Tommy Hitlash was a boy of few words and wasn't the best at getting girls. One day, he hears the meow of a cat in his room but was unable to find it. Instead he found a small, tiny little neko girl named Mimi. "Let's be friends!" "Huh?"


1. "Let's Be Friends!"

"Tommy, you need to learn how to mingle." His best friend pushed on with his arm around his girlfriend. All three of them knew each other since elementary school so it was kinda sad of him only being close to these two. They only started dating three months ago.

Jake was the man sitting across from him. His shaggy blonde hair, green eyes, and muscular build proved his cool levels where on high. Tommy on the other hand had brown eyes and chocolate brown hair to match. Black framed glasses sat upon his nose just big enough to see his eyes through them perfectly. He was more "cute and adorable" than "cool and handsome" like what most girls liked.

"Yeah, Tommy. You should know what love is like. You deserve it." The red head in Jake's arms tells him with a sympathetic tone. The pretty red-head's name was Leona. A pretty name for a pretty girl. She was sweet and tender and honestly he never understood what she felt for Jake.

The reminder of all of Tommy's failed chances with girls made him wince at the infuriating thought. "I'm fine guys. I don't need anybody." Tommy states though he always wondered what it was like to keep a girl in his arms making her smile and feel all protected.

They were at a diner in town and sat in one of the booths near a window as the sun sat over the horizon. The diner had a more modern and retro interior with the red booths and stools in front of the kitchen. There was a black-and-white checkered floor on the ground and the tables were black marble. A family of two young parents and their young (possibly 3 year old) daughter sat in a booth in the middle of the restaurant and two old men chatting away at the bar drinking down beer bottles.

Tommy looked around the diner then got back to his salad. He wasn't too hungry so that was all he decided to order. He could feel Leona's eyes burning into him with worry but decided not to make any direct eye contact cause the guilt would kill him.

It wasn't much longer before they decided to make their leave. Thankfully, Leona had broken the silence and moved onto talking about how she did in Theater and how one of the girls was trying so hard to steal her part.

"Dude, will you be okay walking home alone?" Jake asked again as him and Leona were heading to his red pick-up truck.

Tommy looks around at horizon, seeing that it was getting dark soon. He knew is was going to get cold soon, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to stand the lovey-dovey feel in the air. He gives them a reassuring smile and nods. "I'll be fine. Thanks though!" He gives them a wave before turning around and leaving in the other direction. He hears them talking like they were worried. Probably still talking about him. He sighs deeply as a cold chill already hits him. He just wants to go to sleep already.

When he gets home, the sun had set and the moon was clear in the sky. Luckily, he didn't live too far from the diner so he got home before it really got cold. "I'm home!" He calls only to get no answer back. Mom must be stuck at work again. Tommy sighs and takes off his shoes at the door. He was actually glad his mom wasn't home. He didn't want to answer questions. He was too drained.

He moved into his room but stops dead in his tracks at the door where he swore he heard something scurry in the room. His eyes scan the room in fear, looking for any movement. Crap! I better not have rats!

He slowly moves into the room cautiously while still looking around with wide eyes. He practically jumps out of his skin in shock as he hears a faint meow.

A cat?!

He believed the creature was outside either on the balcony or roof since the apartment was on the second floor. Then the creature meows once again. It was defiantly in the room. He looks under his bed and in his closet to find nothing. Where was the sneaky thing hiding? More importantly; how did it even get in?

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Don't be afraid. I won't hurt ya." He states in the softest voice he could do as he called it. He just prayed this thing wasn't vicious, but by the sound of the meows, it seemed more scared of him. "C'mon out. I wanna help you."

"You do?"

Tommy squeals at the sudden voice and slips under his feet. He tries to catch himself only to fail and hit his head on the white wooden frame of his bed. He curls up on the floor holding his now throbbing head. "Oooww..!" After the pain started to leave, he shoots up in a sitting position. That was definitely a young woman's voice. He looked around the room in fear of what his eyes would see. He was even having trouble breathing right. "Who-Who's there?" He calls not meaning to stutter. He sees nothing in the room with him. He was alone but the feeling of eyes watching him let him know that he definitely wasn't.

"Are you okay?" He gasps and looks at his nightstand as a small figure moves into view from behind a picture frame of a photo of him and his mom when he was seven. The figure was a miniature girl with large ocean blue eyes looking back at him worriedly at his fall. Her hair was long and pulled up into high pigtails that were a shiny turquoise color. It was stunning even in his terribly lit room. He could see a pair of fluffy cat ears sitting upon her head and a tail swishing in the air behind her, both the same color as her hair. A black collar with a golden ball hung around her neck. A black leather dress clung to her body along with matching gloves and tights.

Tommy gulps at the sight of her with his eyes wide in astonishment. "Who are you?" He asks feeling his throat go dry before pushing himself off the ground. "What are you?" He then adds.

The girl only seemed to stand at possibly three inches tall. She becomes scared of his approach and backs away from him. He stops himself from getting closer knowing the little thing was probably ten times more scared of him than he is of her. She looked easy to break... Easy to kill. "I-I'm Mimi." She answers shyly, not taking her eyes off him just in case she needed to flee. "I'm a neko sprite. I didn't mean for you to get hurt.. nor get caught." She mutters the last part, but Tommy could make it out.

"What exactly are you doing here?" He questions as calm as possible. His mind seemed to be doing back-flips though. This was crazy! There was no such thing! But he had to accept it. After all, it was plain as day in front of him. He knew now he's lost it. He got so upset of not having a girl that his mind had to go and make up something like this. Thanks brain! You could of at least made her seem real!

"I needed a place to stay." She answers, bringing him back from his mind. "It was becoming too cold outside so I needed to find somewhere warm." She points at the window. "The window was cracked so I got in through there." Tommy looked at his window and noticed the bottom was slightly ajar. At least, nothing worse got in. He walks over and shuts in, locking it.

"Well, winter is around the corner." He states and looks back at her. He stood there silent for a moment, thinking. There was no way he could let her suffer out there. Others might kill her or take her for experiments. He grimaces at the thought and feels his heart sink at her screaming bloody murder as they rip her open and study her. Whether this was his imagination or not, he couldn't take that chance. He sighs deeply, "Okay... You can stay." He states then watches her beam.

Mimi sticks her tiny hand out to him. "Let's be friends!" She chimes.


"Let's be friends! After all, we are living together now, right?" She states with her hand still out.

The boy sticks out his pointer finger at her. "Sure. Friends." He replies softly. Mimi places her hand on his finger as they shake with the beaming smile never leaving her face. "I'm Tommy by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Tommy!" She squeals happily, rocking on the heels of her feet. Tommy felt himself become bashful as he turns slightly red at the over cheered girl. She is just glad to have a place to stay.

He grabbed a few tissues and wadded them up to make a small pillow. He then folded some more to make a mattress then grabbed two more for blankets then nicely put them on his nightstand behind the picture frame just in case his mom walks in and sees her.

"There. How's that?" He asks after he was done setting up. He felt actually pretty proud of his little craft.

"I love it!" She squealed, jumping into it and burying her face in the tissue pillow. "Thank you so much!" She beamed up at him. He smiles, glad to make her happy then shuts off the light and lies down in his own bed next to her.

After moments of silence in the dark, Tommy could hear Mimi whisper to him. "Goodnight, Tommy..." He looks over to her to find her curled up and cuddled up in her new bed, already drifting off to sleep. He smiles softly.

"Goodnight, Mimi. Sleep well."

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