I Definitely want to Marry You!

Savannah and Harry have made it through third year with lots of twists and turns, but what happens when they're faced with danger, a hidden enemy, and most horrifying, other girls?

Sequel to 'I think I wanna marry you!'


14. The library

Harry's POV

The warm winds of summer melted into crisp autumn winds. The leaves were beginning to fall off trees and the scent pumpkin constantly filled the air.

Addy and I had gotten pretty close over the last few months and spent at least an hour in the library after school trying to do homework, but ending up goofing off.

She had just finished telling me a story about a crazy Thanksgiving she had with her Uncle Sam when Vannah and Taylor walked in.

I waved at them and they came and joined us. Vannah sat next to me and Taylor plopped down on the table. Once a rebel, always a rebel.

"What do you think of the new arrivals?" I asked

They had been here for about three weeks, and it felt normal now to run into a Drumstrang or Bauxbatons student in the corridors.

Taylor and Vannah burst into giggles.

"Taylor may have found herself a boyfriend!" Vannah squealed

"Sav!" Taylor exclaimed

"What? It's true!" Vannah protested

I chuckled at the two of them.

"Who is he?" I asked

"Um..we don't know. We've seen them, but we haven't had a chance to talk to them," Taylor explained

"Them? Taylor what are you up to?!" I teased, laughing

"Oh, he has a friend that's all," Vannah said, waving it off like nothing

I saw Taylor smirk at Vannah and get a glare in return. Vannah shook her head and motioned to me when she thought I wasn't looking.

Addy and I started talking and I out of the corner of my eye, I saw Vannah and Taylor arguing silently with many hand gestures and meaningful looks.

"Harry, we've got to go," Savannah sighed

She planted a kiss on my cheek and stood to leave. I quickly grabbed her hand and stood too.

"We're going somewhere special tonight," I whispered in her ear

She turned pink and nodded. I watched her and Taylor leave the room before sitting back down and talking with Addy again. She looked a little sad.

"What's up?" I asked

"Nothing," she sighed

I just nodded because I knew she was too stubborn to tell me.

Savannah's POV

Taylor and I ran around the corner to the common room. I saw Taylor look around and sigh before climbing through the portrait hole.

"We'll find him, Tay," I reassured her

She just nodded.

"Harry said he wants to go somewhere tonight, do you wanna help me get ready?" I pestered

A slow grin spread over her face.

"Always," she answered happily

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