The day I first met you

Katlyn was like any normal girl until she met Ashton irwin and he turned her life upside down and totally flipped her world around


5. chapter 4

Katlyns pov

We start walking to the tour bus and I was so happy as we get to the bus the boys stop

" so there are only 4 bunks and 6 people " Michael says

" well me and Luke will give up our beds for these beautiful girls" Ashton says and luke agrees

" well I mean u dont have to " I says shyly

" but I want to and so does Luke we've already talked about it so we wont change our mind" Ashton says and I give up following them inside

They give us a tour around the bus an then we head on the road to New York. We decied to watch movies i sat on the couch with Luke ad Ashton and koda Michael sat in the chair and Calum was laying on the floor the Ashton got close to me

" hey you can move close you know" he whispers and it sends chills down my back

" uh ok" i move closer and Ashton puts his arm around me , about an hour later koda is fast asleep in Luke's arms and it's the cutest thin i seen Ashton had me held pretty tight

" hey ash it's getting late " i say looking at him

" okay you wanna go to bed " he says quite so nobody gets woken up

" only if you come with me " i say blushing

" sure love" i craw in the bunk and Ashton follows we cover up ad Ashton's big arms go aroun me

" good night beautiful " he says softly kisses my cheek

" good night handsome " i blush but soon fall asleep dreaming about someone who is right next to me

Well here's another chapter hope your liking the story it's been pretty plain but I'll be adding better ideas soon and if u wanna be calums or michael a girlfriend let me know love you all ❤️

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