Emily Eyefinger

Emily Eyefinger is about a girl with an eye on her finger who gets to see the world differently.


1. Chapter 1

Emily, will you do something for me? will you be a horse emily eyefinger and her friend,jane star, were walking to janey's house. Emily stopped and looked at jane a horse? she said. yes, you know. like this.' janey made a loud whinny. she put her fists up in the air like a horse rearing up. i know what a horse is,'emily said. but why do you want me to be one? for the book parade at school. we have to dress up as our favourite book characters, remember? my very very all-time favourite is dumpling. she's angela and jump on me and ride me around.'no no it takes two people to be dumpling. mum made me this great horse suit but two people have to get in it. ill show you.




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