Unconditional Love


Multiple different stories. Multiple different love lives to live through. Will they pull through together or fall under the pressure?

*** This story is rated RED for high Sexual Content and some Adult Language. Readers have been advised!


2. Opposite Love {Part 1}

Opposite Love

"I love you, Shiki." The shortie in front of me whispers under his breath. The top rim of his blue and black glasses covers his eyes from my view as his eyes kept away from mine. His short, shaggy blonde hair wasn't much help either, though I was tempted to run my fingers through it just to mess it up more. The kid had a timid, nerdy vibe going. He even had a large book under his arm to sell my theory.

Wait. I've seen him before. He has been to all of my concerts. He was always in the crowd watching me play. He didn't rock out like the rest did. He only stayed to the side watching like he was really focusing in on the lyrics.

Yes, it's true. I'm in a band. Not a popular band like Asking Alexandria or Pierce The Veil or anything like that. We are just a simple school rock band looking for some fun.

I look back at him without much of a reaction. I get this a lot from fans and the girls that practically jump on me, but never has a guy confessed to me. This was definitely a first.

I run my fingers through my black and red hair that reaches to my shoulders. I honestly have no idea what to say. Here we are in a slightly crowded hallway with him confessing. Isn't this something you do private?

"Um, thanks. It's always nice to hear from fans." I reply. Man, that really made me sound like a bitch. Nice going Shiki. Tell him to go jump off a bridge why don't you.

His blue and green eyes look up at me. He looked like he was about to cry though at the same time he looked like he knew the answer I was going to give him. He gives me a nod, avoiding making eye contact with me, again. "Right. Sorry to disturb you." He states, raising his voice a little as he turns away to leave.

"Wait!" I cry out and grab a hold of his wrist. He turns and we both look at each other in shock.

What?! Why did I do that?!

"Uh-Um.." I slowly let go of his wrist and there was a clear red mark where I grabbed him. "Sorry. Do you wanna get something to eat with me?" I ask him. After that incident, I might as well treat the boy.

His eyes finally shine and twinkle at me. A long smile shows on his lips and his cheeks turn pink. "Sure!" He exclaims. I can't help but smile. He actually appeared a bit cute. Wait... Did I just say that?

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