I Definitely want to Marry You!

Savannah and Harry have made it through third year with lots of twists and turns, but what happens when they're faced with danger, a hidden enemy, and most horrifying, other girls?

Sequel to 'I think I wanna marry you!'


11. Nightmares

Savannah's POV

The days whizzed by, and before I knew it October was upon us. Taylor bounced along happily beside me as we walked to Herbology. I waved to Addy from across the room. She gave me a small nod back. Taylor and I took a seat next to the trio.

Professor Sprout walked in began class. Everyone fidgeted in their seats as we waited for the class to be over. The classroom was hot and humid, causing small drops of sweat to bead along my hairline. It didn't help that we were working with Devils Snare. I gazed around, my eyelids dropping slowly.

There were people. Lots of them. They were all dressed up. Like they were attending a ball or something. Everything turned black. I saw a cup glowing in the center and felt like I should grab it. My curiosity got the better of me and I grabbed it. It felt like I was being launched backwards.

When the world stopped spinning, I saw a graveyard. Harry was there.

"Harry?" I whispered

A snake slithered out from behind him. He picked it up and put it around his shoulders.

"Harry?" I whispered again, a little frightened

Harry's features melted like wax and a high cold, malicious, laugh like death filled my ears. A man with slits for pupils, red eyes, white skin, a snake like nose, and clothed in black robes stood where Harry used to be.

"Cruicio!" The man said raising his wand

White hot pain filled my body. I screamed so loud it vibrated my body. A woman's scream joined my own. I began to hurt for her. I didn't want her to go through what I was. Her cries of 'Please not my son!' Rattled my head. Everything either swam or span In my vision. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as everything began to fade.

"Savannah!" A voice shouted at me

I covered my ears trying to block out the screaming and pain.

"Savannah!" The voice shouted again

Warm arms embraced me as I began to recall my surroundings. I was in Harry's arms. In the Herbology classroom. Crouched on my knees, with my hands over my ears, eyes squeezed tight, and tears still falling down my face.

"Mr Potter, please take Ms Richelle to the Hospital Wing," Professor Sprout said gently from beside us

"Yes Professor," Harry replied scooping me up

I melted into his arms and sobbed into his robes as he walked through the halls.

In the Hospital Wing, Madam Pomfrey looked me over asking again and again what happened. Harry told her I had fallen asleep and must have had an awful nightmare because I started screaming. She nodded and went to get some potions.

After I had taken them, I sat with Harry on the bed. He held my hand not saying anything.

"I don't know what happened," I said to him not looking up, "I don't even remember falling asleep,"

"What did you dream about?" Harry asked gently rubbing his thumb softly over my hand

I told him quietly without looking at him. He pulled me into his arms and kissed the top of my head.

Madam Pomfrey gave me some dreamless sleep potion to take for the next few nights and sent us to lunch.

"What happened?!" Was the first question everyone bombarded me with as I sat down next to Harry. I looked away from them all and hid my face in Harry's robes.

Everyone got the hint and somehow, I got to eat in peace. Harry and I were exused from lessons for the rest of today. Me, because of recent events, and Harry, because he was supposed to watch me.

We sat together on the couch in the common room. Harry kissed my forehead and pulled me closer to him.

"Do you wanna do something?" Harry asked

"Sure. What do you have in mind?" I replied

"How about we go up to my dorm and play Wizard Chess?" He suggested

"Okay," I shrugged

We climbed the stairs and trooped into his dorm. As Harry set up the game in front of his bed, I looked around.

"What's this?" I asked pulling a book off his nightstand

Harry blanched.

"Um..that's nothing. Here I'll take it," he said extending his hand

"116 ways to charm your witch?" I read aloud before laughing, "Who are you trying to charm?"

Harry blushed and tried to grab the book. I dodged his arm.

"No really. What's it for?" I asked still laughing

"I told you, nothing!" He protested still reaching for it

He pushed me on the bed trying to grab the book, lost his balance, and landed on top of me.

"Please. Can I just have it back?" He asked

I stubbornly handed it to him. He laid it back on his nightstand and kissed me once. He rested his head on my stomach and we laid there together. I stroked his hair and saw his eyelids start to fall. After awhile, I heard his soft snores and moved him gently to the side so I could get up. He groaned, but didn't wake. I kissed his cheek and covered him up. I closed the door as quietly as possible before starting to my own dorm.

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