I Definitely want to Marry You!

Savannah and Harry have made it through third year with lots of twists and turns, but what happens when they're faced with danger, a hidden enemy, and most horrifying, other girls?

Sequel to 'I think I wanna marry you!'


6. The World Cup!

Harry's POV (sorry it's been so long!😅)

We walked up to a tall man in a kilt. I saw Savannah and Hermione suppressing amused giggles. He directed us towards a field. Fred and George looked relieved to be away from Cedric and Amos.

We walked up to an old muggle man. Mr Weasley paid him and he started talking about how odd it was that everyone there seemed to know each other and how people had been arriving for weeks.


Another man emerged with his wand raised.

"Sorry about that Arthur. He needs to be obliviated quite a bit. Here's your change." The wizard said before appvorating.

"Here we are kids!" Mr Weasley shouted to us pointing to a sign a mile of walking later.

Looking closer I saw a sign that had the Weasley's name misspelled. Savannah shook her head when she saw it. We all helped Mr Weasley pitch two incredibly small tents. Mr Weasley crawled inside.

"Ah yes! A bit of a tight squeeze, but we'll manage!" He called out

We all looked at each other, bewildered. How could we all fit in those two tents? Savannah shrugged and went in after the twins. I heard her gasp.

I walked into the tent to find a big open space with a kitchen, bathroom, and several bunk beds. Although, there was a faint smell of cats. The girls tent was the same, minus the cat smell.

Savannah sprawled out on one of the beds. George walked over to her.

"Nope that ones mine Vannah!" He said before falling on top of her

"Hey!" She protested pushing against his back

I smiled at her small sounds of protest.

Savannah's POV

I pushed at George until he fell off the bed.

"Ha!" I shouted gazing down at him from over the bed

The next thing I knew, Fred pulled me out of the bed. I fell on top of George, taking the pillow with me, and Fred flopped on his stomach in the middle of the bed.

"Oh come now kids. Ron why don't you and your friends go get some water from the well? Don't give me that look, it's only half a mile away," Arthur said looking at us all

I stood up, threw the abandoned pillow at Fred's head, and ran out of the tent to join the trio before it could make its way back at me.

We walked through the crowd of tents and got the water. It took us even longer to get back, since we kept stopping to say hi to friends from Hogwarts.

"Finally!" George groaned dramatically when we got back, "I almost went crazy from lack of company!"

Percy, Charlie, and Bill had come by now, and they looked up from their half-finished game of cards.

I went up to each of them and gave them hugs. They were technically my older brothers after all the time is spent with them.

Hermione went to help Arthur with the matches and soon breakfast was on its way. We all gathered around the fire and ate sausages and tea.

Ludo Bagman bounced up to us in his old Hornets Quiddich robes from the years he used to play. They were pretty tight fitting after all these years.

"Arthur m'boy!" He called

"Oh hello Ludo!" Arthur greeted

"Would you like some tea Mr Bagman?" Percy asked clearly wanting to get in his good books

"What? Oh yes!" He shouted enthusiastically

A few minutes later a man with a bushy mustache and a suit came along the path.

"Barty!" Bagman called, "Come join us!"

So Mr. Crouch, Percy's boss who was constantly brought up by Percy, joined them.

I went inside to use the bathroom, and when I came back out Bagman and Crouch were gone.

People with carts of trinkets were appvorating around the camp site. After a bit of convincing, Arthur let us go buy some things.

We found a cart with a miniature Quiddich stadium. You could collect your favorite teams and have them play against each other. I bought it along with the Holyhead Harpies, Ireland, The Chudly Cannons, and Bulgaria. Harry bought Ron and Hermione a pair of binoculars that could slow down and speed up what your watching. I bought a few Ireland things and we headed back to the tent.

Finally, after what felt like decades, it was time to go the the pitch. We had all bought our merchandise and were ready to go. After we settled in the Top Box, more people entered.

