I'm gay and I love you!


2. Him

 I finally get outside tears running down my face. The cool morning air hits my face. I keep running into a field next door. I notice the voice calling my name doesn't stop. I look back to see Jake. I look forward right as I trip. I fall and hit my head on a rock.

"Umm, Ash are you okay?" He says. I look up at him. Ahh my forehead is killing me!

"Y-yeah, they're just assholes. I'm surprised you weren't laughing since they're so funny." I get up and I'm really dizzy. I blink a few times.

"Are you sure because it seems as if you're gonna fall over." I lean on his shoulder.

"Yeah I'm completely fine. In fact I'm gonna walk all the way over to that bench," I point to a bench off in the distance,"without tripping or falling over." I look up right as he looks down at me. Our faces are so close. I can feel my face get red. I quickly look down and run shaky.

"Ash, that's not a good idea I'll help you inside!" I don't listen and make it about half way without tripping. And then it happens. I trip.

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