I Definitely want to Marry You!

Savannah and Harry have made it through third year with lots of twists and turns, but what happens when they're faced with danger, a hidden enemy, and most horrifying, other girls?

Sequel to 'I think I wanna marry you!'


5. The Portkey

Savannah's POV


"Vannah! Oh bloody, you try Harry," someone hissed

A hand gently shook my side.

"Vannah," a voice whispered softly before someone kissed my cheek

I groaned and turned, an arm draped over my eyes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mione waking Ginny.

"S' time?" I asked groggily

"Yeah. Come on!" Harry said from his place beside me

I yawned and got up out of my sleeping bag. Molly rushed us out the door, placing toast in our hands as we went out the door. I pulled my jacket tighter around me as we entered the freezing air. My breath froze the second it left my mouth.

We walked for about twenty minutes before we reached a hill.

"Just a little farther kids! The portkey should be on the hill!" Arthur called from the front of the group

I had lagged behind quite a ways with Fred and George. I groaned as we started climbing the hill.

By the time we reached the top our breaths came in sharp and we were panting.

"Well, that's our workout for the day," said George collapsing on the ground

"Or week,"replied Fred also sprawled out on the ground

"The month," George rebounded

"The year," continued Fred

"All eternity!" They chorused together

"Join us Vannah!" George said grabbing my arm and pulling me down between him and Fred

George left his arm draped over me so I couldn't get up to help everyone search for the portkey.

"Over here, Arthur! Over here son! We've got it!"A voice boomed

Arthur walked over to an approaching man beaming. They exchanged a small conversation before coming over to us.

"Boys, let the poor girl up!" Arthur laughed after seeing me trapped in between the twins

They got up mumbling and walked over with me to meet the group.

"This is Amos Diggory, everyone," said Arthur, "he works for the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. And I think you know his son, Cedric?"

The twins glared at him.

"Hi," Cedric replied looking at them all

Everyone said hi back except for Fred and George who were still sour about him beating Gryffindor last year.

"Long walk Arthur?" Amos asked

"Not too bad. We live just on the other side of the village there. You?" Replied Arthur meekly

"Had to get up at two, didn't we, Ced? I tell you, I'll be glad when he's got his Apparition test. Still...not complaining.... Quidditch World Cup, wouldn't miss it for a sackful of Galleons-- and the tickets cost about that. Mind you, looks like I got off easy...." Amos looked at them all cheerily

"All these yours Arthur?" He asked

"Oh no, only the redheads," Arthur started, "This is Hermione, friend of Ron's-- Harry, another friend, and Savannah, Harry's girlfriend and another friend,"

"Merlin's beard," Amos exclaimed, his eyes widening, "Harry? Harry Potter?"

Harry looked uncomfortable.

"Er--yeah," said Harry

"Ced's talked about you, of course," Amos said airily, "Told us all about playing against you last year... I said to him, I said-- Ced, that'll be something to tell your grandchildren, that will.... You beat Harry Potter!"

The twins scowls deepened and Harry looked confused. I looked over at Cedric and saw him looking embarrassed.

The conversation continued and I stayed by Harry squeezing his waist gently.

Cedric looked at us curiously before turning back to his father. Arthur had us all put a finger on the boat Amos had and waited. The boat suddenly glowed blue and I felt a jerk behind my navel and my feet left the ground. We spun forward in a howl of wind and swirling color. My feet met the ground and I stumbled a bit but managed to stay on my feet.

I looked around and saw everyone except for Arthur, Amos, and Cedric on the ground.

"Seven past five from Stoatshead Hill," a voice called

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