The minister came in with a man in maroon robes and behind them.. The Malfoys. Hermione smiled warmly at Draco, who gave her a small wave in return. Harry and Ron glared at him with threats residing in their posture.

Before the tension could take over, Bagman came in and put his wand to his throat and muttered an indication.

"Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the mascots of Bulgaria!" Bagman's voice rang out across he pitch

Pretty women came out and began dancing. All the males in the box leaned forwards ever so slightly. I laughed as Ron flexed his muscles. Than I saw Harry.

He had one foot on the wall of the box, leaning forward like he was going to jump.

"Harry!" I scolded pulling him back into his seat by his arm

I clasped my hands over his ears, my arm blocking his line of vision. He seemed to realize what was happening and relaxed his green eyes catching mine.

"Sorry," he mouthed to me.

I shook my head smiling before sitting back down and watching as the dancers went and sat down.

"And now I present to you, the Irish mascots!" Bagman shouted over the screaming of the crowd

Something whizzed overhead. It sparkled and looked like a giant meteor soaring over the stadium. Galleons rained from the sky as there was a loud 'bang!'

"Ah, Leprechauns!" Arthur exclaimed with amazement

The Leprechauns formed a giant shamrock in the sky before soaring down and resting on the benches.

Bagman announced the teams and the game began. Partway through the game, Victor Krum dove down. The Irish seeker, Lynch, followed. They plummeted to the ground. At the very last second Krum pulled up, but Lynch wasn't quite as lucky and hit the ground with an echoing thud.

Hermione and I gasped as mediwizards gathered around Lynch. Eventually, Lynch stood and all the Irish supporters, including me, Harry, and the Weasleys, stood and roared with approval.

Fifteen minutes later, Ireland was ahead one hundred and thirty points to ten. The game began to get dirty as the Bulgarian player became more frantic. One of the mediwizards had to go up and kick the referee because he was trying to impress the dancing veela.

The referee tried to send of the Bulgarian mascots, which resulted in the Bulgarian beaters, Volkov and Vulchanov, arguing with the referee. He awarded two penalties to Ireland and the beaters got back on their brooms.

Dimitrov of Bulgaria flew straight at Moran, who had the Quaffle, nearly knocking her off her broom.

I jumped to my feet calling "foul!!"

I was a Chaser on the Gryffindor Quiddich team and knew every rule forwards and backwards. The referee called a penalty.

The leprechauns formed a very rude hand gesture at the veela and they completely lost it. The veela ran across the field and launched handfuls of fire at the leprechauns.

Harry had his Omnioculars pressed to his face, and cried out, jumping backwards.

"What?" I asked cocking my head at him

He wordlessly handed me his Omnioculars and whispered "veela"

I peered through the lenses and saw the faces of the veela turning into sharp, cruel-beaked bird heads, and ugly wings were growing from their shoulders.

But the battle below was nothing compared to the one above. The Quaffle passed from hand to hand faster than I could blink. Moran scored as the shrieks of the veela escalated and blast issued out of the Wand of the Ministry members.

Quigley, an Irish Beater, swung his bat as hard as he could at a Blundger. It missed and hit Krum full in the face as a collective gasp went through the spectators.

Blood poured down the front of his face, but the referee didn't blow the whistle since his broom had caught on fire.

"Look at Lynch!" Harry shouted

I looked at the Irish seeker. He had gone into a dive. The crowd realized what was happening and Ireland cheered their seeker on. Krum was on his tail, blood flying through the air behind him. They flew for the ground.

"They're going to crash!" Hermione and I shrieked

"They're not!" Screamed Ron

"Lynch is!" Harry exclaimed

Once again, Lynch hit the ground as Krum pulled up just in time, the Snitch in his hand.

"The Snitch, where's the Snitch?" Charlie asked

"He's got it--Krum's got it-- it's all over!" Harry yelled next to me

I looked over to the flashing scoreboard where the score was BULGARIA: 160, IRELAND: 170.

