Unconditional Love


Multiple different stories. Multiple different love lives to live through. Will they pull through together or fall under the pressure?

*** This story is rated RED for high Sexual Content and some Adult Language. Readers have been advised!


1. Rebellious Love {Part 1}

Rebellious Love

I'm always running. Running, running running. It's exhausting but you get used to it.

"Hey, kid! Get back here!"

I'm so sick of the cops always chasing me. I was only doing art... on a building wall. It's art. Art is supposed to be loved, right?

Sorry, I should introduce myself. I'm Mikasa Orihara. I'm seventeen years old and a complete rebel, if I do say so myself, after all I'm running from the cops.

"That's enough trouble from you." The cop's partner states as I rounded a corner and ran right into him.

"Crap.." I muttered between my teeth. I felt my heart stop completely as I looked up at his angry eyes.

"Crap is right." He grumbled, grabbing the back of my jacket collar. My brown leather jacket practically picking me up. I groan as the cop takes me to his cop car, his partner already waiting out of breath. Really not in shape to be a cop it seems. He was pretty rounded around the hips and seemed new. I would have remembered a guy like him.

Before I knew it, we were already parked outside my parents house and the sun was already gone from the sky.

"Come on, kid." The slim cop states with his dark brown eyes continuously glaring at me with much hatred after opening my door. The husky cop stayed in the passenger seat, gobbling up a small coffee cake.

I move out of my seat only to be fiercely grabbed by the arm. 'Not the friendliest cop are ya?' I thought as I was being dragged up the yard and the porch steps.

The cop rings the doorbell before looking at me. "I'm getting pretty tired of getting calls about you." I say nothing and just look away. He doesn't know what I go through. Doesn't know how I feel. He can't say anything. Though I see this guy more than anyone.

My mother winds up opening the door and the police officer's fierce gaze turns into a friendly smile as he greets her. My mom was in her usual business attire with even a long black skirt and matching leather heels. She looked at me with her emerald eyes (the same color as mine) in surprise then it turns to anger.

"Oh no! What did you do now?" Was the first words that came out of her mouth. Love you too, Mom.

"You're son was out doing graffiti again on a business building, Mrs. Orihara." The officer replies for me with a straight face. This only made Mom madder.

She looked like she was ready to shoot me but takes a deep breath. I swear, she would of if the cop wasn't here. She would full on butcher me. She grabs my arm and pulls me over only to have both of her hands gripping my shoulders so I don't go anywhere.

"Thank you, Officer Pettey. I'll take it from here." She replies softly with a gentle smile. He smiles back and in reply and tips his hat in reply before leaving. My mother pushes me before slamming the door. "What were you thinking? What are you ever thinking?" She snaps immediately like she was officially giving up.

"What's going on in here?" I hear my dad's deep voice call out and turn to see him walk in from the dining room. Following him, was a young man in a business suit. For a guy who looking in his twenties, I was surprised he has white hair. Or maybe it's platinum blonde? I couldn't tell. His eyes were a deep blue that looked beautiful against his hair and his pale skin. He would be the guy who was surrounded by girls twenty-four seven. Disgustingly beautiful. I grimace when he notices me and smirks.

"Just Mikasa being Mikasa. The little trouble maker. He was caught doing graffiti on a building again." My mom hissed, completely forgetting there was company in front of us.

I watch as my father's eyes darken in disappoint at me. "Mikasa, what have we said over and over about this. You need to work hard for college and become the new CEO of the company. If you keep this up, no one will accept you." He glances at the guest then back at me with a smile. "I know! You need to be more like my associate here. This is Isaki Hunosa. He is twenty-six and is a successful and hardworking man for his age. You could learn a lot from him."

Great. Now they are trying to get me to be like someone else. Well, better than being ignored!

Mom perks up and smiles. "Yeah. That is a great idea. Hey, Isaki! Do you mind taking in our son for maybe... a month or so? He could really learn a lot from you. If it's okay with you."

My eyes widen and my jaw drops in complete shock. I can't believe it. They are actually getting rid of me. And worse, live with someone I just met and have no idea about.

My father smiles in return. "That IS a great idea. Would you, Isaki?" What! Even my father is in on it!

I look at the beautiful man named Isaki waiting anxiously for his answer, holding my breath.

"I would be delighted to take your son in, Mr. and Mrs. Orihara."

I'm dead.

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