I'm gay and I love you!


3. Explain

 Jake comes and helps me up to the bench. My head hurts like a bitch. I catch my breath  before talking.

"T-thanks. They are "homophobic"," I put air quotes. "Well they really aren't they're just assholes... " I trail off and he looks down at me. He's about a few inches taller.

"No problem. I think it's actually cool that you are open about gender and sexuality like that. I can't though..." he trails off and I look up at him.

"Gay or bi. That's it right?" He looks at me and I can feel my face getting hot.

"I'm bi. And honestly Ash boy or girl. I think I'm in love with you. But can I ask one question?" I hesitate. Then reply.

 "S-sure..." next thing I know he's passionately kissing me. I close my eyes and kiss him back. Vanilla? He pulls away. 

"Does that mean anything to you?" God he has no idea. I get close to his face again. I peek his lips.

"It means a lot to me. So why not another round" he kisses me again. 

"So why don't we go in there, as a couple, and tell them to suck a rainbow. Then ice cream after we patch you up?" I chuckle.

 "Fine by me. But you may need to help me walk since I'm quite the clumsy person." We stand up and walk in hand in hand."so on the count of three we both shout suck a rainbow?" He smiles.





Okay so the chapters aren't gonna be very long but hay. I end up writing late at night. Plus I also have another story to keep updating to so. Ya... hope you like it so far. Comment what you thinks gonna happen when their parents find out. 😏 see ya

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