"IRELAND WINS!!" Bagman announced as the crowd erupted in screams

Hermione and I hugged, jumping up and down. I saw her glance at Draco, who was watching her intently, and blush incredibly. We got back to the tent listening to the bursts of singing from the surrounding tents, and cheers of Ireland supporters.

We all sat at the table drinking hot chocolate, when Ginny fell asleep her cup spilling all over the table. Arthur sent us all to bed. I snuggled up under my blanket and fell asleep with the match still floating through my head.

Harry's POV

I woke up to Me Weasley shaking me awake.

"S' matter?" I asked groggily

I could hear screams from outside, occupied by the sounds of people running.

We all jumped out of bed and got a jacket before running outside.

I saw people in masks levitating Mr Roberts and his family. I gasped.

Savannah appeared next to me and I grabbed her arm following Ron and Hermione. Her arm was tugged out of my grip and I assumed she didn't want to be pulled along. We sprinted into the woods trying desperately to get away from all the chaos.

I finally stopped along with Hermione and Ron. I turned around to check on Savannah. There was nobody there but empty air. Where was Savannah?!

Savannah's POV

I wandered the woods calling out shakily for my friends. I had been pulled away from Harry by the stampeding crowd. My eyes darted this way and that. Screams erupted from the people in the surrounding woods. I looked up to see what all the commotion was about and gasped.

A big, green mark was displayed in the sky. I recognized it immediately. Voldemort's mark!

Frantically, I ran through the woods calling for my friends.






It was no use. I leaned against the nearest tree and dropped to the ground like a rock. Soft whimpers escaped me at the screams and bangs still coming from the direction of the campsite.

I pulled out my wand from my boot and twirled it airily between my fingers. Soon silence stretched through my part of the woods.

"Savannah?" A voice called quietly

I jumped to my feet looking for the source of noise. I saw a shadowed figure walking towards me.

"Vannah!" It called gleefully breaking into a sprint towards me

They embraced me and pulled me closer than necessary. I looked up at the person. Now that we were so close, I could recognize Dean Thomas. My ex-boyfriend.

"Dean! Get off me!" I shouted at him pushing him away

I started walking away from him but I was pulled backwards again.

"Where do you think your going?" He growled in my ear

"Help!" I yelled struggling in his grip on my wrists

"Stupify!" Someone shouted from the trees

Dean's grip slackened, he flew backwards, and hit a tree. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and looked towards my savior.

"Thank you so much," I said my voice shaking slightly

"Of course. Anything for a friend," Cedric replied holding his lantern up a little higher

Wait. Cedric?!

"Cedric? What are you doing out here?" I asked him raising my eyebrow

"Same as you. Trying to get away from the Death Eaters. Did you see the Mark?" Cedric presses pushing his bangs out of his eyes

"Yeah I saw it all right. Do you have any idea where I should go to find the others? I'm lost," I stated bowing my head

"Well the Death Eaters all appvorated when the mark appeared, so I'm on my way back to the campsite. My dad was with me, but he went to go find the person that set off the mark," Cedric replied

So we headed back to the camp together, learning more and more about each other every minute.

"-so there I was in the middle of the pitch watching my keeper grow two heads! I almost fell of my broom! In other words, never let Slytherin play with their wands," Cedric told me laughing

"Oh! I remember that match!" I exclaimed laughing as we neared my tent, "it's still hilarious!"

"Savannah! There you are!" I heard Arthur exclaim

He ran over to me along with everyone else.

Cedric and I exchanged quick goodbyes and I turned to the others.

"Where were you? We were so worried!" Hermione shouted at me shaking my shoulders

"I got pulled away from Harry. I couldn't find you guys so I stayed near a tree. Dean was there and being his normal self, and Cedric saved me," I explained looking fondly over their heads at Cedric's retreating back

After hurried explanations, Arthur sent everyone off to bed saying we were leaving early the next morning.

I crawled slowly into my bed and didn't fall asleep for many more hours. It was hard to believe I had the best day and worst day of my life in twenty-four hours.

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