck. I groaned and dropped my phone on my bed, lying back down.


I decided that I would be able to bear having Lucy's friends around that evening but I wasn't completely right. I underestimated the hormone level of the average 16 year old girl. They tried to drag me into their games and movie sessions but I didn't want to be apart of it. In all honesty I was frustrated that Ricci hadn't accepted my friend request yet. All I wanted to do was talk to him. Why did he have to make this so difficult? 

"Greg, listen, my friends want you to come watch a movie with us, that's all you have to do. You can have all the pizza you want if you do this, Maria is begging you to and...uh, she's that girl I told you about." Lucy seemed equally as fed up as me and I knew asking this of me was challenging for her but if I couldn't live the life I wanted to then I wanted her to be able to.

"Okay, just one movie, it better not be a shitty chick flick though." She grinned and I couldn't help but smile as I followed her downstairs to the living room. This smile soon faded when the sound of girls giggling started ringing through my ears.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" One of them asks, I shook my head and she practically screeched as this answer. I was getting more and more exhausted as every second passed. Lucy could sense this and decided to just start the movie, I think it had something to do with a ghost, I wasn't really paying attention to it. About half an hour in my phone lit up in my hand and I quickly unlocked it to check what had happened. Ricci accepted my friend request. I had to keep myself from smiling as I sent him a quick message.

To: Gabriele Ricci

Entertain me, my sister's friends are round and they won't stop giggling

I turned back to the movie but was too busy focusing on what Ricci would say. Was what I said too out of the blue? Was it appropriate? Would he hate it or just ignore me? I was overthinking it. I knew that but that didn't stop my thoughts continuing to go through my mind at rapid speeds. Finally, he replied.

From: Gabriele Ricci

Can't you fulfill your wish of being a teenage girl at last


To: Gabriele Ricci

Haha, you're funny but actually come up with an excuse to get me out of this


From: Gabriele Ricci

Say you have to go jack off 


To: Gabriele Ricci

That would probably excite them


From: Gabriele Ricci

Say you have to go talk to your girlfriend


To: Gabriele Ricci

I told them I don't have a girlfriend


From: Gabriele Ricci

Boyfriend then.


To: Gabriele Ricci

How about no


From: Gabriele Ricci

Aw, masculinity so fragile :((


To: Gabriele Ricci

Fuck you


From: Gabriele Ricci

You wish xx

I smirked and looked around, the girls were chatting to themselves and showing each other things on their phones. They wouldn't noticed if I slipped out. I got up to leave but when I reached the door they spoke out.

"Where are you going? The movie hasn't finished yet." I cursed silently to myself before turning around and seeing Lucy glaring at me.

"So, I have to go Skype my boyfriend," I said and their faces went blank as they all turned to Lucy.

"You said he was straight," One of them hissed and I took this opportunity to dash out of the room and text an apology to Lucy. I was glad to get out of there and I had Ricci to thank for that.

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