Workplace Differences

Greg's scared of what his dad would think if he found out about his infatuation with Ricci, a boy who works as a mail man for his dad's company. Can he keep his secret to himself or will it destroy him trying to do so


1. 1

Being attracted to boys wasn't something that I ever wanted to admit to. I had dated girls in the past and I assumed they never worked out because they weren't 'the one' obviously there was something in the back of my mind telling me otherwise but I ignored that. Time and time again girls would flirt and I would awkwardly wonder why I wasn't interested in the slightest. I told myself that I just had really high standards and that's the story I kept to until I couldn't fight it anymore. 

I had never had a crush on a boy before so I wasn't exactly experienced in what to do with the same sex. With girls it was easy to me, I didn't have crushes on them but I knew how to flirt, how to kiss, how to fuck in some cases. It was all the same to me but with was like a whole other world. I had thought about the possibility of me being gay or whatever and the thought of that was not okay. Even considering it made me feel filthy. Dad was always telling me about these 'faggots' trying to take over the world and I knew he'd completely disown me if I turned up with a boyfriend all of a sudden so I kept that tiny tiny thought to myself.

"Gregory, wake up you lazy shit! You're not getting a job by sleeping all day!" My mum, the loveliest woman on Earth though she does not sound like it. She loves me which is why she wakes me up in such a vulgar way. I pulled my duvet off of me and slowly rolled out of bed, yawning and rubbing my eyes to focus my vision after seeing nothing for the last 8 or so hours. I stumbled to the bathroom where Lucy was there brushing her teeth.

"Oh my God, can you please put some clothes on?" She said, referring to me only wearing a pair of boxers and nothing else, though it sounded more like 'Er meh God, cen you ease oot some clohs ern?' I ignored her request and pushed past her to get to the toilet.

"You should leave before this gets weird," I said and she frowned, spitting her toothpaste out and rinsing her mouth out quickly before stating that I was an animal and leaving, shutting the door behind her. After urinating I returned to my bedroom and threw on some sweatpants and a t-shirt that I had been wearing for the last two days. I jogged downstairs and Lucy rolled her eyes at me as I ended which I responded to by sticking out my tongue at her before giving my mum a kiss on the cheek and stealing a piece of her toast, practically dripping in marmalade.

"Hey! Once you get a job you can do that, I pay my way in this house!" She said, putting out her hand and indicating to me to give it back which I did immediately.

"You're so obsessed with me getting a job, pester Lucy with that crap."

"I'm still in school, dumb ass," She said, putting her bowl in the sink and grabbing her rucksack. "Speaking of, I should leave before I'm late." She waved goodbye to us before leaving. 

"You could always work for your father and then I would stop telling you to work somewhere," Mum said and I groaned. Dad worked at some office place and I had absolutely no idea what they did there and I did not want to know. It seemed like the most boring thing in the world. "Find a job today or start working there."

"Mum! Come on, that's not fair, I don't have enough time!"

"You should've found a job 6 months ago, I've been generous." I pouted like a child and she put her middle finger up at me before taking a bite of her toast. If I was going to confess my thoughts to anyone it would be my mum. I know that she's harsh but she has good intentions and I understood that, she'd love me no matter what. "I'm off to work to earn money for this family, find a job." She patted me on my head before heading out and leaving me alone in our house.


Needless to say I didn't find a job that day. I didn't even leave the house, I did look online for like half an hour before getting bored and getting back to scrolling through various social medias and seeing the people I used to go to school with actually working and getting on with their lives. I was a little ashamed of myself for not getting a job yet. It would be more understandable if I'd been rejected from places but I just hadn't applied to anywhere except for one place. This massive retail place needed a new manager but because of my lack in work experience previously they decided not to hire me. 

I was dreading when mum came back because she always made good on her promises. Working with dad would be an absolute nightmare. Lucy always came home before anyone else and she interrupted me just as I was banging my head against the wall, trying to put myself out of my misery before the misery had even started.

"Still no luck with a job?" She asked, leaning against the door frame of my bedroom and looking at something on her phone.

"Nope," I said and she giggled.

"That wasn't aimed at you by the way, my friend just received nudes from her brother's friend and he has a tiny penis apparently," She explained and I groaned. 

"I don't care about the tiny penis pictures your friends are getting."

"Okay, okay, I thought you would be thrilled to work at dad's place. Lots of hot girls in his office but they also have hot boyfriends who might kill you if you even go near them," She said. I had had enough of hearing her voice, I walked over to her and pushed her out of my room before shutting the door closed after her. It wasn't really her it was the idea of hot girls in the office. It didn't excited me. But, the idea of their hot boyfriends kinda did.


"So, did you find a job?" Mum asked as she laid out the Chinese takeaway she had bought on her way home. Mum rarely cooked home made meals as she worked late and so did dad so I had developed a skill in cooking while they were away and unable to cook for Lucy. Mum told me to forget about cooking that day as she felt like having Chinese and with all the money my parents earned they could afford to throw away cash on take out once in a while.

"No," I mumbled, picking apart the prawn cracker in my hand. 

"Well, I expected that, I told your dad that you'd join him bright and early tomorrow for work. Set your alarm for 6:30."

"6:30?! Are you kidding me?! I haven't woken up that early since I was Lucy's age!" 

"Well, get used to it. You could've found a job that started later but you didn't so this is your only choice. I let you stay here rent free so you should be fucking grateful, Gregory." I stayed silent as she opened the containers and sat down. We started eating our food, continuing the silence apart from the scraping of cutlery against our plates and the chewing of food. The silence only stopped when we heard the door shut and dad walked in, talking about what a long day at work he had had. I stopped feeling sorry for my dad once I found out how much he earned. He was in charge of his company and he made a fortune, he didn't care about how hard it is. He just cared about the money.

"You excited for Greg to come work for you?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah, I've always wanted my boy to work at the same company as me, it can be like a family business, right Greg?" I refused to look at him as I finished my food and put it in the dishwasher. "Greg, you're gonna need to be a lot more enthusiastic about this or it's going to be very difficult for you to work properly." He stood in front of me, blocking my way to my bedroom. "I'm going to blame this on tiredness or something but tomorrow you better be chipper and ready to work, you hear me?" I looked in his eyes. Even when addressing his own son he seemed to have no emotion.

"Yes, sir," I said and he stepped out of my way. I immediately bolted upstairs and shut the door as soon as I got into my room. Every interaction with that man drained me completely. I couldn't believe that he was my father.

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