Behind The Screen

Charlotte Ray was like any other girl in the 2000s. Was obsessed with bands, loved facebook, and had little friends. The only odd thing out was she loved talking to "Internet friends" or talking to someone online she does not know in the real world. Unexpectedly, she met someone with the name of, "Connor Lee." of course, that was his screen name. Will charlotte learn the importance of internet safety? or will she pay the price?


2. Chapter One

​Quick Author's Note:

​Hello fellow readers. My name is Amanda and I am not new to this site/app so that's cool. I love to write and this story is lowkey about me but ya know. ;) if y'all like 5sos and Michael Clifford then continue reading. I may or may not write about the other boys as well. btw if you want to be in the story just let me know. okay sorry for the long note enjoy this very terribly written story about cliffoconda. :")


​Monday mornings are my favorite mornings. People call me odd for that because honestly if you think about it, Mondays are the start of a brand new week, a brand new beginning, and possible friendships you can make or even enemies. But nonetheless, Mondays are my favorite day of the week. This morning, the sun shone brightly through my transparent curtains and glided up against my forearm. I weakly opened my eyes and found myself clinging to my phone, as usual. I clicked on the screen and saw lots of facebook messages from one of my internet friends Connor Lee. He said he was from Britain and that's every girls dream.. to meet (or at least know) someone whos british. At least an American girl like me anyway. Of course, my dad had wanted to travel to Australia for a year, so of course that's what we did. I, of course, had to go to a private school here in Sydney called Norwest Christian College. Australia is very ​different from the U.S. because "7th grade" is considered College here in Sydney. I'm not so used to it so I don't know a ton. I like it a lot though. As I got up and straightened my hair, I noticed my phone going off more than usual.

"It's probably Connor.." I muttered under my breath, rolling my eyes slightly. I pulled off my pajamas and pried on my school uniform. I was buttoning my blouse with ease and I straightened my skirt ever so slightly. I noticed my reflection in the mirror. My hair just barely touched my shoulders, bags were lingering under my eyes, and my whole body was as pale as ever. That's when I heard my mothers voice is my head.

"You look great." She would mumble under her breath, running her fingers through my hair. "Don't think otherwise." I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from crying out. My mother died 6 years ago after having severe cancer and I couldn't stop it.

I've always blamed myself.

"Princess, are you awake?" I turned around and met eyes with my fathers. He is actually pretty handsome. He has broad shoulders, blonde hair that sticks up in all directions but in a good way, and his stubble makes him look better. He's not bulky, but not stick thin either. He has a nice flat stomach and an eyebrow piercing just above his left eyelid. I blinked twice, imagining my mother beside him, their hands intertwined.

"Yes I'm awake." I mumbled softly, turning back around to face my reflection. My dad's mouth curved into a frown and he walked over to me, resting his hands on my shoulders.

"I know you miss her." He said. We met eyes in the mirror. " I do too. But we have to keep going."

I nod. I feel a pang in my chest because he always knows exactly when I'm thinking of her. My mom.

"I miss her.." I say quietly. Our eyes lock again and I let my shoulders sag. "I think of her and have nightmares because what happened that night.. always gets to me and it.. it.." I try to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from crying but I do. I sob, I turn around and sob into my father's shoulder. His hands collapse against my back and he squeezes. I sob harder and harder until finally I find the strength to stop. Maybe I'm not strong. Maybe i'm just as weak as any other 13-year-old-girl would be. I get the courage to stand up and wipe my blotchy face.

"You know, I bet she misses you too." he whispers through my hair, my thoughts spiraling into nothing.


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