Behind The Screen

Charlotte Ray was like any other girl in the 2000s. Was obsessed with bands, loved facebook, and had little friends. The only odd thing out was she loved talking to "Internet friends" or talking to someone online she does not know in the real world. Unexpectedly, she met someone with the name of, "Connor Lee." of course, that was his screen name. Will charlotte learn the importance of internet safety? or will she pay the price?


1. Prologue


​Intro to "Behind The Screen."


My ​lungs were screaming for air. Water dripped down my back. I felt so selfish and so stupid and inconsiderate but I felt like it was needed at this point. My lungs were scratching at my insides, begging for air. I focused on the water driplets falling down my back. One went the water. I heard the sound of shower getting fainter and fainter, my eye sight blotchy and black until finally, I felt nothing. It was like death had taken over. I just barely felt my body go limp and collapse against the floor of the shower, my head hitting the wall. I felt the water rushing over my naked body, my breaths becoming shallow, my eyes flickering open and close. I caught sights of the glowing screen of my phone continually blinking on and off. My last short breath came out fast as I just barely read the name,

​Connor Lee.


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